Bachelor in Paradise's villain Joe Bailey has expressed his feelings on Samantha Steffen's relationship with Nick Peterson and whether he'd ever want to get back with her if the opportunity presents itself.

Bailey revealed on Twitter Monday night he was not watching Bachelor in Paradise's Season 2 finale, which ended with Steffen and Peterson entering a serious relationship, but he still answered a couple of questions from his followers.

As for whether he's happy for Steffen -- who had shockingly dumped a completely smitten Bailey because too much drama surrounded their relationship in Paradise -- Bailey replied, "Of course I am. Everyone deserves to find love and happiness."

Bachelor in Paradise fans were shocked to discover on After Paradise last night that Steffen and Peterson are still dating in the real world and going strong.

"He makes me smile when we hug for a while may just stay like this for a while. #bachelorinparadise," Steffen captioned a photo of the pair on Twitter Monday night.

Peterson also shared two cute images of himself with Steffen.

"We're cheesier than velveeta. And my duck face on fleek. Thanks for watching this season of #BachelorInParadise. It's been a blast!" Peterson wrote alongside an Instagram photo in which they were both making kissy faces last night.

And on Tuesday, Peterson posted a photo of the pair riding bikes. He wrote, "They see us rollin', they hatin'..."

So what happens if Steffen and Peterson split down the road? A Twitter user asked Bailey if he'd ever consider taking Steffen back on the off chance she begged for his forgiveness.

"No!!!!!!" Bailey bluntly tweeted on September 5.

Bailey clearly didn't have a great experience in Paradise, because he also confessed he'd never want to appear on the show again.

"HELL NO!!!!!" the Kentucky native and racehorse owner wrote on social media August 31.

Drama became an issue in Bailey and Steffen's relationship in Paradise because Bailey had played single mom Juelia Kinney for her rose. Bailey led Kinney on and pretended to be extremely interested in her only to stick around with the hope Steffen would soon be arriving.

Most of the show's cast were disgusted by Bailey's selfish and manipulative behavior until Steffen began emerging as the main villain for lying to everyone about the extent of their communication prior to filming. Steffen insisted she never schemed with Bailey, but evidence quickly surfaced that wasn't the case.