Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison admits the island experience is going to get more difficult for the couples in the weeks ahead.

For starters, Harrison said he's never seen anything play out like Joe Bailey and Samantha Steffen's love saga.

"Another week, another chapter in the strange story of Joe and Samantha. In the history of our show, I've never seen anything unfold quite so slowly and with so many unbelievable twists and turns," Harrison wrote in his Yahoo! TV blog.

"Was he lying? Was she lying? Did he use [Juelia Kinney]? Did Samantha use Juelia? Did Samantha use Joe to use Juelia? It's hard to keep any of this straight honestly. And even just watching Sam and Joe talk, it's hard to tell if they're being honest with anyone, or even each other, or even themselves."

Harrison said it feels like "a giant mountain of lies has been built" and now it's nearly impossible to figure out what's underneath it.

"When Juelia came to me and told me that she wanted another chance with [Mikey Tenerelli], I wasn't entirely surprised. You didn't get to see it, but they did have a pretty good connection right off the bat before he got sidetracked with [Clare Crawley]."

Once it became clear Tenerelli had Kinney's best interest in mind, she thought back to her whole journey in Paradise and probably realized that "maybe what she was looking for was right there the whole time."

"Much like the re-arrival of Mikey, the arrival of Nick put another wrinkle in Samantha's sheets. They apparently had been talking before the show as well, and had even met up. He seemed to find this totally innocent, which it may have been. That's the new question, it seems. Did Joe misunderstand Sam's intentions? Was she just trying to put feelers out there? Or was she really trying to build relationships with several people at the same time?" the host said.

Viewers will get those answers next week when Steffen appears on After Paradise.

"The ballad of Joe and Samantha seems to be nearing the end," Harrison noted. "I mean, you can't get much worse than getting dumped on your birthday while looking at your own cake. Next week, things are really going to shake up, and it's time to start putting some of these relationships to the test."