Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison has opened up about the success, or lack thereof, of the franchise's new After Paradise live after show.

While After Paradise might've started off a little rocky, Harrison thinks the new show is a hit.

"The last two weeks especially were the way the shows were intended to be, and we've finally found our formula and hit our stride. There was a weird balancing act between what we love about the Tell All and After the Final Rose and the novelty of the talk show format. So, there was a marriage that needed to happen, and I just wasn't sure [how it would go]," Harrison told TV Guide in a recent interview.

Harrison said the after show allows topics and questions to "get serviced" that probably wouldn't be addressed on the jam-packed reunion show.

For example, "[Dan Cox] and [Ashley Salter] breakup wasn't that big of a deal, but I wanted to talk to them about it. So, the fun thing is to watch the show and come up with the things [Jenny Mollen and I] really want to talk about. I can cover a lot more that we wouldn't be able to if we just waited," the host said.

Forget the idea of doing away with After Paradise. If anything, Harrison said producers will consider branching the concept out.

"This is a grand experiment and a guinea pig for the big show, but with the success, I can't imagine this wouldn't carry over to Bachelor or Bachelorette," Harrison noted.

Bachelor in Paradise's finale airs next Sunday and Monday night at 8PM ET/PT. After Paradise typically follows the Monday night show at 9PM ET/PT on ABC.