Bachelor in Paradise's second season ended with a beautiful engagement, two happy relationships and one tearful split.

Bachelor in Paradise's Monday night finale began where Sunday night's penultimate episode had left off, with all the girls dealing with the aftermath of their best friend Carly Waddell getting crushed by Kirk DeWindt, the man she had fallen in love with who dumped her right before the final round of overnight fantasy-suite dates.

Kirk revealed to his guy friends he had been going through the motions with Carly and experiencing doubts for about one week. Kirk described his feelings as going to bed at night with someone and still feeling alone. Carly had planned on dating Kirk forever and starting a family with him, so when he let her down, she could barely look him in the face. She said she never wanted to talk to him again and felt tricked by him.

Kirk confessed it was the worst breakup of his life and Carly would probably be scarred from it. Carly thought she had found her "person" in Kirk, but his feelings were lacking and they weren't on the same page.

In addition to Carly and Kirk, many other couples failed. Jared Haibon never fell for Ashley Iaconetti, who was obsessed with him, so they both left Paradise. Mikey Tenerelli dumped Juelia Kinney because he felt they had more of a friendship than a romance -- much to her surprise -- and then Mackenzie Deonigi rejected Mikey's rose when he took another stab at dating in Mexico.

Dan Cox and Amber James didn't find a love match and neither did Jaclyn Swartz, Chelsie Webster or Ashley Salter.

The couples remaining in Paradise by the finale broadcast were Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, Tenley Molzahn and Joshua Albers, Nick Peterson and Samantha Steffen, and Cassandra Ferguson and Justin Reich. Each couple was about to embark on their final overnight dates. They had to determine whether they could make their relationships last in the real world.

Jade couldn't help but question her relationship with Tanner, which he feared, because she had so much faith in Carly and Kirk working out. Jade was devastated and heartbroken for Carly. After all, both couples had dated from Day 1 in Paradise.

Meanwhile, Cassandra had pretty much just met Justin. Although sparks flew and they connected on many levels, Cassandra wasn't sure she was ready for a fantasy suite date. But at the same time, she didn't want to mess things up with Justin. While Cassandra could envision a promising future with Justin, she wanted to pump the brakes and take things slow. Justin, on the other hand, was all in.

Similarly, Nick was crazy about Samantha. He considered her the most gorgeous girl in the world. Joshua also felt good about his dynamic with Tenley, and he just hoped she was on the same page.

When night fell, Samantha told Nick on their one-on-one date she was in Paradise for love, for the right reasons and for him. Nick felt great about where they stood and was thrilled Samantha reciprocated the strong feelings he had for her. Samantha accepted the fantasy suite no questions asked.

Justin hoped Cassandra would also accept the fantasy-suite invitation so he could get to know her better, but that didn't happen. Cassandra explained on their date that it would be inappropriate considering she's a mom who wants to set a good example for her son. Justin wondered whether she really liked him and just felt uncomfortable or if her decision was more significant than that.

Tenley and Joshua then had a conversation about working at their relationship after Paradise. Neither of them wanted to end their romance, but Tenley was trying to be realistic about what their future could entail logistically. Regardless, she felt adored by Joshua and thought she needed to give it a chance, so they spent the night together.

When Jade and Tanner enjoyed their overnight date, Tanner said bluntly, "I love you, Jade." His feelings were really strong and he wasn't afraid to let her know that. Jade was ecstatic because Tanner really understood her on a deep level.

"It's really hard to say the words, but I love you too, Tanner," Jade replied.

Jade, who always had trouble trusting men, felt safe with Tanner. She said their relationship felt right and it was unlike anything she's ever experienced before.

Chris Harrison then gathered the group and explained the final Rose Ceremony would symbolize beginning a serious, committed relationship outside of Paradise. He told the couples to think about marriage and children, and then he advised everyone to be honest, avoid empty promises and think sincerely about their given situations.

At the final Rose Ceremony, Justin told Cassandra she was equally as beautiful on the inside and outside and he wanted to see where things could go between them afterwards. Cassandra accepted his rose. She was looking for an honest man whom she could trust, and she saw those qualities in Justin. Despite the fact they were a new couple, Cassandra felt like "the luckiest girl" to be leaving Paradise with a great guy.

Nick then told Samantha he prayed for a woman like her and she had all the qualities he was looking for in a partner. Nick asked her to accept his rose and Samantha called him her "Prince Charming through it all." She gladly took his rose and said she could absolutely envision a future with him. Nick told the cameras there was more than a physical attraction between them, and Samantha was relieved she didn't end up with a villain like Joe Bailey.

It then became time for Joshua and Tenley to decide their path. Tenley's heart wanted to stay with Joshua because she truly liked him, but her head was telling her to run because they lived in different states. Joshua sweetly offered Tenley his rose, saying he'd love to try to make a relationship work in the real world. Tenley said Joshua restored her hope she could find a man who was kind, caring, attentive and affectionate -- all the qualities she needed.

However, Tenley broke down into tears about his home in Idaho. He was basically a country boy and she was a girl who needed to be surrounded with friends and excitement and busy streets. Tenley saw them getting to the point where one person had to move and then that individual would be losing a piece of him or herself. Tenley didn't think their lifestyles matched and pursuing a relationship outside of Paradise wouldn't be fair to either of them.

Tenley was conflicted right up until the end, but she assured herself she had made the right decision. Joshua handled the split well. He hugged her, comforted her and they thanked each other for an amazing time and experience. It was hard for Tenley to say goodbye because she believed he was such a good man.

Approaching Tanner on the beach at the final Rose Ceremony, Jade told the cameras he made her feel like every part of her was lovable. She told Tanner that Paradise was unexpected in the most wonderful way because she never expected to find love on the show. Jade said Tanner made her feel worthy, understood and beautiful. She was at peace with the idea they were going to have a bright future.

"And I love you so much," Jade added.

Tanner then told Jade he came to Paradise expecting free drinks on the beach but she changed everything. He called their time "perfect" together and then said time in the real world was going to be different. Tanner put down his rose and noted he couldn't give it to her. Jade took a deep breath and looked like she was going to cry.

"Because what we have is worth so much more than a rose -- than a million roses," Tanner continued as Jade sighed with relief. "I love you, Jade, and I want to keep on loving you for the rest of my entire life."

Tanner got down on one knee and proposed with the following words: "Would you make me the happiest man on earth and marry me?"

"Yes, yes. Oh my goodness!" Jade said with a big smile and giggle as Tanner put a massive rock on her finger. "Oh my God."

The couple kissed, hugged, and then Tanner officially gave Jade his final rose. The other pairs cheered from a distance and were so happy for them. Hopefully Jade and Tanner will become the next Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul.

The episode's closing credits showed that Jade and Tanner are planning on moving in together and getting married in Mexico next summer.

On After Paradise, which followed the finale, Amber revealed via phone call that Samantha and Nick are still together and doing wonderfully. Nick introduced Samantha to his family and vice versa. The couple has been visiting one another and embarking on fun vacations together. Even Harrison appeared shocked at the news.

Cassandra announced she's currently in an awesome relationship -- but not with Justin. Cassandra is involved with Jonathan Holloway. They met at a commercial shoot for which he was the talent and she was hired to do makeup. Jonathan wanted to meet her in Paradise but didn't have the opportunity to. Distance got in the way for Cassandra and Justin because of their schedules and children.

Carly told Harrison her emotional reaction in Paradise was completely valid because Kirk had told her moments before their breakup that he couldn't wait to meet her family. When Kirk joined the set of After Paradise, he apologized to Carly again and said he wished he had handled everything differently and better. Kirk acknowledged Carly deserved more from him, especially because they had incredible conversations.

As far as an update on Jade and Tanner goes, the engaged couple is still together and thriving. Jade admitted they don't want a long engagement so she is starting to plan the wedding. Harrison also rewarded the pair in love with a week-long trip back to Mexico where they first met.