Bachelor in Paradise couple Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul have broken up, and to make matters worse, their marriage was never legal.

After less than one year of marriage, Grodd told E! News he and Faddoul are "unfortunately no longer together."

Grodd -- who proposed to Faddoul on the Season 1 finale of Bachelor in Paradise and wed her in June 2015 in a ceremony that aired two months later on the Season 2 premiere of the series -- told Life & Style the love of his life basically disappeared and "just cut off all communication" two months ago.

"It feels like she's a runaway bride," Grodd, 27, told the magazine. "We had this fantastic relationship, and then it totally vanished. It was like she ran away."

The pair tied the knot on their one-year anniversary on June 4, 2015 in Mexico, with Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison officiating the ceremony. However, in an interesting turn of events, Grodd revealed the couple never got a marriage license upon their return and their marriage therefore never became official.

"When we came back, we were supposed to start the paperwork. But she stalled," Grodd explained, confirming last year's rumors that the marriage wasn't official. "I feel duped."

Harrison insisted in August 2015 that Grodd and Faddoul's marriage was legitimate, calling whoever attempted to prove otherwise "a bunch of bozos."

Trouble in paradise -- no pun intended -- began for Grodd and Faddoul after they exchanged vows. Faddoul told Good Morning America after her wedding aired that her man had decided to train for the Coast Guard. When the couple reunited three months later, according to Grodd, Faddoul began pulling away from their relationship.

"I wanted to move in together but she recommended that I find my own place," Grodd shared.

Grodd was hopeful things would work out because he said strides were made over the holidays last year.

"It seemed like we both wanted to move forward," Grodd told Life & Style.

But then in January 2016, Grodd -- who somehow ended up joining the U.S. Marines instead of the Coast Guard -- went through Faddoul's phone and allegedly found "flirtatious" text messages. Grodd confessed he's not sure whether Faddoul ever cheated on him, however, they continued to see other less and less from that point on.

Faddoul then allegedly disappeared altogether and stopped contacting Grodd in April. Grodd's last Instagram post including Faddoul was from 13 weeks ago, while Faddoul's last post with her "husband" was from a whopping 31 weeks ago.

The pair appeared on Bachelor in Paradise after Grodd was rejected by Andi Dorfman on The Bachelorette and Faddoul was cut from Juan Pablo Galavis' The Bachelor season. They were the only couple to wed out of Season 1.

Following in their footsteps, Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert fell in love and got engaged on the second edition of Bachelor in Paradise. They got married on the ABC special The Bachelor at 20: A Celebration of Love special, during which Faddoul and Grodd were noticeably absent when the nuptials were swamped with Bachelor family.

Roper recently confirmed on Twitter her marriage is definitely legal and Tolbert is "stuck" with her.

"Although, I do respect the choices of others," Roper noted on social media.