Austin Allsup says he didn't compete on The Voice to win.

Austin, a 32-year-old country singer from Fort Worth, TX who currently resides in Springtown, TX, was eliminated from The Voice's eleventh season when the Top 8 were determined.

When Reality TV World asked Austin in a Thursday interview if he made it further than he expected to on the show or didn't make it as far as he hoped, Austin replied, "I wanted to make it to the Top 8 for sure."

"But I didn't really want that until I got Top 10," Austin said with a laugh.

Austin didn't enter the reality singing competition with very high expectations.

"When I went out there for the Blind Audition, I just wanted to get on a team. You know, I've never really had winning in mind," Austin explained.

The Voice's Blake Shelton was the only coach to turn around for Austin in the Blinds, so it was impressive the artist survived many rounds of cuts afterwards. 

Austin improved every week and was on a roll, but he never set a goal for himself to make it all the way to the finale -- nevermind win the title of "The Voice" and a recording contract.

"To be quite honest, I didn't want to win," Austin confessed to Reality TV World.

"I've got a lot of music out there. I've got a lot of things that have been going on in my own life with all these songs... and I knew that if you won that, then you would have to succumb to the fine print of those contracts."

Austin is therefore very happy with how the season turned out.

"I'm really glad to be where I'm at right now to be quite honest with you," Austin insisted.

However, Austin isn't sure whether his song choice of "Missing You" for Monday night's Top 10 performance show was a hit or a miss. It showed a much softer, vulnerable side of the country artist.
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"Part of me wants to say I went and shot myself in the foot and another part of me wants to say that I grew and learned something new about myself," explained Austin, who got raving reviews from The Voice coaches about how powerful and emotional his performance was.

Still, the performance landed him in the bottom three on Tuesday night, and he ultimately got sent home.

Singing the John Waite tune "probably wasn't the smartest move for me -- to do something that different at this time in the show," Austin noted.

"But you know, to me, music is like art. You do it, you put it out there, you move on, you do the next song, the next record, the next show, whatever it is. You don't think about the bad brush [stroke] on the canvas from your last painting; you just frickin' paint a new painting."

Austin said "that's really what it's all about" to him, but it also didn't help he was feeling ill this week.

"I hate that I was so sick. I mean, I had an awful upper-respiratory infection and a fever and snot flying out of me every time I went to sing," Austin revealed. "So, you know, for me to have barely gotten beat on my worst day, I can't feel too damn bad about that."

And you shouldn't, Austin!
About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.