Ashley Hebert may have relocated to New York City for fiance J.P. Rosenbaum, but she won't be giving up her religion.

The Bachelorette star has shown her commitment to Rosenbaum by moving into his New York apartment and planning a Spring 2012 wedding, but according to Life & Style, she is has no plans to convert to Judaism when the couple weds.

"We've never talked about her converting," Rosenbaum, whom Hebert selected and presented her final rose to during The Bachelorette's seventh-season finale, told Life & Style.

Hebert, a former fifteenth-season The Bachelor bachelorette, reportedly has shown much interest in Rosenbaum's faith and beliefs, especially after the couple spent the Rosh Hashanah holiday in New York with Rosenbaum's family and friends. However, Rosenbaum said it wouldn't make a difference to him what religion Hebert chooses to practice.

"My history and our family traditions are very important to me, but I want her to be her. I love her for who she is. If she wants to convert, great, but it doesn't matter to me," Rosenbaum explained, adding that his relationship has been going great.

"I'm living with a girl for the first time ever. I'm all grown up at 34 -- who would have thought? I'm happier now than I've ever been. She and I? We're going to last."