In one of the more interesting recent pieces of reality TV show gossip, Extra! and the Chicago Sun-Times report that Bill Rancic, one of the two finalists on NBC's The Apprentice, is dating Jen Schefft, the woman selected by Andrew Firestone as his bride-to-be on ABC's The Bachelor 3.

While it's easy for us to see why any normal, red-blooded male would be attracted to Jen, a native of Mentor, Ohio, who now lives in Chicago, her relationship with Chicago native Bill is more than a little ironic ... because, according to Extra!, Bill was a finalist to be the bachelor on The Bachelor 3. In the end, the producers ultimately picked Andrew over Bill, and Andrew subsequently picked the single life over Jen, which left both of them free for their current relationship.

Extra! also has a copy of Bill's audition tape for a reality TV dating show which was never produced, which it promises to make available online in the near future. In the tape, Bill says that he is "all about looks" with regard to women (no Average Jane series for him...) . The tape eventually made its way into the hands of the Bachelor 3 producers, which is how Bill ended up in consideration for the role of the bachelor until the very end.

We note that Jen may have traded in one Lothario for another. Many reports after the Andrew-Jen breakup focused on Andrew's continuing womanizing before, during and after his engagement to Jen, including one of the worst pick-up lines ever: "Do you get naked sometimes? I do." to a female Playboy TV reporter.

While Bill may be less of a cad than Andrew was, Apprentice finalist Katrina Campins has claimed that Bill had a post-show affair with third-place finisher Amy Henry. Meanwhile People Magazine reported that Bill got "back rubs" from another female cast member, Amy's friend (and former soft-core erotica star) Kristi Frank, during the show.

For her sake, we hope that Jen isn't going from the frying pan into the fire. Of course, if Bill were to be Donald Trump's choice in tonight's final show, he'd have to move to New York City ... but then again, Jen has already moved from the North Coast to the West Coast in the pursuit of true love, so we don't see why a move to the East Coast would be much different.