"Survivor UK 2" just finished. VERY little US buzz about it. Most interesting notes:

1. The verdict was UNANIMOUS in both Survivor UKs. What the heck is Charlie Parsons doing wrong over there? Mark, are you going to give this guy some pointers?

(In fact, I'm not sure that Charlie is even running things any more -- it looks like he, his partner Lord Alli, and Bob Geldof sold "Planet 24", their UK production arm, to Carlton/ITV.)

2. This time, there was a SIX-member jury, since the show was cut to just 12 contestants.

3. What kind of contestants does this show attract? Read this article, see what the police officer winner says he'll do with the cash, and wonder....

4. Unlike the US version, which is a ratings smash for CBS, this is a ratings flop for ITV. The show NEVER reached its 10-million-viewer goal, although the last two episodes did at least top 6 million viewers and beat the 10 PM news (some of the early episodes drew less than 4 million and were clobbered by the news' 4.5 million viewers).