American Idol judge Jennifer Idol swears she didn't utter an expletive while critiquing Stefano Langone's singing during Wednesday night's live performance show, despite appearances.

"[American Idol producer] Nigel [Lythgoe] ran out to me [afterwards] and he's like, 'Did you say sh*t?'" Lopez told Access Hollywood on Thursday.

"And I said, 'No, I said 'Shiz!' Shizzy! You know?' I would never say that on TV!"

American Idol producers censored Lopez's comments during the broadcast, leaving viewers to speculate that the judge had indeed said the expletive while commenting on Langone's performance of "End of the Road" during Wednesday's show which featured the tenth season's eight remaining finalists singing songs from the movies.

"A few weeks ago we were talking... and I said to you, 'You gotta stop singing to stay, you gotta start singing to win!'  And you looked at me and I knew then that you could do it, and you did it.  You did it tonight -- that was the..." Lopez told Langone before the broadcast's audio dropped and viewers appeared to see the judge mouth the expletive.