American Idol finalist Casey Abrams believes Haley Reinhart has a solid shot at winning the competition's tenth-season title despite her frequent bottom-three finishes.

"[Her chances are] good. Very, very good! Her voice is incredible," the 20-year-old told Us Weekly during a Monday interview.

"The tone of her voice is like nothing I've ever, ever heard before. Never ever. I wish you knew how serious I was about this. Like, it's never going to be replicated, and it's never been done before. I mean, I think her heart's in jazz, jazzy rock. That Adele song was perfect and I thought "Moanin" was amazing."

Last week, Abrams told Reality TV World that not only aren't he and Reinhart currently dating, but the pair never dated despite several rumors and reports which claimed otherwise. However, the musician admitted he could understand how the misinformation probably got started.

"We're friends. We're musical buddies, musical counterparts. We would always sit really close to one another and giggle about things, just talk about how crazy our schedule is. We'd just laugh at dumb things away from everyone else and I think that's why everyone thought that we were dating," Abrams explained.
Abrams -- who received the one-time "The Judges' Save" to prevent his ouster during the season's Top 11 results show and was eliminated just before making American Idol's Top 5 -- elaborated on how his relationship with Reinhart was strictly on a friendship level.  

"It's good having that one person who really knows you as a person, and can relate with everything that's going on. Get through the hard times and celebrate the good times," he added.