It looks like Taylor Hicks is finally living up to his title as People's 2006 Most Eligible Bachelor.

The American Idol fifth-season winner was photographed on a Hawaiian beach last week with Milwaukee, WI ABC affiliate WISN morning anchor Caroline Lyders, People reported Wednesday.  However the reporter -- who first met Hicks during an interview last March before he was crowned Idol 5's champ -- isn't revealing if she's just a member of the "Soul Patrol" or its potential first lady.

"Taylor and I are friends," Lyders told the website, according to People," and as a journalist I respect your asking.  But beyond that, I'd rather not comment on my personal life."

Following Hicks' somewhat improbable journey from Birmingham, AL to Idol stardom, he was placed atop People's Hot Bachelors list for 2006, but said at the time his busy schedule allowed "no time for any kind of love reaction."  That's apparently changed since the release of his self-titled debut album last December and his recently concluded five-month U.S. promotional tour.  However it still remains to be seen if Lyders and Hicks are in a romantic relationship or just palling around.

"I don't know about any new girlfriend," one of Hicks' friends told, according to People. "But I'm not surprised. Taylor always had girls following him even before he ever became famous."

Because Hicks reportedly doesn't like to reveal his personal life, the fact that he was at least seen in public with Lyders should be considered a good sign that he's ready to make bachelors across America proud.

"He is a romantic when it comes to women, and he treats them with respect," the friend told, People reported. "So to be seen out in public with this girl makes me know that he likes her, because that's just how he is."
About The Author: Christopher Rocchio
Christopher Rocchio is an entertainment reporter for Reality TV World and has covered the reality TV genre for several years.