America's Next Top Model eliminated Coura Fall and determined Season 24's Top 10 finalists during Tuesday night's broadcast on VH1.

Coura, a 24-year-old from Eastvale, CA, was ousted from the competition after the show's panel of judges determined she had the least impressive performance at the week's video shoot.

"I felt that I could've done a lot better... I started off strong and then the judges said I got weaker and weaker. I guess I wasn't as good as I thought. I'm just really disappointed," Coura said in her final words.

America's Next Top Model and America's Got Talent host Tyra Banks told Coura that she wowed everyone during the casting process with her unique "alien" look and then "dazzled" everyone with her first photo of the season, but due to her results over the last several weeks, the panel of judges began to wonder if Week 1 was just a fluke.

Tyra suggested Coura should study her pictures and practice how to translate her personality and sense of identity into her photos going forward.

In addition to Tyra, the panel is comprised of supermodel, entrepreneur, and body activist Ashley Graham; Chief Creative Officer of Paper magazine Drew Elliott; and celebrity stylist and image architect Law Roach.

Coura fell into the bottom two this week with Christina Anderson McDonald, a 34-year-old from Jenkintown, PA.

Tyra told Christina that although she's 34, she looks 20, and the contestant has experience under her belt that shows in her pictures.

However, the panel worried that Christina may not be able to take a good beauty shot. Once Christina learned she had survived the week, Tyra asked her not to hold back.

The Top Model episode began with Ashley Graham visited the girls at their house. 

Ashley discussed "unconventional beauty" with the group, meaning that models today are all shapes, sizes, colors -- with their own unique looks. Ashley said the industry is no longer about everyone needing to identify with one person.

Coura then revealed she had been turned away by multiple modeling agencies because she's too "masculine," and Rio Summers, a 23-year-old from Detroit, MI, talked about how she was never the pretty girl growing up. In fact, girls were mean to Rio in high school and the model called herself "lanky."

Ashley then introduced beauty blogger, Patrick Starrr, to the cast and it became time for them to participate in a challenge.
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Each contestant was required to create her very own beauty video blog. They were given unconventional items to use as beauty tools, and their job was to make the tools seem appealing to people watching. The unconventional items included hard boiled eggs, condoms, tape, shaving cream, and more.

Although the models worked in teams, there would be only one winner, and that girl would win the opportunity to be featured on Patrick's channel as well as receive an advantage in the next photo shoot.

The teams only got one take for their beauty makeup blog videos, and in the end, Sandra Shehab, a 22-year-old from Cliffside Park, NJ, was victorious.

The photo shoot also turned out to be a team effort.

Drew Elliott asked the ladies to pose in a "beauty sandwich," meaning groups of three would pose with their faces pressed on top of one another for a beauty shot. Since the photo would be like a portrait, only their faces would be shown.

Sandra's advantage for winning the challenge was the chance to pose with Ashley in the photo shoot, as well as another girl of her choosing.

Sandra opted to work with Kyla Coleman, a 20-year-old from Lacey, WA, and then Ashley gave the two girls advice and direction throughout the shoot.

As for the other teams, Coura posed with Rio and Jeana Turner, a 24-year-old from Minneapolis, MN. Christina modeled with Erin Green, a 42-year-old from Riverside, CA, and Shanice Carroll, a 25-year-old from Murfreesboro, TN.

And the last group of three was comprised of Brendi K. Seiner, a 22-year-old from Nashville, TN; Liberty Netuschil, a 20-year-old from Lava Hot Springs, ID; and Khrystyana Kazakova, a 32-year-old from New York, NY.

The broadcast concluded with the cast of girls getting judged and critiqued at panel.

Besides Ashley, best photo of the week went to Rio.

Tyra then announced which girls were safe from elimination by handing out photos in the following order: Khrystyana, Shanice, Sandra, Kyla, Brendi K., Jeana, Erin, and Liberty. That left Coura and Christina in the bottom two.