America's Next Top Model host Rita Ora has opened up about how VH1's revamped season will differ from seasons past.

In the six weeks Ora filmed the reality modeling competition's upcoming 23rd season in New York City last summer, she told Us Weekly that producers "had to find something bigger than just a model."

Ora, 26, elaborated, "With Instagram and Snapchat, these girls needed to be more. They needed to be a multi-talented monster... The fashion world is not about traditional models anymore."

Ora called attention to fashion icons Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner in particular.

"They have so much up their sleeves, from collaborations with top designers to movies. I said we could do this show again but find a global superstar who's just everywhere. The [producers] were like, 'That's awesome!'" Ora said.

Ora replaced longtime Top Model host Tyra Banks, who still serves as an executive producer on the series and shared some words of wisdom with the singer and actress.

"Tyra warned me to be careful because you really start caring for these girls," Ora explained. "I felt responsible for their lives, like an older sister. It was very difficult to say goodbye to one every week."

Although VH1 is putting a spin on the classic version of America's Next Top Model, Ora said some signature expressions won't soon be forgotten. For example, Ora promised "smize" isn't going anywhere.

"Obviously it's so iconic that we referenced it a few times. It wouldn't be ANTM without using that!" Ora admitted.

"We've made the show our own, with our own touch, but there are some things there's no point in changing because they work so well. The makeover episode where we revamp the girls goes down a treat. Some of them just did not want to cooperate!"

America's Next Top Model premieres Monday, December 12 at 10PM ET/PT on VH1.