America's Got Talent judges, including guest judge Piers Morgan, advanced seven out of 20 acts to the live shows at Radio City Music Hall during Tuesday night's broadcast on NBC.

The 20 acts, who were some of the best from Season 10's auditions that took place over the course of four weeks, performed again for a studio audience as well as AGT judges Heidi Klum, Howard Stern, Mel B and Howie Mandel.

Morgan was in control of the "golden buzzer," meaning he could automatically advance one fantastic act straight through to the next round without any deliberation.

The seven acts who advanced to the live shows were The Gentlemen, a pair of dancers ages 9 and 12 from Fairfield, CA; Stevie Starr, a 52-year-old professional regurgitator; Duo Volta, a restaurant server and consultant, who are also a couple of acrobats ages 31 and 34; Gary Vider, a 31-year-old dog walker and comedian; Siro-A, a performance group ages 23-36; Alicia Michilli, a 24-year-old singer from Detroit, MI; and Derek Hughes, a 43-year-old magician from Los Angeles, CA.

Morgan decided to use the "golden buzzer" on Siro-A because he absolutely loved the act. Morgan told them he witnessed so much creativity and originality from them, that no other act he remembers could rival the level they've reached in performance quality.

The judges therefore chose to cut Technicianz, a group ages 24-30 from Los Angeles, CA; Duwende, a group ages 26-40 from New York, NY; Leroy Patterson, a 32-year-old horror film editor who threw himself on mouse traps; Duo Vladimir, two 32-year-old acrobats; and The Move, a dance group ages 16-47 from Miami, FL.

Three contestants unfortunately received four red Xs from the judges. They were Jamie Costa, a 25-year-old comedian from Charleston, SC; Xavier Mortimer, a 31-year-old juggler from Las Vegas, NV; and Kayvon Zand, a 28-year-old from New York, NY. Kayvon offended Mel B by suggested he's a better singer than her, and Piers yelled at him for being an "obnoxious little brat."

The rest of the acts who got eliminated were Semeneya, a salsa trio ages 21-35 from San Antonio, TX; Aaron Smyth, a 23-year-old dancer; Kacey Jones, a 65-year-old comedic singer from Nashville, TN; Vox, a group of singers ages 25-35; and Alex Boye, a 44-year-old from Salt Lake City, UT.

Next Tuesday night, America's Got Talent will feature 12 acts performing live for America. Home viewers will enjoy Alondra Santos, Showproject, Benton Blount, Triple Threat, Drew Lynch, Vita Radionova, The Gentlemen, Craig and Micheline, Paul Zerdin, Siro-A, Samantha Johnson, and Piff the Magic Dragon.