America's Got Talent judges, including guest judge Neil Patrick Harris, advanced seven out of 20 acts to the live shows at Radio City Music Hall during Tuesday night's broadcast on NBC.

The 20 acts, who were some of the best from Season 10's auditions that took place over the course of four weeks, performed again for a studio audience as well as AGT judges Heidi Klum, Howard Stern, Mel B and Howie Mandel.

Harris was in control of "golden buzzer," meaning he could automatically advance an act straight through to the next round without any deliberation.

The seven acts who advanced to the live shows are Freelusion Dance Company, ages 27-29; Chapkis Dance Family from Suisine City, CA, ages 14-35; Silvia Silvia, circus performers ages 63 and 60; Samantha Johnson, a 26-year-old from New Bedford, MA; 3 Shades of Blue from Philadelphia, PA, ages 19-20; MYQ Kaplan, a 36-year-old from Brooklyn, NY; and Piff the Magic Dragon, a 34-year-old "magic dragon."

Harris decided to use the "golden buzzer" on Piff the Magic Dragon because he thought the comedian was hilarious and entertaining.

The judges therefore chose to cut Samantha Hess, a 31-year-old professional cuddler who got four X's from the judges; Paul Ponce, a 43-year-old circus performer; Los Angeles Children's Orchestra from Pasadena, CA, ages 8-13; Elin & Noah from Nashville, TN, ages 7 and 9; Alondra Santos, a 13-year-old opera singer from El Monte, CA; and Michael John, a 26-year-old car service driver and magician.

The rest of the acts who got eliminated are Duo Ignite from Las Vegas, NV, ages 27 and 28; Nick and Eddie students and singers ages 19 and 21; Keith Klein, a 19-year-old singer from Kansas City, KS; Marc and Kiri from Ann Arbor, MI, ages 32 and 26; Vibez, a 23-year-old contortionist from Los Angeles, CA; X-Treme Tricking & Tumbling from Dallas, TX, ages 17-41; and Grand Master Qi Feilong, a 49-year-old Kung Fu Master who got four X's and was sent home.