America's Got Talent revealed its first four eighth-season semifinalist acts during Wednesday night's live broadcast of the NBC reality competition series.

Collins Key, KriStef Brothers and Branden James were revealed to have finished as the Top 3 vote-getters after Tuesday night's performance show which featured the season's first group of 12 quarterfinalists performing for home viewer votes, automatically earning them a spot in America's Got Talent's eighth-season semifinals.

America's Got Talent host Nick Cannon also revealed that Aaralyn & Izzy, Alexanderia the Great, Fresh Faces, Hype, Kevin Downey Jr., Special Head, and tellAvision had received the seven lowest home viewer vote totals.

The announcements then left America's Got Talent judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Melanie "Mel B" Brown, and Howard Stern with the task of deciding which of the two acts that had received the fourth and fifth highest vote totals -- American Hitmen or Anna Christine  -- should become the fourth act to advance to the semifinals.

"Honestly, this is the worst position to be in. I honestly really love both of you. American Hitmen, I didn't love the song as much that you did, but I really, really love you guys. I think that you are a great rock band. And you Anna, you have the most beautiful voice, and it is so hard to pick. I mean, it's not good that it's the two of you I have to choose from, but I'm going to pick Anna. I really believe in you," Heidi explained.

"American Hitmen, I love you guys. I love your rock, your edginess, your passion -- and then the same with you, Anna. You're so sweet and innocent and got such a beautiful voice. You couldn't put two against each other that are so different. But I'm going to have to stick with my gut feeling and, American Hitmen, I want you to stay," Mel B. said.

"Okay, so this is a huge conundrum -- a conundrum that reared it's head yesterday. Howard and I were talking yesterday and we said it would come down to this, and it did. Now, American Hitmen, we've been looking for groups -- specifically Howard -- and I think you brought exactly everything that we and America have been asking for. Anna, you are so beyond your years. You're brilliant, you're talented, you're beautiful, you're only 11-years-old. But the pressure got to you. It really got to you. You guys brought it, American Hitmen!" Howie exclaimed.

"This isn't easy. [American Hitmen], the first time I saw you, I told you I want a band in this competition. You've been wonderful; You're very talented. I was disappointed in you last night, and I'll tell you why. When I watch a rock band, I want to get up and be in that band. I want to play air-guitar. There was a moment missing where I get like, 'I got to be with these guys. I want a band!' I didn't get that moment from you," Howard began.

"And you, Anna, I didn't like that you admitted your mistake, but you were very, very good last night. [American Hitmen], you are great. [Anna] you've been great. But my decision is Anna."

Because the judges forced a 2-2 tie, the act who received the greater number of home viewer votes would get to advance, and that person was Anna.

Next week's America's Got Talent broadcast will feature the next set of 12 acts performing: Struck Boyz, Brad Byers, Forte, Ciana Pelekai, Aquanuts, Angela Hoover, Alexandr Magala, Kid the Wiz, Dave Shirley, Innovative Force, MarTy Brown, and Tone the Chiefrocca.