Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray's split has turned nasty, with Josh calling the police on his ex-fiancee over a luxury car and Amanda denying unflattering accusations from Josh's alleged assistant, Hayley Watts, who was put in the middle of the couple's feud.

Amanda insists Josh and Hayley called the cops on her over a car as a "setup just so they could write an article about it," E! News reported.

"He's the worst. Everybody warned me," said the mother of two, who got engaged to Josh on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise last summer despite concerns from her friends over the way he allegedly treated Andi Dorfman, whom he had proposed to during The Bachelorette's 2014 finale.

The drama reportedly all began on March 13 when Josh visited Los Angeles, where Amanda lives, for an appearance in connection to the finale of Nick Viall's The Bachelor season. The pair had been trying to work things out after publicly announcing their split in December 2016.

"Josh and Amanda got into a big argument that night, and she ended up taking his things from their shared apartment and putting them out in the hallway. I had to go retrieve them for Josh," Hayley told E! News. "Josh was tired of this kind of drama. Right now, they're done."

Amanda countered the claim saying Josh hasn't lived with her since December when he moved back to Atlanta, GA, and the only reason she put his stuff outside of her apartment door was because she was expecting Hayley to come by and pick up the items very late at night. Amanda said she simply did not want to wake her two sleeping daughters, Kinsley, 4, and Charlie, 3.

Josh, 32, had also been asking Amanda to give him $30,000 to pay off the Audi Q5 he bought her in October of last year, In Touch Weekly reported.

"Amanda told Josh she wanted to work out the car situation when she got back from vacation [in Fiji]," a source explained to the magazine.

"I had been speaking with Amanda about getting the car back," Hayley shared. "Josh purchased the vehicle. It's all in his name, but he let her use it when they were together and had plans to be a family. I told Amanda she had two options: she would have to get a lender for the remaining balance of the vehicle [if she wanted] to keep it, or she could give it back."

Amanda allegedly told Hayley that she was "not buying the vehicle from Josh and not making the remaining payments" and would not return the vehicle without being ordered by a judge to do so.

So on March 20, Josh asked Hayley to confront Amanda in person about the car, and Josh called police to the scene. Authorities ultimately seized Amanda's car after an hour-long debacle.

"He called the police the day she got home [from vacation]!" the In Touch source said.

Hayley, however, argued that Josh did not call the police as an aggressive move to start a war.

"Josh did not call the police in any way that would treat her as a criminal or have charges filed against her," Hayley explained. "A peace officer was simply requested to accompany me as Josh's assistant to peacefully ask Amanda for the car and keys without disrupting the peace, as the law requires, and to protect me from any threats of harm."

"An officer was with me when we went to the place that Josh and Amanda shared to get the vehicle," Hayley recalled. "We got the keys back and removed all her personal items from the car."

When the officer and Hayley attempted to return all of Amanda's possessions, the meeting reportedly turned nasty when the single mom came outside with one of her daughters to retrieve her belongings.

"In front of her daughter, Amanda proceeded to call me 'Fatty' a number of times. Repeatedly," Hayley claimed to E! News. "She was body-shaming me in front of her daughter. It was really hurtful. She knows I have struggled with my weight."

"I was shocked and embarrassed when Amanda berated me ... for no reason," Hayley reiterated to In Touch. "I was only trying to keep the situation peaceful. Disrespecting me as a human being simply because my figure is different from her body was not necessary, as body shaming is... demeaning."

Hayley also alleged Amanda accused her of stealing a pair of sunglasses and an iPad, which prompted the assistant to call the police again.

"[The police] invited [Amanda] to check the vehicle for her missing things, and she refused," Hayley noted of Amanda, who supposedly retracted her statements later on.

Amanda, however, insisted to E! News that Hayley is being completely dishonest about the situation.

"It's all a lie! It's just really frustrating," Amanda said. "He doesn't even have a personal assistant. I don't know why [she's calling herself that]. She's contacted all these people and I don't know why because he's in Italy, I'm in Fiji. We haven't even talked. I don't know why I woke up to all this. I thought things were fine."

As for the car fiasco, Amanda revealed that Josh bought her one because he was "jealous" over the vehicle her ex-husband Nick Buonfiglio, had purchased for her. Amanda said that after she and Josh split, he asked for the money back for the car, but she simply didn't have it.

Amanda therefore thought she'd be able to hash things out with Josh upon their return home from different countries.

In addition, Amanda said she never personally attacked Hayley, arguing, "Never, ever would I body shame anybody. That just honestly makes me so upset to even read that. It's just sad that anyone can make up a lie."

Amanda's ex-husband apparently has her back in this mess, telling In Touch that Josh left Amanda without a car and so he helped her buy a new one the next day so she could take their daughters to school.

"What Josh did was horrible," Nick sniped. "This whole thing shows Josh's true character."