Reuters reports that in a novel blend of TV formats that could hardly be further apart, ABC plans to inject a bit of "reality" -- in this case a search for five of America's sexist men -- into the fantasy world of its popular soap opera "All My Children."

Executives at the Walt Disney Co.-owned network are billing it as an unprecedented merging of unscripted action within the context of a daytime TV drama. The sexy-guys contest will be introduced as a marketing campaign dreamed up by the show's lead characters, Kendall Hart (Alicia Minshew) and her partner, Greenlee Smythe (Rebecca Budig), to promote their cosmetics company.

In the convoluted story line typical of soaps, Kendall is the illegitimate daughter of Lucci's character and has emerged as her mother's nemesis. Kendall and Greenlee will launch their quest for eligible unknowns this spring, bringing real-life camera crews to key cities around the country for auditions of would-be TV hunks. At the same time, on-air promotions for "All My Children" will urge viewers to submit videotapes and photographs of sexy men they believe should enter the contest. The field of entries chosen by audition and from audience submissions will be narrowed to 25 finalists, and viewers will choose five winners over a five-week period, casting votes either by cellular telephone messaging or via ABC's Internet site,

The five winners will then return to "All My Children" in September.