The Smoking Gun reports that Adam King, currently featured on MTV's Real World Paris, was arrested in Statesboro, Georgia for the "serious" crimes of loitering and being a pedestrian under the influence of alcohol.

Adam, 24, was in Statesboro visiting fellow RWP cast member Clyde "Ace" Amerson and may have been imbibing at a bar owned by Ace, who is a student at Georgia Southern University. Allegedly, after a few drinks Adam flagged down a police cruiser and then took off running when the cruiser stopped, which led to his arrest.

We don't mean to minimize the seriousness of the charges against Adam, but we thought the U.S. Supreme Court had generally frowned on loitering laws (except in special cases, such as nonresidents of a housing complex), and we never knew that walking while under the influence was a crime anywhere in the U.S. What's next: Mothers Against Drunk Pedestrians In Georgia ("MADPIG")?