ABC has announced that it is finally clearing the dust off it's long delayed "The Dating Experiment" reality romance series and will premiere it on Wednesday, June 25 at 10PM ET. First announced as scheduled to premiere on August 13, 2002, the series will feature complete strangers giving up all control of their lives to be ruled by a mysterious diary, all in the hopes of finding true love. Hector Elizondo ("The Princess Diaries," "Tortilla Soup") narrates the series.

In the series, complete strangers who have never met leave home for a secret destination in an exotic locale. Giving up their money and credit cards, cut off from their friends and family, they agree to place their lives in the hands of a mysterious red diary which is delivered daily to their temporary homes. They must follow the diary's instructions to the letter, no matter how far-fetched or outrageous they may seem. The ultimate goal? A chance at finding true love.

In each hour-long episode, the participants follows the diary's scenarios -- which can range from a romantic night on the town to a perilous trek through a jungle, from a night camping under the stars to a spur-of-the-moment jump from an airplane. Once the diary completes the story, the participants must part forever. After they separate, the diary places destiny back into their hands. This is the only time when actions are not diary-inspired and the participants are allowed to choose whether or not to continue the relationship.

In the premiere, "Episode 1001" -- a first date in an unlikely setting, San Francisco's Alcatraz Prison, leads to a tense evening for the diary's latest participants -- Morgan, a self-assured bartender from Seattle, and Shy, a feisty barkeep from Houston -- as the couple is stranded and forced to spend the night together within the prison's cold and forbidding walls. Later things heat up, as the diary treats them to a day of luxury, including a massage session and a dip in a hot tub; and the couple takes the plunge - literally - as they try skydiving. Will this pair of opposites find love, or will they leave their hearts in San Francisco?

"The Dating Experiment" is based on the successful Japanese reality series "The Future Diary," originally produced and developed by the Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc., from Bellon Entertainment Inc. Vin Di Bona (executive producer, "America's Funniest Home Videos") is executive producer, along with Daniel Swartz. Kathy Wetherell ("Love Cruise," "Real World"), Terry Moore and Steve Paskay are co-executive producers of the American version of the series, from Greengrass Productions Inc. and Vin Di Bona Worldwide Entertainment in association with DS Entertainment.