Given the military background of its star -- Andy Baldwin, a 30-year-old U.S. Navy Lieutenant and undersea medical officer stationed in Pearl Harbor, HI -- one would assume the premiere episode of the tenth season of The Bachelor would be more timely. 

Instead, ABC announced the premiere of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman will debut with an unconventional hour-and-fifteen minute episode on Monday, April 2 from 9:45PM to 11PM ET.  Then, after presumably having "forced" Dancing with the Stars viewers to sample at least the first 15 minutes of its premiere, tenth season of The Bachelor will begin airing in its still-unconventional-but-slightly-less-blatant regular 9:30PM to 11PM ET post-Dancing time period beginning Monday, April 9.

Like earlier The Bachelor editions, The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman will begin with Baldwin -- who lived on Los Angeles-anchored yacht during the show's production -- meeting his 25 suitors during a cocktail party.  But during the women's arrivals, the season's first twist will quickly emerge -- unlike earlier editions that allowed bachelors to make their decision during the cocktail party, Baldwin will have to give one of his suitors his "first impression" rose during his initial introductions.

The party is also held on Baldwin's birthday, and as his suitors -- whose identities will be "released shortly" by ABC -- catch wind of the news, one reveals that it's her birthday as well.  Talk about an ice-breaker.  But other women also try to get in the act, as two sneak off to the kitchen to cook something special for Baldwin's birthday bash; two more get into an alcohol-fueled argument; another challenges him to a push-up contest; an acrobatic suitor performs some back flips in an evening dress; and another belts out "The Star Spangled Banner."

When it's all over, Baldwin will eliminate 10 of the 25 women, leaving 15 to compete for his affections. 

Once Baldwin's 15 finalists are selected, the show will draw upon some of the themes of the well-known 1982 Richard Gere film that it's subtitle is similar to and throw the remaining women into a boot camp complete with a drill sergeant.  And because Baldwin is an accomplished triathlete, the women will also get to try their hand at some swimming, biking and running.  But beyond Baldwin's hard exterior, he says really a humanitarian at heart, so the suitors will find themselves participating in a charity event for an inner-city school in Los Angeles.

Chris Harrison, who has hosted the series since its first season premiered in 2002, will return to those duties for The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman.  The series is a production of Next Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Television. Mike Fleiss and Lisa Levenson are the executive producers. Martin Hilton and David Bohnert are the co-executive producers.
About The Author: Christopher Rocchio
Christopher Rocchio is an entertainment reporter for Reality TV World and has covered the reality TV genre for several years.