ABC has announced Downfall, a new game show that will have contestants answering questions atop a Los Angeles high-rise for the chance to win $1 million in cash and prizes, will premiere Tuesday, June 22 at 9PM ET/PT.

Each Downfall episode will feature contestants trying to quickly answer a series of trivia questions over the course of seven timed rounds. In addition, facsimiles of all the prizes will be placed on a large conveyor belt with a pile of cash at the end ranging from $5,000 to $1 million.

Once the cash goes over the edge of the building, the contestant is eliminated and the game is over.

In each round, the contestants will try to answer the questions before their prizes and cash go over the edge of the 10-story building, causing them to crash 100 feet onto the street.

Contestant will have two ways to "back up the belt" if they are struggling to answer any of the category-based questions:  "Surrender a Personal Possession," where the contestant offers a personal material possession for the conveyor belt and risks its being dropped over the edge and destroyed, or "Friend on the Belt," where the contestant's own friends or family members can be placed on the belt to help them find the answers.

If the contestant can't beat the clock using "Friend on a Belt," their loved one will go over the edge of the building and plummet while attached to a decelerator harness to soften the fall.

At the end of each successful round, the contestant can leave with the prizes already won or risk them to keep going towards the $1 million final prize.

In the last round, the contestant will be placed on the conveyor belt holding all the cash and will need to answer all 10 questions correctly before time runs out, at which point they will go over the edge.

ABC ordered the six-episode series in April and it is being produced by Fremantle Media North America.