ABC Family's new "Perfect Match: New York" reality dating show will premiere on Sunday, July 27 (8 – 9 PM ET/PT.) Based on the hit British series of the same name, the program allows friends and relatives to pick the perfect match for a single looking for love.

Each week on "Perfect Match", a three-person team comprised of a friend, a relative and relationship expert Harriette Cole, author of "Choosing Truth" and nationally syndicated advice columnist, join forces in choosing three potential “perfect matches” from thirty eligible suitors. These lucky suitors then move in with the single, one at a time for a week each. The first time the single sets eyes on their Perfect Match is when they open the door to their apartment. Hopefully sparks will fly, but if the chemistry isn’t there, they can appeal to the panel who decide whether to make them stick it out or to move in the next candidate.

At the end of three weeks the single must decide if the panel was successful in finding them their Perfect Match, but they also get to meet the twenty-seven other suitors that the panel didn't select. The episode culminates with the single announcing their final decision in front of the panel and all thirty suitors. The single can ask their Perfect Match to join them on a romantic dream vacation; ask one of the twenty-seven other suitors to go on a date; or they can decide to keep looking on their own.

ABC television-executive-turned producer, Michael Davies, who is known for adapting British television programs for American audiences, including the smash hit "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?," executive produced the new series along Stephen Lambert, who created the critically acclaimed UK series on which "Perfect Match" is based. Produced by RDF Media, 13 episodes were filmed in New York City.