The Big Daddy is officially coming to the small screen, as ABC has announced the premiere of Shaq's Big Challenge, a new six-episode reality series that will feature NBA star Shaquille O'Neal trying to help children live a more healthy lifestyle.  The series will premiere on Tuesday, June 26 at 9PM ET/PT.

In each hour-long episode of Shaq's Big Challenge, the  7 foot, 300-plus pound NBA star, rapper, actor and reserve police officer will embark on a personal crusade to help transform six obese middle-school students from Florida into healthy kids while also demonstrating how other communities across the country can help fight America's weighty-youth problem. 

He won't go it alone, as Shaq will be joined by his "dream team" of experts:  his own physician and trainer, Dr. Carlon "Doc" Colker; personal trainer Tarik Tyler; nutritionist Dr. Joy Bauer; childhood obesity expert Dr. William Muinos from Miami Children's Hospital; Food Network celebrity chef Tyler Florence; and his former Louisiana State University basketball coach Dale Brown.  As they travel to the youths' homes and schools, the team will eventually expand their scope to develop and implement a wellness program for the entire state of Florida that emphasizes healthy eating and exercise.

Shaq's Big Challenge is executive produced by Rick Ringbakk, Greg Goldman, O'Neal, Chris Coelen, Christopher Handy, Perry Rogers, Michael Parris and Stephen Lambert. The series is produced by RDF USA. It is based on the U.K. series Unfit Kids.