Well, well, well, clearly Aaron "HAVE I MENTIONED MY NEW RESTAURANT YET?" Buerge never met a camera that he didn't like, therefore his involvement in this certainly comes as no surprise, but E! Online is reporting that in addition to the upcoming "Extra" interview that we reported on earlier, Aaron and ex-fiancée Helen have agreed to a February sweeps ABC exclusive interview special to discuss their failed relationship.

According to E!, the former couple, who supposedly still keep in touch by email, (is that code for "she won't take his calls?") will discuss their failed romance on TV's "Extra" this weekend and then again on February 20th during an ABC special. Details of the ABC production are still being finalized.

Meanwhile, People magazine will be publishing a splashy feature in their next issue detailing the couple's romantic demise, that, according to Aaron (no word from Helen so far) apparently occurred before New Year's Eve. That would explain why Buerge was a no-show in New Jersey for Eksterowicz's 28th birthday last week. According to a People excerpt released today, "There has not been any dagger throwing," said Buerge, adding that both he and Eksterowicz had stayed faithful during their courtship.

Of course, that doesn't mesh well with the reports we've been hearing of A) Aaron being seen with Helen in New Jersey during the last weekend of December, and B) Aaron being seen out and about with at least one other woman prior to their breakup -- but hey, maybe Aaron's been talking with Bill Clinton regarding the definition of "faithful."