Aaron Gibson was eliminated from The Voice along with three other artists during Tuesday night's live results show on NBC.

Aaron, a 25-year-old from Atlanta, GA who currently resides in Kennesaw, GA, and Brendan Fletcher were automatically ousted from the competition after they received the lowest number of votes following Monday night's Top 8 performance show.

The Top 3 vote-getters were Billy Gilman, Sundance Head and We McDonald. The artists who had to sing for the "Instant Save" were Ali Caldwell, Christian Cuevas and Josh Gallagher, and in the end, Josh earned the most tweets and therefore got to remain in the competition.

During a Wednesday conference call, Aaron -- who had been dubbed the underdog this season -- talked to reporters about his experience on The Voice. Below is what he had to say.

Do you have a favorite of whom you might think will win this thing?

Aaron Gibson: Yes, I mean, I think that it's still anybody's game. I think it's the first time in the season that they haven't had, you know, like a very clear frontrunner. And it all comes down to song choice.

If I had to guess based on weeks prior who's been doing the best on the charts and stuff, I'd probably go with [Sundance Head]. But it really is anybody's game. But if I have to choose, you know, I'll say Sundance.

What's next for you now that the show is over?

Aaron Gibson: Man, I came into this writing music; I'm still writing music. And so, I'm going to continue to write music, and you can expect a lot of new material maybe, you know, hopefully an album here some time in the spring.

Can you name one specific thing you learned on The Voice that you're going to apply in your future music career?

Aaron Gibson: Yes, I think the minimal one thing I've learned from this is pure just, like, confidence in myself and staying true to myself and not worrying about other people's opinions.

You know, I used to believe that you could write something, like a perfect song that everyone likes, but unfortunately, that's not the case. So now, I just need to be true to myself, and moving forward, that's something that I completely plan on doing.
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There was a pattern of you landing in the bottom two or three week after week. You had to keep performing for the "Instant Save," so was that getting frustrating for you?

Aaron Gibson: No, not at all. To be honest, I got to sing more than anybody else on the show. So I guess for what that's worth, it's awesome. Like, I came into this thinking music is not a competition, this is about exposure and this is about proving something to myself.

You know, everybody has different reasons for being on the show. And I guess, I was able to be lucky enough to get to achieve all of mine. It was not frustrating at all, like every day here has been beyond insanely amazing.

It's hard to describe, like, getting to hang out with your best friends every day and getting to work with them... I was just happy to be able to have extra time to hang out with them. So I'm just going to say music's not a competition man -- it's an expression, so I'm not mad at all.

What was the hardest part of this competition for you?

Aaron Gibson: Definitely the hardest part is song choice and the second hardest is making the song my own, and then I stand behind the microphone so the choreography is easy.

Your song choice on Monday, "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" by Bryan Adams, Miley mentioned in her remarks that you did it for her, meaning she maybe had to twist your arm a little bit or talk you into it. Could you talk a little bit about that? And did you do you regret doing the song now?

Aaron Gibson: Well no, I don't have any regrets for any of the songs, and I think some people mentioned that poor song choice was probably for every song I picked. You know, that's okay. I loved every single song I got to do on the show.

I did do the song at the request of Miley. I came to her with a different idea that she was happy to run with, but then she felt this was a better, you know, pick. So I was completely happy to [do it]. I trust her, and I trust her as a coach. And if she thinks she has a good idea, you know, who am I to say it's not? So I have no regrets at all and I was very happy to do it.

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