A&E Network has formally announced that it has renewed King of Cars, a reality series that follows all of the wheeling and dealing that takes place in a Las Vegas-based automotive dealership, for a second season.  The new season will premiere on Tuesday, January 30 at 11PM ET/PT.

Like the show's first season, King of Cars' second season will follow Josh "Chop" Towbin, the 30-year-old hip-hopping car dynasty magnate who owns Towbin Dodge, one of the nation's most successful car dealerships.  According to A&E, King of Cars' second season will see Towbin being even more relentless in the way he manages his new and used auto sales empire.  Part of that plan will include continuing to make outrageous offers on The Chopper Show, the weekly local TV infomercial the drives the majority of Towbin's car sales.

"I hope that by watching the [A&E] show, viewers will see that this really is a tough business, there's definitely a difficult side to it," said Towbin.  "I think it will be cool to have people see what it's really like to work at a car dealership, especially one that does it like us."

Other members of Towbin's auto business crew that appear on the reality show include Will "Chilly Willy" Tooros, a motorcycle-loving Armenian in-charge of Chop's entire sales staff; Prem "Blue Genie" Singh, a former restaurant cook with family still living in his native Malaysia; and Mark "Bob The Builder" Deeter, Chop's floor manager who began his sales career at the age of 12.

King of Cars is produced for A&E by Hybrid Films and Daniel Elias and David Houts are the show's executive producers, with Robert Sharenow and Colleen Conway serving as the show's A&E executive producers.