A&E has announced Billy the Exterminator, the second season of its The Exterminators reality series, will premiere on Wednesday, March 10 at 10:30PM ET/PT.

Despite the new name, the series will continue to follow 16-year pest management industry veteran Billy Bretherton as he runs pest removal company Vexcon with his wife Mary, his brother Rick, and their parents Bill and Donnie.

Some of the pest removal projects Vexcon will tackle on the show's second season will include trying to capture a beaver wreaking havoc at a summer camp, searching for a rattlesnake slithering around a funeral home, going head-to-head with an angry raccoon trapped in a dumpster, tangling with some ornery water moccasins and wasps, matching wits with an alligator in a family pond, and confronting the largest roach infestation of their career.

Billy the Exterminator will also follow Bretherton -- a former U.S. Air Force sergeant -- and his kin as they balance their business with family life.

The show's 20-episode second season is being produced by September Films, with Jeff Collins and Sheldon Lazarus serving as executive producers.