Corey Haim and Corey Feldman will try to rekindle their friendship, and fans of the former teen heartthrobs will apparently have the opportunity to watch.

A&E Network announced it has ordered The Two Coreys' second season, The Hollywood Reporter reported Wednesday, with 10 new half-hour episodes tentatively scheduled to premiere in Spring 2008.

"The first season of the show exposed some deep-seated issues between the Coreys, which really only started coming to the surface in the final episodes," A&E executive Robert Sharenow told The Reporter. "This season promises more drama, tension and laughs as they struggle to make their relationship and careers work."

The Two Coreys premiered in July and followed the duo as they crossed paths at different stages in their lives, with Haim moving-in to live with Feldman and his wife Susie.  Haim and Feldman also attempted to re-launch "The Two Coreys" brand that they'd built in the 1980s.  However they had a falling out after the first-season finale filmed, and the two haven't seen each other since, according to A&E.

Feldman had previously revealed The Two Coreys' renewal in a December 25 posting on his personal blog, but he didn't sound too certain if he'd be up for it.

"Will I do it? Should I do it? Frustrating isn't it," wrote Feldman.  "Let's just say we are currently having creative talks and negotiations to see if we can find a way to continue the show even given the broken state that Haim and my relationship is in."

Feldman also went out of his way to state that his problems with Haim have nothing to do with Susie, with whom he was seen trying to coexist with -- often times unsuccessfully -- during the show's first season.

"This is not about or because of Susie, the problems Haim and I have in real life occurred after the show was over and do not have anything to do with the banter from last season," he wrote.  "That said, if we do come back the next season will have to be darker, edgier, and more real because that's where it’s at."

The show's second season will reportedly follow Feldman and Haim as they decide on whether it's worth trying to reconcile their friendship or part ways for good.

The Two Coreys is produced by RDF USA Tijuana Entertainment for A&E. Greg Goldman, Chris Coelen, Tony Yates, Feldman and Haim are serving as executive producers for RDF, while Troy Searer and John Foy serve in the same role for Tijuana. A&E executive producers are Sharenow, Michael Morrison and Scott Lonker.