90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days featured a marriage, an engagement and an apparent break-up during Sunday night's episode on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days stars six Americans and their partners overseas trying to make a romance work. In order to pursue a fairy-tale ending, these couples must overcome immense odds and obstacles, including flying halfway across the world just to meet or spend time together.


Each couple hopes a marriage proposal or wedding will take place within 90 days, or else one's Tourist Visa will expire.

The two returning pairs on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days are Darcey Silva, a 42-year-old who works in the fashion industry from Middletown, CT, and her boyfriend Jesse Meester, a 24-year-old from Amsterdam, Netherlands, as well as Paul Staehle, a 34-year-old who works in IT from Louisville, KY, and his girlfriend Karine Martins, a 21-year-old from Brazil.

The four new couples starring on the series are Angela Deem, a 52-year-old nursing assistant for Hospice from Hazlehurst, GA, and her boyfriend Michael Ilesanmi, a 30-year-old from Nigeria; Rachel Bear, a 33-year-old from Albuquerque, New Mexico, and her boyfriend Jon Walters, a 34-year-old from England; Ricky Reyes, a 33-year-old photographer and videographer from Columbus, OH, and his love interest Ximena Parra, a 27-year-old from Villanueva, Colombia; and Tarik Myers, a 43-year-old realtor and single father from Virginia Beach, VA, and his love interest Hazel Cagalitan, a 25-year-old from Manila, Philippines.

Below is the latest on each American and international pairing, according to the latest episode:



Jesse and Darcey had a dinner together and things stormed out of control over the way Jesse was cutting her family's steak. The pair argued in front of Darcey's two daughters, Aspen and Aniko, who told the couple that they were acting like children.

Aspen and Aniko agreed Jesse was "passive aggressive" to their mother, which they found very annoying.

Darcey hated that her girls saw Jesse made her feel "insecure" and "unworthy." She didn't know if it was an age or culture thing, but she was started to feel "very uncomfortable" around her boyfriend.

The next morning, Jesse accused Darcey of throwing her designer heels at him following a silly argument in which Jesse felt Darcey had stepped on his sneakers. Darcey, on the other hand, claimed that she put his sneakers on because her toes were cold.

Jesse threatened to call the police over Darcey's alleged shoe-throwing, and she yelled that he was "overreacting."

Jesse wondered if Darcey would throw a glass at him next, and he said he didn't feel safe in her Connecticut home. Jesse claimed he was scared and it was a dangerous situation to be in, so he left.

"I'm tired of having to defend myself over things that are misconstrued and overdramatized. Wow, what an ass," Darcey told the cameras.

Jesse said there was no chance he was going to stay with Darcey because she had "assaulted" him -- which she completely denied and disagreed with.

Jesse was in the car, about to head to the airport to return to Amsterdam, but then he realized he didn't want to give up on their love and Darcey deserved another chance. Darcey, in the meantime, planned to work on their communication.

Later that day, Darcey vented in an interview about how Jesse was causing more problems, but Jesse said Darcey needed to seek help and grow as a person in order for them to work.

"Jesse, I'm just so tired of your mind games, it's not funny anymore," Darcey noted.

"Okay, then break up with me," Jesse challenged her.

Darcey's gut was telling her to walk away from the relationship, and Jesse cried, saying he had tried his best but it wasn't possible for him to stay in a relationship that was "deceptive" and "not real."

"I'm not a deceptive person. I'm not a liar. I'm not manipulative," Darcey insisted.

Before Jesse left her house again, he told Darcey to continue drinking away her problems. She yelled at him for painting her as an alcoholic on the show and finally considered them to be done as a couple.

"I really loved her and will always," Jesse said after the apparent break-up.



All of the couple's fights up to this point apparently stemmed from miscommunication.

Because of their age difference, Angela asked Michael whether he'd be willing to take care of her in her old age, especially considering she would be 75 when he turns 50 years old.

"Don't worry about that," Michael assured Angela.

But then Michael admitted to the cameras it's very important to him to welcome children, and Angela may not be able to give that to him. Michael feared he'd miss out on a lot in life by being with Angela, but he didn't tell her that in order to avoid hurting her feelings.

Michael didn't let Angela know how much it bothered him to think about not having children.

Angela then vented to Michael about how their relationship had been getting harder instead of easier. She then found out that he followed numerous women on his social media account. Since they only had one more week together in Nigeria, Angela wanted to make sure he had no secrets.

Angela therefore went through his phone with the intention of browsing through his Facebook page, but instead, she stumbled across his Instagram and discovered he was following about 1,000 attractive women.

Michael insisted he didn't talk to the women, nor did he know them. Michael said he had no good reason for following them. Angela wasn't sure she could trust him Michael going forward.

"I don't want to lose you. I'll fix it," Michael said. "I'll get it off my page."

Angela then video chatted alone with her daughter, Scottie, who questioned whether Michael was scamming multiple women simultaneously. Scottie broke the news to her mother that Michael wouldn't want to marry her if she was a 52-year-old Nigerian woman living in his country.



Hazel's meeting with Tarik's brother, Dean, did not go well at all, and Tarik thought his brother wanted to ruin the relationship.

Tarik said he loved Hazel but they still had a lot to learn about each other. Hazel was worried Dean put doubts into Tarik's mind, but the only thing that seemed to bother Tarik was talk of her ex-boyfriend, with whom she had recently visited because she left clothes at his house.

Hazel said she dated her ex for two years and they split up five months prior. She said he owed her 4,000 pesos and was asking for money in exchange for her bed and her wardrobe. Hazel insisted to Tarik she had only messaged her ex in order to retrieve her belongings.

Tarik decided to move on because he only had two weeks to determine whether Hazel was the woman with whom he'd like to spend the rest of his life.

The couple then met up with Dean again at a local marketplace. Tarik told Dean to stay out of their business, and then Dean asked Hazel if she could be enough for Tarik in the bedroom.

Hazel found Dean to be very "rude" and "offensive," and the conversation was awkward for Tarik considering he didn't have sex with Hazel yet.

"All she's trying to do is get to America," Dean noted with confidence.



Rachel was living out a fairy tale and hoped for a marriage proposal from Jon in England.

She was no longer worried about Jon's criminal record, as he had promised her safety and that he'd never fight someone again. Rachel said she knew everything she needed to know about Jon, and she hoped to spend forever with him.

As much as Rachel wished she could move to England to be with Jon permanently, she couldn't because she shares custody of her daughter Ella with the little girl's father.

Jon acknowledged his future with Rachel was dependent on whether he could obtain a visa to enter the United States.

After just a few days, Rachel was already dreading their goodbye.

"I'm really afraid me and Jon's relationship is doomed to fail," Rachel told the cameras.

Rachel and Jon then decided to video chat with her father at home. Jon insisted he didn't have anger management issues and that he already paid for his mistakes and now he's a different person. Jon promised to care of Rachel and her children, and her father respected Jon for calling.

Jon said he was in love with both Rachel and Lucy, and so he decided to bring the pair to a nearby beautiful castle. Jon was sure he wanted to be with her forever, and so he got down on one knee at the edge of a gorgeous cliff.

"I love you. I'd never lie to you. I'll always work for you and I'll never give up. Can I be your husband?" Jon asked her.

Rachel cried tears of joy and accepted the marriage proposal.

"It feels amazing to be engaged. I remember seeing Jon for the first time thinking, 'He's way out of my league,' and now he's going to be my husband," Rachel gushed to the cameras.

"Some people think I'm crazy... we still have a lot of struggles ahead, but this is the relationship I've been looking for my entire life."



Waking up next to Ximena, Ricky thought she looked beautiful and said their chemistry was "instantaneous" and "real."

Ricky revealed the couple got a little intimate the night prior and he was feeling happy. Ricky had found Ximena on Colombian Cupid, which is also where he came into contact with Melissa, who seemed to be totally out of the picture now.

Even though Ricky didn't want to admit it, he communicated with Ximena often when Melissa was distant at times. But during their first night together, he accidentally called her Melissa. Ricky said he made something up and told Ximena that Melissa was someone from the show's production team.

Ximena, however, was feeling like she could trust Ricky completely. For that reason, Ricky was "feeling like crap" and knew he had to tell Ximena the truth.

Ricky was starting to fall for Ximena, but after two failed marriages, he needed to figure out whether she was The One for him, 100 percent.

Ricky then revealed to Ximena that he has a daughter Amber who is his world, and although she never envisioned herself being married or having kids, she was excited to get to know his children and become friends with them.

Because he was falling in love, Ricky felt the need to confront Ximena about her intentions. After a day of shopping and Ximena saying Ricky made her feel like "a Hollywood celebrity," he needed to make sure that she was with him for the right reasons and not for his money.

After all, Ricky had sent Ximena between $1,000 and $1,500. Ricky thought at the time she wasn't working and was in financial constraints, but it turned out she went under the knife and got a nose job.

Ximena, however, argued that she never asked Ricky directly for money, and she was a bit offended by their conversation. Ximena insisted she got a nose job because she had been very insecure about it following an accident and could afford the procedure on her own.

Ricky believed Ximena, that she spoke from the heart, and so he felt guilty and changed the subject. Ricky was afraid to tell her about Melissa, but he believed it was necessary to come clean before they took their relationship to the next level. 
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