90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? continued its fourth season with sweet surprises and more drama on Sunday night -- including Elizabeth Potthast and Andrei Castravet learning the gender of their baby, Ashley Martson revealing she had no intention of applying for Jay Smith's adjustment of status, and Colt Johnson and Larissa Christina Dos Santos Lima's relationship coming apart at the seams.

In addition to Elizabeth and Andrei, Ashley and Jay, and Larissa and Colt, Sunday night's two-hour 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? broadcast on TLC also featured Season 4's three other couples: Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou, Russ Mayfield and Paola Mayfield, and Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno.

"Many painful realities and unexpected obstacles await as they navigate cultural differences, pregnancies, in-laws, scandals and more," TLC previously teased of the new season.

The season is sure to have explosive fights, confrontations, tears, and even police involvement, and the first two episodes have already given viewers a taste of some of that.

Below is the latest on each 90 Day Fiance couple, according to the latest broadcast of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?'s fourth season.



Larissa was shown sitting in her car to talk to a producer in private.

As shown last week, Larissa vented, "I decided to do the interview here because I have things to say and I don't want them to listen. Because I feel deadly afraid," she said.

"If they hear something that I'll say, my life will be a hell. Something [is] wrong."

Larissa insisted she felt "like a prisoner" in her own home and said she didn't trust her husband and Debbie "manipulated and controlled" her son. Larissa said Debbie made her life "a living hell."

Larissa also said she had been found guilty for something that didn't happen.

Meanwhile, Debbie vented to Colt how Larissa was plain old "mean" to them both, but Colt thought Larissa's outbursts were his fault since he had been the one to call the police following an altercation they had.

"It's been hard for all of us," Colt said, adding that Larissa's upcoming court hearing resulted in an overwhelming feeling of "dread" in the household.

After things calmed down, Colt and Debbie went out for dinner and drinks together, and Debbie was thrilled because her relationship with her son had been "strained."

Colt joked about how their dynamic was better before "the dark times," seemingly meaning Larissa's entry into the United States.

Debbie was just unhappy and trying to get over the fact Larissa had flushed her expensive, meaningful engagement ring down the toilet. Colt apologized to his mom for how difficult things had been, and he was "really worried" about her.

Colt didn't want Debbie to feel pressure to move out, and he certainly didn't want her "to be alone in this world." He feared the situation was too much for her to take.

"I hope when the trial is over, everything gets better. But I feel very nervous. Everything could get out of control to the point where I'll just have to say, 'Larissa, please leave,'" Colt said.

Afterward, Larissa said her marriage may not work out and she believed Colt and Debbie were "conspiring" against her so she would be forced to return to Brazil. She was afraid to be deported.

Colt and Larissa were not on speaking terms and her trial was in a few days. Colt said their dynamic was "toxic."

Larissa then asked why Colt had "lied to the police" and said "horrible things" about her to them. Colt apologized and said it was a hasty reaction but he loved her.

"No matter what you do to me, [I'd] never put you in jail," Larissa said.

Colt said he regretted calling the police and part of him "died" the night she was taken into custody, calling his name and crying.

"If you do any other bad thing to me, I will divorce," Larissa threatened her husband.

But Colt said it wasn't his actions solely that resulted in this tension. He was tired of her shutting down, ranting and wanting more and more things. Larissa told Colt that he was her "sponsor," but he didn't feel obligated to buy her dresses and makeup, etc.

"As the trial gets closer, Larissa's behavior gets worse. I'm starting to wonder if it's the trial that's bothering her -- or just me," Colt noted.

Later on, Debbie drove Larissa to her court date. Debbie thought her being deported "might be for the best," and Colt decided not to attend the hearing so he wouldn't be asked to testify against his wife.



Nicole admitted she and Azan had problems in their relationship because the distance between them was getting increasingly more difficult. Nicole wanted to snuggle with Azan after a bad day but couldn't.

Nicole then FaceTimed with Azan and suggested they plan a vacation together. She acknowledged he had been under too much pressure the last time they saw each other with all the wedding plans.

Nicole said they had canceled their 2018 wedding due to time constraints and financial issues.

Nicole was trying to look up vacation spots for where they could both travel without Azan needing a tourist visa.

Nicole threw out the Philippines, Haiti or South Korea as possibilities to Azan, but he apparently tried to go to South Korea once before to see her and he didn't make it past customs and had been forced to fly back home. Nicole also lost thousands of dollars from that trip.

Nicole therefore suggested they travel to Grenada, where they could stay in the same hotel room and kiss in public. She thought it would be fun and relaxing not to worry about PDA since they are typically in Morocco together, which is a Muslim country.

Nicole hoped Azan was excited as she was about the trip, but she acknowledged how she needed to make more money first.

Nicole was then shown meeting with a recruiting advisor to try to find a job, but she just wanted a temporary position since she'd be moving to Morocco in the near future and trying to marry her fiance there.

But Nicole -- who previously worked in a coffee shop and in retail -- didn't have a lot of experience or skills, and she had never obtained a college degree. She was struggling to make ends meet.

"It's hard for Azan to find a job in Morocco, so the pressure is on me to make money," Nicole revealed.



Chantel was bummed out their trip to Savannah went so poorly, and she was still upset Pedro was taking no responsibility for attacking her brother and kicking over her parents' dinner table during an altercation.

"I'm trying to find some common ground, and he's not giving me anything back," Chantel said in a confessional.

Pedro admitted he wanted to return to the Dominican Republic to see his family and friends and get a little space, but Chantel didn't like the idea of him taking off when they had underlying issues such as a lack of communication and understanding one another.

"Part of me worries if Pedro goes to the Dominican Republic, he won't come back," Chantel noted.

During the drive home from Savannah, Chantel's mother called and invited the couple to Thanksgiving, saying her house was Pedro's house. Pedro, however, didn't respond and reminded his wife he wanted nothing to do with her family.

Pedro said the last time they were together, CHantel's mother had threatened to contact immigration services to get him deported.

Chantel was disappointed Pedro didn't want to try to fix things, especially since she wanted to spend the holiday with her loved ones.

Once they returned home, Chantel attempted to catch up with her brother River at a music studio, where he was recording his demo. She missed her brother and wanted to fix their relationship and get it back on track.

Chantel was there to show her support for her brother, but both individuals felt "shut out" from the other's life after the big fight.

River felt he was being "blamed and attacked" when he was just trying to stick up for Chantel because Pedro had allegedly been demanding she and their parents "stop talking" during the conversation that resulted in a big fight at the dinner table.

Chantel assured River the fight wasn't his fault and she hoped Pedro would eventually apologize. Chantel's anger at Pedro was validated after meeting with her brother, who appeared pretty distraught over things.

Chantel didn't want River to distance himself from her, and she wanted their bond to be just like it was before.

River, however, told the cameras Chantel needed to "wake up from this little dreamland she was in" and realize Pedro was "not in their marriage for the love." River said Pedro was playing everybody.

River acknowledged they needed to be stronger as a family but he also needed more time to move on from the blowout with Pedro. Chantel was "exhausted" going back and forth between the two sides.

On Thanksgiving, Pedro confessed he simply didn't feel like he was a part of her family and so he didn't want to attend her parents' dinner.

Chantel made excuses for Pedro during the gathering, saying he didn't celebrate the holiday, but her loved ones knew the real reason why he wasn't there.

"We do forgive him, but he has to grow up as a young man," Chantel's father Thomas said.

At dinner, Chantel revealed to her loved ones she and Pedro were no longer anticipating a move to Savannah. Chantel said Pedro was scared of what he had done and to "face the music," but everyone wanted her husband to try harder.

One of Chantel's relatives suggested Pedro might be taking steroids because his behavior and aggression indicated such, but Chantel denied that entirely.

Chantel's mother then brought a taser out at the dinner table and said she'd use it if anyone comes into her home and tries to push her around. River laughed about how he wished Pedro was there for this.

Chantel promised her family she would never allow Pedro to disrespect them again, but the clan was concerned about Pedro's reasons for wanting to return to the Dominican Republic. Chantel's mother thought he was hiding something.




The couple were going to find out the gender of their baby at their first ultrasound. Elizabeth and Andrei also couldn't wait to hear that their baby was healthy.

Elizabeth was 18 weeks pregnant at the time, and she noted she was "so excited to have this baby." Andrei, however, was unable to find steady work and so she said her family judged him, which brought unnecessary stress upon their lives.

At the ultrasound, Elizabeth disclosed she'd love to welcome a baby boy first, but the pair soon learned they had a daughter on the way.

Elizabeth cried tears of joy, and Andrei said he wished his parents and brother were there to share in this moment with them.

Andrei joked about how he was going to be "overprotective" and the rules in their household were "going to be strict."

Elizabeth's family wanted to tag along for the ultrasound, and so she expected them to give her a hard time. Regardless, she was excited to share their big news.

Later on, Elizabeth celebrated her baby news with her family, but her sister and sister-in-law thought Andrei was acting like "an assh-le" because he didn't approve of how close they were with Elizabeth. Elizabeth's marriage was also distancing her from them.

Elizabeth's sister, Becky, was disappointed she had not been invited to the ultrasound as well. And her father Chuck was "sad for [his] daughter" because Andrei had yet to nail down a steady job.

Everyone was thrilled to find out Elizabeth was pregnant with a baby girl, and Andrei said he had every intention to provide for his family.

"I'm really concerned because he has no plan," Chuck told the cameras about Andrei's lack of a job and career.



Russ and Paola were heading to Oklahoma for a baby shower his family was throwing for his wife. Paola, however, wasn't looking forward to it because she didn't really get along with her conservative parents.

Russ assured Paola that his mother was excited for them both as well as to throw her a party, but Paola wasn't convinced. She said they hadn't been involved in their life together.

Paola never felt accepted by Russ' family, pointing out a moment when Russ' mother complained about how she had been showing too much cleavage, but Russ told his wife she was "exaggerating" the situation.

Paola was clearly a model and posed for sexy, risque photo shoots, so she was certain Russ' parents didn't approve of her decisions. She just didn't understand how they were going to go from not speaking to celebrating the baby together.

Once Paola and Russ arrived in Oklahoma, they got settled into a hotel room and then Paola learned the baby shower was just for women -- so he wasn't able to attend.

Paola was anxious about facing and deal with Russ' family all alone.

Russ hoped this visit was going to turn things around, and he had yet to inform Paola a great job opportunity awaited him in Oklahoma. Russ hoped if Paola reconnected with his loved ones, she wouldn't hate living in that state and might consider moving there.



Jay said Ashley was still holding on to the past and not letting it go. Jay insisted he was on Tinder but didn't want to cheat or start a relationship with anyone else; however, she didn't believe him.

Jay was shown going to the local barbershop to talk to some of the guy friends he had made, and they were shocked to hear he had signed up for a dating app and was talking to a woman -- and that Ashley discovered his mistake a couple of days after their wedding.

Jay insisted it was in his genes to "pick up girls often," but he had been naive about marriage and needed to act differently as a married man in the United Stated.

"I wasn't even interested. I was just goofing around," Jay told the guys about his activity on the dating app.

"I'm always bored. I cannot work until I get my papers... After I get married, Ashley's supposed to apply for adjustment of status so I can get my Green Card. But because of the dating app incident, she hasn't done any of this yet."

Jay hoped Ashley would determine he had just made a mistake and move forward from the incident.

The guys told Jay to talk about the situation with his wife and work through their issues. They advised him to fight for what he wanted, but Jay feared being sent back to Jamaica.

That night, Jay surprised Ashley with some Chinese food and lit candles for them in the living room. He wanted to do something sweet for her and show he cared.

Ashley said Chinese food wasn't going to fix their newlywed life, but she appreciated the gesture.

Ashley told the cameras she and Jay were not as intimate as they used to be but they still slept in the same bed as to not worry her children. Ashley also told Jay that she was not going to file for his adjustment of status.

"That's applying for his Green Card. But if I filed for Jay's paperwork, I would be responsible for him for 10 years, so his whole entire twenties," Ashley explained in a confessional.

"And I don't want to be responsible for someone who is reckless and isn't trustworthy. I'm not willing to put my ass on the line for that until I know exactly what is going on. Until I feel comfortable doing it, I'm not in a rush."

Jay told his wife that he wanted to get a job so he could take her out on a date and contribute with his income. Ashley said that would be nice but she needed to look out for herself.

Jay didn't know how to make Ashley happy or make things better considering he couldn't provide for her.

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