90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' Part 2 of its Tell-All special featured an explosive brawl between cast members sparked by Angela Deem, Caesar Mack and Maria reuniting and breaking up in front of everyone, and updates on each couple who starred on the TLC spinoff's third season during Monday night's special three-hour broadcast.

Like 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' first two seasons, the third season followed Americans -- who started online romantic relationships with overseas partners -- traveling overseas hoping to get engaged to someone they had never met in person with the intention of starting the K-1 Visa immigration process.

Along the way, they encountered challenges that included large age gaps, language barriers, cultural issues, and questionable pasts.


And Part 2 of the Tell-All special featured the following cast members gathering in New York City with host and mediator Shaun Robinson to discuss their relationships: Caesar, 46, from Jacksonville, NC; Angela, 53, from Hazlehurst, GA; Timothy Malcolm, 38, from Charlotte, NC; Darcey Silva, 44, from Middletown, CT, and Tom Brooks, 39, from Nottingham, United Kingdom; Benjamin Taylor, 33, from Phoenix, AZ; Avery Mills, 19, from Columbus, OH; and Rebecca Parrot, 47, from Canton, GA.

Tom was the only foreign partner to appear on the Tell-All special, but a handful of people were able to call in through video chat: Jeniffer Tarazona, 25, from Bucaramanga, Colombia; Akinyi Obala, 25, from Nairobi, Kenya; Omar Albakour, 24, from Latakia, Syria; Michael Ilesanmi, 29, from Lagos, Nigeria; Zied, 26, from Tunis, Tunisia; and Maria, 28, from Kiev, Ukraine.

Darcey's ex Jesse Meester from the second season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days also made an appearance to share with fans what's been going on in his life post-show.

Below is what happened during Part 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' Tell-All special for each Season 3 couple:


Darcey acknowledged she never knew that Tom had been engaged twice before and that the women left him both times.

"I hope I didn't get the same ring," Darcey said.

"I haven't bought you a ring," Tom replied.

"I know," Darcey admitted.

Darcey, however, said she wasn't judging Tom for his past. Tom explained he was in a "toxic" relationship with the first woman while the second relationship was fun and felt right at the time but turned out to fizzle due to bad timing.


Tom's sister Emma wished Darcey and Tom would spend more time getting to know each other before taking their romance to the next level.

"Yeah, we don't know that much about each other," Tom said.

But Darcey argued she was always very vulnerable and open with Tom, so she didn't understand where he was coming from.

Tom tried to explain that when he expressed a sentiment or feeling about a matter, if it's not wrapped the right way, Darcey would take it as a rejection.

Tom said he walked into a lobby recently and saw Darcey with a man wrapping his arms around her, which sparked an argument. Emma hated to hear how the couple was fighting after reuniting, but Darcey's sister Stacey insisted Darcey and Tom were compatible.

Darcey claimed she and Tom had a strong connection, but then Stacey pointed out Tom needed to contact Darcey and touch base with her more if he was truly in love with her.

Stacey said Darcey never really asked her about her engagement to Florian or seemed to care. Stacey wished Darcey had been happy for her, but Darcey claimed she was never jealous of her sister finding love before her.

Darcey said while she was happy for Stacey, she needed to focus on her own life.

Tom noted he had considered proposing marriage in Gran Canaria, where his parents had gotten engaged, but Stacey said it wasn't her fault that didn't happen.


Emma then pointed out Tom didn't like it when Darcey got drunk because she was out of control.

"I think you've got a lot of hangups about your last relationship. I don't think you've let go of that yet," Emma alleged.

Darcey said she and Jesse Meester had been in a vicious cycle but she broke that cycle once she got to know Tom.

Stacey told Shaun that Tom was a better match for Darcey than Jesse because Jesse is very "self-absorbed" and loved himself more than anybody else.

Darcey said the last time she had spoken to Jesse was the Tell-All for Season 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, although he had reached out to her after that. The cast backstage agreed Jesse was "looking for problems."

Darcey hoped Jesse's phone calls would stop that very day, and Avery thought Jesse was a jerk.

"I can't stand him," Timothy agreed.

Both Avery and Timothy asked Jesse why he was on the show, and Timothy even refused to shake his hand. Avery told Jesse that he had "manipulated" Darcey, and Timothy said his presence was messing with Darcey's new relationship.

"It seems like you want them to have problems," Timothy told Jesse.

Avery blamed Jesse for Darcey's issues or insecurities, but Jesse insisted Darcey talked about him -- and he didn't talk about her.


"I'm not here to talk about myself," Jesse noted backstage to the Season 3 cast.

Tom didn't think Darcey still had feelings for Jesse, and Darcey agreed she was emotionally spent and exhausted. Darcey told the cameras she would never go back to her relationship with Jesse.


Backstage, things exploded when Angela yelled at Avery and Timothy to stop bullying Jesse and stay in their own lanes. Angela told Avery that she wasn't acting like a Muslim or a lady, but Avery and Timothy argued they were just sticking up for their friends.

Angela yelled that Avery and Timothy knew nothing about Jesse and Darcey's former relationship and it wasn't any of their business and they just needed to "hush."

"You have a right to get on that stage," Angela yelled. "I say get it over with, Jesse!... You don't have to explain sh-t to me, Jesse!"

Avery told Jesse that she was not trying to bully him and that was not her intent, and then he replied, "The last thing I want to do is trigger her to text me again and to call me again, because that's what she's been doing until last month for two to three years."

Avery thought Jesse was on the show to start drama, but he denied that. Avery said in tears she didn't put up with manipulative men because she had been through an abusive relationship before.

"I still don't trust you," Avery told Jesse, who said he appreciated what she had to say.

Angela FaceTimed with Michael outside, saying she would always stand up for what is right and she was not trying to look like a badass.


Tom told Avery that Jesse was wrong for what he had done and Avery did a great job of sticking up for Darcey. Darcey thanked Avery for having her back, and then Darcey cried at how sweet Avery was being. Darcey also felt for Avery given she had been in a similar relationship before.

When Avery, Angela, Timothy, Benjamin and Rebecca got onstage together, Avery was still crying -- but Angela felt no sympathy for her and basically suggested to the 19-year-old her tears were ridiculous and dramatic given she had started the problem to begin with.

Angela accused Avery of talking over her and not listening, saying everyone should fight their own battles. Timothy noted he had been yelling at Jesse -- not Avery -- and then Rebecca gently pointed out Angela had inserted herself into the conversation and involved herself as well.

"Listen, please stay over there!" Angela yelled.

"Are you really like this, Angela?" Rebecca asked in frustration and surprise. "Please be more respectful to her because of her age."

After Rebecca and Avery tried to defend themselves, Angela suddenly screamed, "Shut the f-ck up!"

Avery pointed a finger at Angela telling her not to talk that way to someone, and then Angela screamed at her and appeared to push her finger down.

Angela and Rebecca then stood up and got into each other's faces, as Avery stood off to the side crying. Angela continued to yell in Rebecca's face to shut up, and Rebecca in turn called Angela "trashy" and said she wasn't going to raise her voice and lower herself to Angela's standards.

Suddenly, Avery's mother Teri ran onto the stage to protect and defend her daughter.

"Go cry a f-cking river. Grow up! You're a married woman now!" Angela yelled at Avery as bodyguards surrounded her. "[Darcey] don't need a little girl taking up for her because Tom can handle Jesse!"


Teri told Avery that the way she was acting wasn't representative of herself. Teri said, "I love you" and attempted to comfort and console her teenage daughter.

Meanwhile, Darcey was shouting offstage that her past with Jesse wasn't worth all of this drama.

Angela told Tom backstage that he can handle his own battles and one should not start a fight if she can't finish it, referring to Avery.

Timothy explained to Shaun that Jesse's presence affected Darcey whether he went on the show to talk to her or not. Benjamin said Timothy and Jesse really went after each other and then Angela came into it "like a wrecking ball."

"She's crazy," Avery said of Angela.

Benjamin said a person can stick up for him or herself without cursing or being "disgusting," taking a shot at Angela. Benjamin wanted to see more love than hate, and Rebecca advised Avery to pray and think of something beautiful so she could feel better emotionally.

"Let him blow smoke up his own ass," Darcey advised her castmates.


"Angela is real. You can say what you want about Angela, but she just says it like it is," Jesse told Shaun.

Jesse thanked Angela for standing up for him, but he said he didn't mind being judged by others.

Since Jesse and Darcey broke up, he said he graduated with a degree in psychology. He also apparently became a motivational speaker, a love coach and an actor. (Jesse was shown speaking to a room of senior citizens in what appeared to be a nursing home).


Jesse said he had moved on from Darcey but she was "stalking" him "ever since" they split.

"At this point, she has been contacting me over and over again," Jesse alleged, as screenshots were shown of alleged messages from Darcey, who was telling him that he deserves the best life and should find a woman to have kids with.

Jesse claimed Darcey expressed love for him and wished they could give their relationship another chance. He said she was "obsessed" with him and he just wanted her to move on.

Jesse also alleged he was almost at the point of taking legal action against Darcey because she wouldn't stop contacting him.

"The fact is for two years straight, she has been reaching out to me," Jesse said, adding that he never called Darcey to talk and had simply asked her to seek counseling when they last spoke.

"This is not 'he said, she said'... I can back it up -- all! I just want her to be happy, like truthfully. Please, if you say you've moved on, then do it!"

Tom told the cameras he wanted Darcey to have a voice again because she had lost it along the way.

Jesse shared he's close to having a new girlfriend whom he's traveling the world with. Jesse said he spent time with this woman in the Greek Islands for about a month at that point and they were "very happy" together.

"The harder she screams, 'I've moved on,' the more she reaches out. And I feel somewhat sorry for Tom because I really don't think he knows about it," Jesse said in a confessional. "The truth will always come out."


Angela said Michael's lies were often harmless and he was trying to protect her from getting upset, which Michael agreed with. Michael said he tried to cover things up to prevent Angela from getting mad.

Michael said Angela took things too seriously sometimes and took things to an extreme, but Angela defended getting angry over his lies. Angela asked if Michael lied to her because he wasn't Nigerian, but he said, "No."

Angela admitted Michael couldn't have a social life in Nigeria until she fully trusted him. Angela acknowledged she's well aware of when Michael goes out with his friends and she's "not stupid."


Angela said she was working hard to make money and bring Michael over to the United States and so she didn't want anything to disrupt the process. Angela told Michael he could spend time with his mother and it was important for him to stay out of trouble.

Angela's daughter Skyla said she'd never give her mother one of her eggs because she'd view it as having a baby with Michael. Angela argued the baby could look just like her, but Skyla pointed out Michael really wanted the egg -- not Angela.

Michael revealed having a baby is more important to him than coming to the United States.

"If Angela can't have a baby, would you leave her?" Shaun asked.

"I know there's nothing that God cannot do. I believe we'll sort it out. The bottom line is were are together, we are still together. And Skyla, we've got to talk," Michael replied.

Michael was preparing for his visa interview at the time, and Angela said Michael could be moving to the United States by the end of the year.

"I can't wait! I miss her so much," Michael said.

Angela felt her relationship with Michael was changing for the better and they were learning more about each other. Angela predicted she'd have a happy marriage with Michael, but the couple would have to learn to live together first and get along once he comes to America.


Akinyi said her brother Fidel had scared off her previous suitors because he has a "no-nonsense" attitude or vibe about him.

Fidel said Benjamin had handled himself in an "average" way while in Nigeria, and Akinyi explained it was because Benjamin does not have the "alpha male" type of personality that matches her father and brother.

Benjamin insisted he doesn't let people walk all over him but he tries to be respectful. Benjamin also acknowledged it wouldn't be right to be "demanding" in someone else's household.


Rebecca suggested Benjamin's behavior might be totally different once Akinyi is welcomed into his environment and comfort zone. She suggested Benjamin might have acted differently because he was in a foreign country that was totally intimidating to him.

"You need to look like you know what you're doing, and for the most part, you didn't," Akinyi noted.

After watching footage back of Akinyi drinking a margarita and getting drunk, Benjamin said he's okay with his wife drinking but he's not okay with her getting to the point where she can't control herself.

When Shaun asked Fidel what he thought of Benjamin's attempt to control Akinyi's alcohol intake, Fidel surprisingly replied, "That is the man that I want. He is the man of the house... He should be doing that."

Akinyi's eyes opened wide at hearing her brother say that.

A never-before-seen clip then aired of Benjamin going out with Fidel and his friends one night. The guys welcomed Benjamin into their crew and had some drinks, so Akinyi announced Benjamin couldn't preach water but then drink wine.

Fidel said Benjamin had passed his exams, as the cocktails were a test for him that night.

Fidel, however, revealed Benjamin had never taken his advice about how to negotiate the bride price.

"He never finished everything. Benjamin owes me," Fidel declared. "Something that he can manage."


Akinyi said the "bride price" is a way of thanking a woman's parents for raising her right. The bride price apparently also increases when the woman is educated, and so Akinyi's father "brought out the school records," according to Benjamin, when it became time for that conversation.

Benjamin admitted the amount of the bride price he still owed weighed on his mind, and he worried he may not be able to complete it. Benjamin planned to discuss this issue during his next visit to Kenya.


Timothy had yet to buy Jeniffer a new promise ring. Darcey, Rebecca and Avery agreed it's a bad idea for a man to give a woman a ring that previously belonged to another woman.

Timothy said his ex Veronica only had the best of intentions by giving him that ring, but Jeniffer said she could only blame Timothy for the mistake and he owed her a new, bigger ring.

"He needs to do that for me," Jeniffer noted.

Jeniffer also confessed Timothy is a handful because he's "quietly moody" when she's loud and likes to express herself. Jeniffer, however, insisted calling Timothy a "p-ssy" was just a joke between them and Timothy was okay with it.

Rebecca called that term "derogatory," but Timothy didn't seem to mind it.


Timothy's sexuality has been questioned for the last 15 years, but he explained there was a lot of stress involved with meeting and dating Jeniffer in Colombia and that's why they didn't make love. Timothy insisted he's not gay, bisexual or transsexual.

When asked to provide an update on his relationship, Timothy shared, "I still love Jeniffer; I think she still loves me and I really want her to come and see what America is like and what my real life is. I want her to come to my house and see the real me."


Rebecca revealed she had told Zied about her previous relationship with a woman to make sure he's not homophobic, because she apparently hates that. Rebecca didn't want to bring a homophobic man to the United States.

Zied said his family would probably be very angry over Rebecca's same-sex relationship and not accept it.

"If his family were to find out, he'd have to choose between me or his family," Rebecca revealed.

"Well, you know they're going to find out," Shaun said.

But Rebecca wasn't so sure. Rebecca said they do not watch 90 Day Fiance and they do not speak English.

Avery pointed out, however, Zied's parents should understand Rebecca's life in America is a completely different culture than what Zied was used to living in a Muslim family.

Zied admitted the biggest surprise was finding out Rebecca was still technically married when she was in Tunisia, and had he known that before her trip, he would have asked her not to come.

"I want to make it clear to everyone that the divorce papers were signed. Everything was done. The only thing that wasn't done was filing them," Rebecca shared.

Zied also said he still had problems with Rebecca dressing sexy, especially since she has so many tattoos and those are basically forbidden in Muslim culture. Rebecca explained, however, Zied was worried about the attention she receives from other men when she dresses that way.

Rebecca was well aware the financial burden of Zied coming to the United States would fall on her initially.

Rebecca acknowledged there's a possibility Zied might change when he comes to America just like her ex from Morocco did. Zied said he hates sitting at home and not working and he would not be like Rebecca's ex.

Rebecca revealed Zied could work in a restaurant near her or go back to school. Rebecca said she didn't have red flags with Zied like she had experienced with her ex but no one in her life was supportive of this decision.

Rebecca's friend Melanie was worried about how true life would set in once Zied arrives in the United States and their 90-day Tunisian honeymoon is over. Melanie wasn't sold on Zied until she could witness the pair living life together for a while.


Before Maria joined Caesar through video chat, Caesar said it was "heartbreaking" to find out Maria wasn't going to make their trip to Cancun, Mexico. Caesar admitted he spent too much on getting everything ready for her and had mismanaged his money.

Caesar had faith Maria was going to show up, and at that time, he wasn't sure they'd be able to fix their relationship.

"I genuinely feel sorry for you. It must be a horrible situation to find yourself," Tom told Caesar.

"The faith you have in that woman is unbelievable. I think she understood the jig was up and she couldn't string him along anymore. She either showed up this time or she knew she had to say it was over, but I don't think she was in it for the right reasons," Rebecca said.

And Avery told Caesar, "You tried to see her so many times and she's always made an excuse. On the day of, to say, 'It's my mom's birthday,' you know when your mom's birthday is every year!"

Akinyi felt sorry for Caesar as well, saying canceling once is understandable but canceling two, three times or more is not acceptable.

Avery and Rebecca told Caesar he'll one day find a woman who has as much faith in him as he has in her.

Looking back, Caesar said there was nothing he could have done differently. Caesar said people didn't know Maria like he knew her and she's a real person whom he truly cared about.

Timothy said he wanted to feel sorry for Caesar because he's such a nice guy, but at the same time, he suggested Caesar was naive because there were so many red flags yelling that this was a scam and Caesar should run. Timothy wondered why Caesar didn't recognize all of this.

"Five years, three canceled trips -- and it almost seems like you're still defending her!" Timothy pointed out. "You got scammed, and that's it."

Avery said Maria was manipulating Caesar by saying he didn't care about her enough or he didn't do enough when he'd send her money. Jeniffer agreed Maria had disrespected Caesar and he needed to move on.

Caesar apparently kept the engagement ring he had purchased for Maria, along with the edible panties and whip. Caesar was hoping Maria would join the conversation so he could say what he wanted to say.

When asked where his relationship stood with Maria at that point, Caesar said it was "nonexistent."

Shaun then welcomed Maria into the conversation through video chat.

"Hi Maria, how you doing baby girl?" Caesar asked.

"I'm good," she replied.

Footage then played that had aired during the finale of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, showing Maria saying she and Caesar were just friends and if he wanted a girl like her, he had to make more money.

Maria, who admitted she was talking to other guys while she was dating Caesar, appeared detached and nonchalant when talking about her former relationship with Caesar.

Caesar asked Maria if she was seeing somebody else, and she replied, "No, there is no guy." She said she was joking when she had mentioned other men in the footage.

"I think you dodged a bullet to be fair," Tom told Caesar. "I think she's done you a favor."

Maria appeared shocked by Tom's statement, and then she said she wanted Caesar to move on and find someone else. Maria said, however, she considered Caesar to be her boyfriend for the last two years.

Caesar said their relationship was on and off for a while, which is why she didn't think they were exclusive for the past five years. Maria argued she would have liked Caesar to visit her in Ukraine but at the time, it was freezing there and winter is a bad time to visit.

Maria denied the fact Caesar had said he sent her about $40,000 over the years, and she added, "And he knows it."

Maria said Caesar hadn't sent her much more than $5,000 over the years, but Caesar argued he had just recently sent her $2,000-3,000. Maria claimed she did not accept the money.

"She took the money, but -- I'm not going to send you anymore money if that's how it is. If that's how you're going to be, then I'm done," Caesar said. "That's it."

"Okay, calm down," Maria replied.

"I just don't know why she's doing this," Caesar admitted.

When asked whether Caesar finally feels like he had been played, he responded with the following: "I think originally she tried -- and I know you guys think I'm stupid for saying this -- but if the plane ticket was there, I think she would have been there."

Maria claimed she "did" love Caesar, but then she made a face and said, "I really wish him the best no matter what he said and what he's doing to me right now."

Caesar said he should just cut the relationship off but he really wanted to continue trying and make things work. Caesar revealed he still loves her and wants to show the world she's a good person.

Caesar hoped to rekindle what they had lost by flying down to the Ukraine first, but Maria didn't appreciate how Caesar had blamed her for things and pretended like she was "a b-tch" or something like that.

Maria wasn't happy about the picture that had been painted of her. She said everyone loved Caesar because he's American and his side of the story made her look back and now everyone hates her.

Caesar insisted he had tried his best and continued to fight for their romance because she was worth the world to her and was his first love, but Maria didn't respond -- and Caesar's cast members argued she just didn't care. Maria was angry at Caesar for making her look bad.

"He's never said one bad thing about you and actually, to this day, he's still defending him, which he shouldn't be. You used him and you know that!" Avery told Maria.

Michael asked Caesar to just accept the fact Maria wanted him to move on.

Caesar's castmates admitted they were more confused than ever about what was the truth behind Caesar and Maria's relationship, especially since Maria insisted Caesar had not sent her as much money as he had claimed to.


Avery said she talks to Omar a few hours every day, and Tom planned to spend a full day with Darcey before flying back to England.

Darcey told Shaun that she and Tom would continue to stay connected and be there for each other. She couldn't predict what the future holds for them.

Benjamin had the intention of wrapping up the K-1 visa process to bring Akinyi over to the United States, and once it becomes time for Akinyi's interview, he'd travel back to Kenya and spend some time with her family.

"And pay the dowry," Akinyi noted.

Benjamin wasn't going to return to Kenya until he had some money with him.

Timothy told Shaun he has a future to plan for with Jeniffer, and she said she's very excited to see him soon.

"Our story is just beginning," Jeniffer noted, "and I'm happy for it."

Rebecca revealed she had filed her divorce papers a week earlier and now the next step is to wait and start the process to bring Zied to America. However, Rebecca planned to return to Tunisia within the next couple of months to spend time with her man.

Caesar told Maria that he still loved her and cared about her a lot and so he'd give her a break.

"I think right now, we need to live our own lives and I'm going to let you do whatever you want to do," Caesar said.

"I'm just done and we need to give it a break. I'm just going to be alone for a while... Only time will tell. I think the best thing will be to separate and stop talking."

Maria said they needed to move on because of all this drama and Caesar is stronger than he imagines.

Caesar felt mixed emotions after the show and just wanted to be alone and walk, and maybe even stay alone. He was hurting because he wanted to show how much he was fighting for her.

Benjamin was worried he may never be done paying the bride price.

Tom was looking forward to spending some alone time with Darcey, without the interference from anyone else.

And finally, Avery believed she and Omar would make it work and get through all of the obstacles they were facing. She was also prepared to fly to Lebanon for one week to spend time with her husband.


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