90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days featured Varya Malina surprising Geoffrey Paschel in America hoping to reconcile after he already moved on with another woman, Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar having a blowout fight after Lisa caught him talking to another woman, Yolanda Leak continuing to pursue Williams, an introduction to Lana and her life, and Stephanie Matto and Erika Owens confirming their breakup during Sunday night's Season 4 episode on TLC.

Like 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' first three seasons, the fourth season follows Americans who started online romantic relationships with overseas partners as they travel overseas hoping to get engaged to someone they've never met in person and then begin the K-1 Visa immigration process.

Along the way, they've encountered challenges that include large age gaps, language barriers, cultural issues, and questionable pasts.


The couples who appeared on Episode 13 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' fourth season were David Murphey, a 60-year-old from Las Vegas, NV, and Lana, a 27-year-old from Ukraine; Ed Brown, a 54-year-old San Diego, CA, and Rosemarie Vega, a 23-year-old from Caloocan, Philippines; Avery Warner, a 32-year-old from Seattle, WA, and Ash Naeck, a 38-year-old from Melbourne, Australia; Geoffrey, a 41-year-old from Knoxville, TN, and Varya, a 30-year-old from Ryazan, Russia; Stephanie, a 29-year-old from Yonkers, NY, and Erika, a 24 year-old from Port Augusta, Australia; Yolanda, a 51-year-old from Las Vegas, NV; Lisa, a 52-year-old from York, PA, and Usman, a 30-year-old from Kaduna, Nigeria; and Darcey Silva, a 45-year-old from Middletown, CT, and Tom Brooks, a 39-year-old from Nottingham, United Kingdom.

At this point in the season, viewers are led to believe Yolanda's boyfriend Williams, a 40-year-old from England is a scammer.

Below is what was shown on the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.


Geoffrey was on his way home to Knoxville, TN, following a "disastrous trip" to Russia in which Varya had rejected his marriage proposal, according to Geoffrey.

Geoffrey said Varya kept texting him on his way home -- such as "I love you" -- but he decided to ignore her and just try to move on with his life. Varya apparently begged for Geoffrey's forgiveness and said she had made a mistake, but Geoffrey felt she was just "messing with [his] heart."

Geoffrey's sons picked him up at the airport, and Geoffrey told them that the fact he had spent time in prison "set the tone" for the end of his trip with Varya.

Geoffrey also admitted he had popped the question and Varya said "no." Geoffrey's sons apparently weren't surprised by the news, and Geoffrey noted he was never going to see Varya again if even though she didn't want to end their relationship.


"I don't know what she expects," Geoffrey said, adding that Varya's messages confused him. "She wasn't ready. I want somebody who's ready and is going to put her heart and soul [into the relationship]... I guess we're just not compatible."

Geoffrey admitted it was a sad way to end his romance but Varya needed to remain in his past going forward.

Three weeks later, Geoffrey said Varya had been constantly texting him and he was ignoring her. Geoffrey didn't want to invest anything else into the relationship.

Geoffrey therefore decided to go out with his best friend Mary for dinner in attempt to spark a romance between them. Geoffrey said he had a history with Mary and she knew him very well, but in the past, things didn't work out between them because they had been on a different timeline.

Geoffrey said he and Mary talked a lot once he returned home from Russia and so he saw potential for them to work out as a couple.

Geoffrey wanted to find happiness and said, "I really do see a future with Mary." Geoffrey hoping spending time with Mary would help him forget about his feelings for Varya.

Geoffrey brought Mary a bouquet of flowers, and she said hanging out with Geoffrey "felt right." Mary noted this friendship had been years in the making, but she just wanted to make sure Geoffrey was as "in" as she was.

Geoffrey told Mary that he either wanted her as a life partner or a friend forever, and he didn't want to mess up the friendship they had established. Mary, however, preferred being in a romantic relationship with Geoffrey.

"Do you still talk to Varya?" Mary asked.

"No, I do not," Geoffrey assured his date, confirmed there was no day-to-day conversation and he had no plans to work things out with her. "I feel good about this; I see myself with you."


Geoffrey noted the direction in which he was headed with Mary felt right, and the blossoming couple toasted to their future together.

"I really care about Mary. We're having a good time and I'm happy," Geoffrey said. "Maybe I didn't need to go all the way to Russia to find love. Maybe Mary is my life partner."

Geoffrey was also happy to return to his country lifestyle and hang out with his boys again. Geoffrey said his romance with Mary felt comfortable and normal and he was loving it.

Suddenly, Varya was shown arriving in the United States on a Tourist Visa. Varya said she missed Geoffrey and still cared about him, and she set out to prove she was serious about him and their relationship so they could hopefully get back together.

"I am here for Geoffrey; I love him a lot," Varya told the cameras, suggesting she'd take back her engagement ring if Geoffrey was willing to offer it to her again.

Varya intended to stay in America for two weeks, but it had been weeks since she last spoke to Geoffrey. Varya hoped Geoffrey was going to be happy to see her because she gushed about how Geoffrey had changed her life.

Varya knew she was risking getting her heart broken, but she was ready and willing to put it all on the line for love. Varya thought Geoffrey was worth it, and she claimed to be totally over his criminal past.

"I took three planes and traveled over 20 hours to win Geoffrey back," Varya said.

Varya looked forward to surprising Geoffrey and hopefully starting their relationship again. She hoped Geoffrey was still in love with her, and she got all dolled up for their reunion.


Varya wanted to look "drop dead gorgeous" so she could knock Geoffrey dead. She only paid for a hotel for one night in anticipation Geoffrey was going to allow her to stay at his house for the remainder of her stay.

Varya figured Geoffrey would hug and kiss her upon seeing her again, and she said Geoffrey's neighborhood reminded her of Siberia. She admitted Geoffrey was a country boy and she's a city girl.

Varya expressed regret over having turned down Geoffrey's marriage proposal, and she told a taxi driver that she was optimistic Geoffrey would give her a second chance.

Varya had some serious butterflies on the way to Geoffrey's house, and then she finally showed up and rang his doorbell. When Geoffrey saw her again, his mouth dropped open and he just said, "Oh God."

"What are you doing here?" Geoffrey asked.

"I came here for you! It's a surprise!" Varya gushed. "Are you happy?"

"I'm very surprised actually," Geoffrey noted.

"I missed you so much!" Varya said.

Mary was inside Geoffrey's house, and she appeared totally shocked and upset when she saw Varya standing outside the door.


Tom's time in New York was almost up, and he said it was nice to have a few days to get over his breakup with Darcey. Tom called it "the calm after the storm," and he met up with one of his friends, Hammy, at a restaurant on the water in the hopes a reunion would cheer him up.

Tom said his meeting with Darcey didn't go well and the last year or so with her hadn't been great. Tom noted "what's done is done" and his love for Darcey -- and her love for him in return -- was "the wrong type of love."

"Now it's done, but I didn't make things easy because I started seeing someone else and she found out about it," Tom told Hammy.


Tom revealed the woman he had met lives in Canada but a part of him feared shutting Darcey out completely. Hammy advised Tom to move on, but he wasn't sure Tom was going to do that because he allegedly often changes his mind.

Hammy, however, told Tom to be serious so he won't be alone when he's 50 or 60 years old. Tom agreed he needed to find a woman with whom he could have a possible future.

Tom was later shown leaving New York, saying he had found someone very special and wanted to pursue that new relationship.

Tom told the cameras he was glad he tried with Darcey but was looking forward to a new, better future. Tom acknowledged he wasn't pleased he and Darcey had ended their relationship with an argument and on a bad note, but he wished her the best -- including finding someone to love her.

Tom then took off to Toronto to see his new girlfriend Shannon.


Lisa made a phone call in attempt to receive a copy of her divorce decree. Lisa wanted to bring Usman to the United States on a spousal visa, but they couldn't even get married unless Lisa could show proof she's officially divorced.

Lisa was frustrated Usman didn't do this research prior to her arrival in Nigeria, but Lisa was ultimately able to get her divorce decree emailed to her. Lisa and Usman cheered and kissed after hearing the good news, and Usman told the cameras he felt "so relieved."

"Now this means we are getting married!" Usman said in a confessional.


Lisa hoped this would be the last hurdle she and Usman would have to overcome because they were expecting his family the following day to witness their wedding.

But that night, Lisa and Usman had a serious discussion because Lisa claimed to have seen his "whore" on her fiance's messenger. She confronted Usman about the woman and demanded he not play stupid with her.

Lisa said she had been watching the woman for months on Facebook and she once commented a sad emoticon when Usman had written something to her. The woman supposedly sent Usman a kissing emoticon and expressed her love for him, and he called her "baby this and baby that."

"Who the f-ck do you think you're playing with, Usman!?" Lisa vented to the cameras.

Lisa couldn't believe she had seen "this sh-t" on his phone, and she told Usman that he had hurt her very badly. Lisa admitted fire was going through her and she was not about to get humiliated.

"I need to make sure he's been faithful to me, because if not, there is going to be no Usman and I," Lisa insisted.

Usman claimed the woman was just his friend but he had been avoiding her and wanted to stick with Lisa only. Lisa accused Usman of using her, but Usman stood by the claim the woman was just a friend.

Usman said even though he calls another woman "baby" or "love," it doesn't mean he's actually in love with her or that she's his real, true love.

"The only girlfriend I have is Lisa," Usman told the cameras.

Lisa told Usman that she always won and he'd have to scrape his social media accounts or else they weren't going to get married. She wanted to see Usman block certain women and clean up his page within hours.

"Do you... understand that I've been doing a favor for you to get married to you?" Usman asked Lisa. "I'm doing that."

Lisa told Usman in reply that she didn't want to marry him because she had 50 men in the United States she could marry instead.


Usman responded, "They're not like me," but Lisa countered, "You know what?! You're not that big of a star! You're local talent! Let's get this sh-t straight! You f-cking lied to me. I'm done!... F-ck you and the little boat you've got! Best of luck to you."

Lisa threatened to leave Nigeria and give up on Usman, but she said she still loved him.

Usman explained to Lisa that women talked to him whom he didn't even know because he's an entertainer and has fans. He said he had nothing to do with that woman and was telling the truth.

Usman said he expressed love to his fans and if he meant that love, he'd probably have 100 girlfriends. But Lisa was hurt and pissed off, and she told Usman that she had every right to feel that way.

"I've been cheated on before, and there's always that fear in my mind, 'Are you going to cheat on me like the others?'" Lisa admitted to Usman.

Usman asked Lisa to be patient with him and trust him, and so Lisa decided to forgive him and believe him. Lisa apparently put Usman in his place, and she was proud of herself for saying Usman wouldn't be able to mistreat her.

But Usman didn't want to be with a woman for the rest of his life was going to try to control him and be jealous and demanding all the time.


Darcey was shown doing face masks with her two daughters, Aniko and Aspen. Darcey decided to do "the miracle mask," saying she needed a miracle in her life.

However, Darcey pointed out life had been great ever since she dumped Tom once and for all.

Darcey said her girls had been there for her and told their mother to stay empowered because she deserves better. Darcey believed the right guy would come along soon enough.

Darcey told her daughters they came first and she just wanted to see them happy. Darcey was trying to be the best role model possible, and she expressed happiness that Tom was out of her life "for good."


Avery said meeting Sian had shed some light on concerns she had since the beginning. Avery took some time to process her conversation with Sian about moving Ash's son Taj to the United States, but she only had a couple of days left in Australia.

Ash hoped Avery had found closure, but he had no idea what Avery and Sian had talked about. He admitted it was "a scary thought" to even wonder about it.

Avery shared with Ash waking up next to him in a hotel the next morning that he had acted like "everything was fine" when Sian was actually "really upset about the situation."


Ash said he was trying to be positive about the future, but Avery said she needed Ash to be real with her and also in touch with reality. Avery wanted to understand the situation for exactly what it was, and Ash said he understood.

Ash insisted Sian was okay with the idea of Taj moving in the beginning but then she changed her mind.

"But maybe that information was lost, and I take full responsibility of that," Ash told the cameras.

Ash told Avery that he respected how Sian felt, and Avery noted maybe it wouldn't be best for Taj to move given his age. Avery therefore suggested Ash could spend three months with her in the United States and the majority of his time in Australia with his son until he's old enough to understand and handle the distance better.

"I think that's actually a really good resolution," Ash told his girlfriend. "I am very open for that actually."

"Good," Avery noted.

Avery wished Ash had been honest with her from the beginning about how Sian was feeling because she had wanted to combine their families.

"It hurts," Avery said, before also confronting Ash about Sian's claim they had only divorced one year ago.

"Yeah, I did tell you we were divorced a while ago," Ash confessed.

Ash told Avery that she didn't want him to think he was still trying to work things out with Sian. Avery again wished Ash had just told her the truth, saying she didn't want Ash to fear the outcome of being honest with her.


Avery was glad to finally have a constructive conversation with Ash, saying she could grow with him and the moment made her love him even more.

But Avery knew she'd have to wait a long time to live with Ash, and the odds were continuing to stack against the couple.

Ash and Avery spent some quality time with Taj before returning to Melbourne.

Ash realized he'd have to travel a lot in order to make things work with Avery, but he seemed ready and willing to do that. Ash didn't want to leave his nine-year-old son -- and Ash also wanted to make sure Taj was okay of his relationship with Avery.

Avery and Ash took Taj to a park, and Avery said she loved spending time with them. Avery, however, was starting to feel guilty about taking Ash away from his son for long periods of time.

"The last thing I want to do is create issues between a parent and their child," Avery acknowledged.

Avery told Ash that she was going to really miss him once she returned to the United States.

"I came to Australia hoping to get engaged to him, but even though Ash and I have so much love and so much passion for each other, this is a really complicated situation and filing the K-1 visa may not be in our future. We have a lot to figure out before I leave," Avery said in a confessional.


Yolanda was upset about the reverse-image search her children had conducted of Williams online because they discovered he had sent her stock photos. Yolanda said she had been talking to William for seven months every day.

"We have such good conversations about love, our relationship and our future. Our plans are real. I care about Williams a lot, and I care about him telling the truth. I want to know exactly who I'm dealing with," Yolanda told the cameras.

Yolanda therefore reached out to Williams and she said he had finally contacted her back.


Williams told Yolanda he was "broken" and "in pain" because he had lost his only aunt. Yolanda said her kids would be really upset if they found out she had contacted him again, but Yolanda was desperate for answers.

Given Yolanda was pretty convinced Williams' photos were of someone else, she texted Williams that she finally understood why he never wanted to FaceTime with her. Williams said in reply that he didn't want to argue.

Yolanda asked Williams to send her a real photo of himself, but he dodged the request by asking Yolanda how he could be sure that she was the real her. Yolanda sent him a photo of herself via text as a result, but he never reciprocated the gesture.

Yolanda didn't ask Williams about allegedly being Nigerian and deleting his Instagram account. She also ignored the fact someone was blackmailing her, saying they'd release intimate photos of her if she didn't pay up.

"I can't fall out of love with him that fast. A lot can still be true about Williams, so until I'm 100 percent sure he's deceiving me, I still feel the way I feel about him," Yolanda said in a confessional.

"The magic of love is just wonderful and I love the feeling that loving someone gives you."

Yolanda said he heart was telling her to trust Williams and hear him out, and she still wanted to travel to England to meet him face to face. Yolanda wanted to see this man in person and see for herself he's real or not real.


Rose had told Ed their relationship was over, but he didn't want it to end on such a bad note. Ed therefore went back to their hotel room, hoping Rose would talk to him, but then he discovered she had already packed her stuff and left.

Ed was upset Rose didn't even say goodbye, and he said his heart felt heavy.

Ed broke down into tears and vented, "I failed -- again." Ed had been single for 20 years and so losing something he thought was real was painful.


"I know it's over with Rose, so I need to try to put my life back together," Ed said.

Ed decided to call his daughter Tiffany in attempt to explain himself and his decisions, and he intended to fly back to Manila and then from Manila back to San Diego, CA.

Ed had taken a chance on love and it didn't work out, and he worried he had ruined his shot to be happy.


Stephanie broke up with Erika and so she took a taxi and traveled three hours away to where her flight was going to take off.

Stephanie admitted she was feeling very confused so she asked Erika to meet up with her.

"I don't know if this relationship is salvageable, but I love her, and it was never my intention to hurt her. I just hope she is willing to listen to me," Stephanie said in a confessional.

Erika said she had been willing to do and sacrifice so much for Stephanie but Stephanie really hurt her and Erika wasn't sure she could come back from that.

Stephanie told Erika that she didn't want them to leave on bad terms, but that was hard for Erika to even think about, especially since Erika had come out to her parents and introduced Stephanie as her girlfriend.

Erika was seemingly tired of listening to Stephanie apologize, but Stephanie did again anyways and confessed she had "crazy insecurity and jealousy issues" she needed to work on.

Erika wished Stephanie had been upfront with her earlier on about her issues and concerns.

"I just don't give a f-ck anymore. I'm sick of arguing about it and I just want to forget any of this happened. But unfortunately I can't because all of my friends are asking me about it, my parents are asking me about it -- I have to talk about it," Erika said.

And Stephanie said she had to go home and keep all of this bottled up inside because she couldn't talk to anyone about her relationship with a woman.

Stephanie told Erika to reach out any time she'd like to talk, and she told the cameras she wished the trip had gone differently because she had fallen in love with Erika online.

"But it's over," Stephanie concerned.

Once Stephanie and Erika parted ways, Erika was feeling hurt and confused and so she sat down with her mother to talk about things. Erika told her mom things went "pretty bad" with Stephanie and she had been nothing but an open book.

"I feel like she was just playing with my feelings the whole time," Erika told her mother, before adding, "I think I'm done. I feel like it's always me giving so much of myself."

Erika said she had seen so many red flags with Stephanie and Stephanie clearly had things to work on in order to be truly ready for a relationship. Erika admitted she's a people-pleaser and kept giving Stephanie second-chances but she couldn't continue down that path anymore.

Erika's mother just wanted to see Erika happy and advised her daughter to look after herself.

Erika was glad she could talk to her mother about her relationship, and she was ready to be 100 percent herself with everyone in her life, especially her parents.


Viewers were introduced to Lana in a package that taped before she officially met David face to face in Kiev.

Lana, who's actual name is Svetlana, was shown working out in a tight sports bra and yoga pants.

Svetlana, 28, said only a few friends, plus David, call her Lana, who is originally from Pavlohrad but currently lives in Kiev, Ukraine.

Lana revealed she loves makeup, the beauty industry and modeling -- and she'd love to see all the makeup selections in the United States.

"I didn't have many relationships in the past. I haven't married yet and I've never been engaged because I haven't met a worthy man. So I decided to register on a dating site," Lana shared with 90 Day Fiance cameras.

"I could never have believed and predicted that I would meet a foreigner like David. I wrote to David first because I liked his photograph and what he wrote in his profile."

Lana continued, "I was attracted to us having a lot in common, that we both love to travel and that he has an excellent sense of humor."

When asked why she specifically looked for foreign men on the dating website, Lana let out a little laugh and apparently didn't answer the question.

"I have never been to the U.S. but I dream to visit there. I want to see the country of great opportunities," Lana said.

Since David lives in Las Vegas, NV, Lana shared her knowledge of the city: "I know that there are many casinos and a lot of bright lights. I know in Las Vegas, you can get married quickly, in a couple of hours."

Lana then disclosed to cameras she was well aware David was in Kiev waiting to meet her. 

Lana confirmed, however, she had decided to make David wait until Monday -- although he had arrived in Kiev the Friday before the weekend -- because she was "busy" with her nephew's hockey tournaments on Saturday and Sunday.

A producer asked Lana if she had met other men from the same dating website before, a website that, according to David, cost him $100,000 to use over the last seven years.

"I have met men before from this website," Lana admitted.

But Lana declined to describe what her relationships with those men were like.

"Does the site pay for you socializing?" the 90 Day Fiance producer asked.

"No," Lana responded.

Lana was then shown speaking to her girlfriend on the phone while enjoying a drink at a restaurant. Lana spilled the beans she was going to meet an American man, who's close to 60 years old in age, the very next day.

Lana told her friend that David had tried to meet her in her Pavlohrad hometown previously, which 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' fourth season previously showed.

As 90 Day Fiance viewers probably recall, David searched for Lana in local florist and candy shops, and she stood him up at a restaurant where he thought they were meeting to have lunch.

After David went to Lana's alleged address and discovered she didn't live there, he returned home to Las Vegas disappointed and confused. Following that trip, David hired a private investigator to track Lana down, and the PI eventually told David that Lana had been scamming him.

Under questioning by 90 Day Fiance's producers, Lana explained why she had previously failed to show up for David's four prior attempts to meet in person.

"When David was in Pavlohrad, I was also in Pavlohrad. David waited for me in the restaurant in Pavlohrad, but I didn't come," Lana said.

"Why?" a producer asked.

"I changed my mind," Lana replied.

"The previous times, there were other reasons why it didn't work out," she said.

"The time you had planned to meet in Odessa, did you buy a ticket for that train?" the producer asked, referring to David's fourth visit where he ended up attempting to track Lana down in Pavlohrad after she failed to meet him in Odessa.

"Of course," Lana replied.

In terms of the three additional times Lana had stood David up throughout their seven-year relationship, Lana promised, "I never lied to David about my reasons for why I couldn't come meet him."

"But now I think I'm ready," Lana concluded. "I want to see what he is like in real life, and then I will decide about our future. I truly feel it is time to meet face to face."

When David and Lana met, David was giddy with excitement and couldn't stop giggling. He hugged Lana and called her beautiful, saying, "I can't believe you're here. I can't believe I'm with you right now."

David felt love with Lana and immediately took out his language-translation app so they could communicate. David hugged her again, and Lana admitted she felt like David was her soul mate.

"David is a very attractive man, better than what I expected," Lana told the cameras. "For today, I like everything in David, except his leather coat."

David was excited to start a life with Lana, and he gifted her a bag from Victoria's Secret.


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