90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days featured Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks breaking up once and for all, Yolanda getting blackmailed, Usman threatening to end his relationship with Lisa over her being controlling, Stephanie Matto getting into an explosive fight with Erika, and Ed Brown revealing he and Rosemarie made love during Sunday night's Season 4 episode on TLC.

Like 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' first three seasons, the fourth season follows Americans who started online romantic relationships with overseas partners as they travel overseas hoping to get engaged to someone they've never met in person and then begin the K-1 Visa immigration process.

Along the way, they'll encounter challenges that include large age gaps, language barriers, cultural issues, and questionable pasts.


The couples who appeared on Episode 7 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' fourth season were Darcey, a 45-year-old from Middletown, CT, and Tom, a 39-year-old from Nottingham, United Kingdom; Ed, a 54-year-old San Diego, CA, and Rosemarie, a 23-year-old from the Philippines; Lisa, a 52-year-old from York, PA, and Usman "SojaBoy," a 30-year-old from Nigeria; Avery, a 32-year-old from Seattle, WA, and Ash, a 38-year-old from Australia; Yolanda, a 51-year-old from Las Vegas, NV; Stephanie, a 29-year-old from Yonkers, NY, and Erika, a 24 year-old from Australia; and Geoffrey Paschel, a 41-year-old from Knoxville, TN, and Varya, a 30-year-old from Russia.

David, a 60-year-old from Las Vegas, NV, was not featured in this episode.

And viewers have yet to discover whether Yolanda's boyfriend Williams, a 40-year-old from England, and David's girlfriend Lana, a 27-year-old from Ukraine, actually exist and are who they say they are.

Below is what was shown on the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.


The day arrived in which Lisa was supposed to meet Usman's mother, but Usman suddenly disappeared after he told his fiancee he was going to walk a friend to his car and say goodbye.

Lisa wasn't okay with Usman leaving her alone in a foreign country, but he said it wasn't okay for him to apologize to her day and night for things.

"You are not a god," Usman said. "You are not up to 10 days in Nigeria and how many times have I said, 'I'm sorry?' I can't even count."

Lisa told Usman not to be a "drama queen," but he wasn't about to let Lisa control his life.


Usman thought it was ridiculous Lisa got mad at him for just escorting his friend out of the hotel, and he told Lisa they had a serious problem.

"I guarantee you tomorrow we'll have [another] problem. I cannot live in that kind of life," Usman told Lisa.

"Because it's better to live in prison... I can't put myself in prison just to make you happy all the time. If this is how you want me to be, then I think it's better for you to just go your way and let me go my way."

Usman said in a confessional he had been complying with Lisa and finally had enough. Usman was ready to make a decision about the future of his relationship, and he wasn't sure his future included Lisa being his wife.

"If this is how it's going to continue, we don't need to get married," Usman told the cameras.

After their big fight, Usman took off for a while and wouldn't speak to Lisa. He said Lisa was bossier than he had ever expected. He dreamed of being a famous musician in the United States, but he didn't want to sacrifice too much just to make his dream come true.

Lisa felt everything she did for Usman wasn't enough, and she insisted no one is perfect and Usman had to make up his mind about her quickly.

Usman told Lisa that he never insulted her for two years and he had so much respect for her but he worried about how she would treat him in the United States when he'd have no family or friends to run to.

Lisa called her stay "very stressful," but Usman was scared to move to America because of how Lisa had been acting.


Lisa said her behavior was a result of not sleeping well and being in a foreign country, so she asked Usman for another chance and to move on with the next chapter of their life together.

"I love Lisa and I want to make her happy, but if we get married, we need a plan to fix our problems," Usman said in a confessional.

Lisa had taken a risk for love and feared returning to America alone. She said the breakup would destroy the both of them.


Rose had given Ed a second chance after their big fight, and he was so thankful and feeling much more comfortable about things considering Rose had finally shared some things about her past with him.

When the couple returned to Ed's hotel, Rose was feeling much better because she just wanted Ed to support her like a girlfriend and future wife.

Ed asked Rose to put her robe and slippers on for a day of relaxation, and he ordered a bottle of champagne for them to enjoy. Ed was looking forward to his first kiss with Rose, but he was fine with taking things slowly.

"I don't have her temperature yet when it comes to romance, but I want to show Rose how romantic I can be," Ed said in a confessional.

When Rose exited the hotel bathroom, he gave her a glass of champagne with a strawberry in it and toasted to his "queen." Ed then gave Rose a foot massage, but she seemed totally weirded out by it.


While rubbing her feet with oil, Ed asked Rose if he could kiss her. Rose allowed Ed to kiss her on the cheek, and then she let him give her a little sweet kiss on the lips.

Ed said the kiss was amazing and he wanted Rose to feel his love, but she appeared a little uncomfortable. The pair then exchanged professions of love.

After sleeping in the same bed, Rose refused to tell the cameras what happened. However, Ed shared that he and his girlfriend had "made love" and "it was awesome." Ed gushed about how he was on Cloud 9 and couldn't wait to have sex again.

Rose said she didn't like Ed's beard and it hurt her to kiss him, and Ed noticed Rose didn't shave her legs and they were really hairy. Ed therefore made a deal with Rose to shave his beard if she'd be willing to shave her legs.

Ed explained leg hair isn't very feminine for a woman and he doesn't like it and thinks "it's gross." Ed told Rose that she could have soft legs and he'd love that. Rose decided to shave her legs, and then Ed followed suit.

Ed was about to meet Rose's family, and he was especially nervous about meeting her sister Maria because Maria had asked him for money to keep her store open and supposedly asked him not to tell Rose.

Ed seemed to feel guilty about keeping a secret from Rose.

The pair then traveled three hours away from Manila, and they'd be staying with Rose's sister. Ed was shocked by the conditions and couldn't believe how terrible they were, but he knew he couldn't back out of staying there now.

There were stray dogs and chickens running around, trash in the streets, and tiny vendor carts -- including one that belonged to Rose's sister Maria, who sold flip flops.

Ed seemed even more surprised when he walked into Rose's home.

"It's all open up above and they don't really have a front door. It's just a curtain of CD covers, and it's all concrete with sheets hanging and covering to, I guess, make it more homely," Ed told the cameras, as he was sweating from the heat and lack of air conditioning.

"I expected it to be pretty bad, but this is really bad."


Ed finally met Rose's "adorable" son Prince, who called Ed "Daddy," and Ed said he was "enamored with" the little boy.

Ed knew if he proposed to Rose, he was going to be a father again at 54 years old. Ed also met Rose's parents as well as Maria, who thought Ed was smaller and fatter than she had expected.

Ed said the place was made of all concrete with sheets hanging up to make it seem more welcoming. Ed and Rose's family dined on some chicken and fish, and Ed asked Rose's dad if he approved of their relationship given the age difference.

Rose's father wanted to know Ed's intentions with his daughter, and Ed said he just wanted to get to know Rose and wasn't going to play any games. Ed, however, worried he was just Rose's way to get out of the Philippines and move to America.


Geoffrey had been in Russia for a week and was about to travel to Varya's hometown of Siberia by taking a red-eye flight to meet her mother and family. Geoffrey thought all drama was behind them, and so he was excited but a little bit nervous.

Varya's mother was worried and not thrilled about the idea of her daughter moving to the United States, so Varya wasn't sure how this meeting was going to go.

Geoffrey and Varya filmed themselves in a bathroom supposedly joining the mile-high club, and then they landed in a "wild land with bears, far from civilization," according to Varya.

Varya wanted her mother to really like Geoffrey, so she advised her boyfriend to not show up empty-handed. She couldn't believe Geoffrey didn't even pick up some flowers, so on the drive over, Geoffrey asked their driver to stop so he could pick some wildflowers from a field.

"My mom is a traditional Siberian woman. That makes me nervous that she won't like Geoffrey, and I will never marry a man who my family does not like," Varya told the cameras.

Geoffrey was then introduced to Varya's mother, who joked about how Geoffrey seemed to pick her flowers from a nearby schoolyard. Geoffrey's first impression was that Varya's mother was "sweet and loving."

Geoffrey and Varya went into the kitchen and began cooking together, and Varya's mother Larissa thought Geoffrey seemed nice and pleasant. Larissa, however, was against Varya moving so far away from her.

But Geoffrey told Larissa that Varya already lived a five-hour plane ride away from her. Larissa wanted to know her daughter was okay and safe at all times, so Larissa wanted to find out whether she and Varya could really trust Geoffrey.

Geoffrey had a tough time saying they could trust him because he was withholding a secret from Varya about his criminal past and having spent time in prison. The ex-convict had spent some time behind bars for stealing drugs, and he just hoped Varya wouldn't walk away from him forever.



Darcey finally met Tom in New York to talk, but she had spent weeks being "totally confused" about where she stood with him, especially after seeing photos of Tom with another woman.

Tom said he still had romantic feelings for Darcey but they had some issues they needed to work out.

When the pair reunited at a table in a restaurant, Darcey wouldn't accept a kiss from Tom and noted that a handshake would be fine. She was clearly ticked off, and Tom seemed a bit caught off-guard.

Darcey had apparently just returned from Malta, while Tom had traveled from Toronto. Darcey revealed she was upset and disappointed Tom had not called her on her birthday, and it appeared she was choking back some tears.

Darcey sarcastically thanked Tom for squeezing her into his schedule for a brief coffee meeting, and then he said, "What actually happened to us?"

"I don't know. It seemed like you just shut down," Darcey replied.

"I don't ever want to hurt you. That was never my intention. It wasn't," Tom said. "You are my best friend who I spent a lot of time talking to for quite some years, and you were this lovely and wonderful woman."

Tom told Darcey that she had a certain set of things she wanted, while he had his own set of expectations. Tom said he needed a woman who could be there for him yet Darcey was always preoccupied with talking about herself.

Darcey said the situation was actually the opposite, and Tom accused Darcey of interrupting and talking over him.

Darcey told Tom that he was probably just trying to cover up something, and then she demanded that he man up and tell her what was going on. Darcey didn't want to be fed any "B-S."

Darcey told Tom that she knew about his "new girl," and Tom replied, "Yeah. The person you are talking about is from three weeks ago."

Darcey asked Tom to come clean, and he told the cameras he had met someone named Shannon in Milan during Fashion Week while he and Darcey were spending time apart.

Tom revealed he and Shannon enjoyed some drinks and spent the night together but he hadn't told Darcey about this woman because he was "confused about a few things."

Tom then dropped a bombshell and told Darcey, "I met someone who loves me the way I wanted to be loved."

"I'm not okay with that," Darcey replied.

Darcey thought she and Tom were going to talk about and work on their own relationship, and she said it hurt to hear the truth. Tom accused Darcey of being preoccupied with other things and said it was really hard for him to listen about her ex Jesse Meester all the time.

Tom admitted he felt jealous, saying he wished he could have loved Darcey the way Jesse did.

"Because your notion of love is not me," Tom insisted. "You had it with him, and I love you in a different way. I love you like you are my sister. I ended up feeling like you were my sister or a friend."

"Oh boy, well you should have told me that before we got in the sack," Darcey replied. "Awkward."

Darcey said Tom was deflecting things onto her so he would feel better about being unfaithful. Tom asked to remain friends, but Darcey said she wanted to walk away and have a totally fresh start.

"Move on with your life. I don't want anything to do with you. You are nothing to me right now," Darcey told Tom.

"I am glad. And try not to ruin the next one," Tom noted.

Darcey felt Tom had never respected her as a partner, a lover, or a friend. Darcey vented about how Tom needed to give her a break because he was with another woman for weeks.

Tom then asked Darcey, "Did you put weight on?"

"Yeah, good. Wonderful. Enjoy your life," Darcey griped.

"I will now that you're not in it," Tom said.

"Good, same here. Good riddance," Darcey responded, before venting to the cameras Tom is "disgusting" and "not a good person."

Tom claimed there was nothing worth holding onto from his relationship with Darcey and their romance was 100 percent over and done with.

Darcey insisted she was glad her relationship was finished and he should've told her that over the phone weeks ago. Darcey cried and told the cameras, "He's not perfect! That's not someone I want to be around. I don't deserve to be treated that way, and no one will take advantage of me ever again."


Stephanie had been in Australia for two days, and she said Erika had been very "gentle and sweet." Stephanie wasn't ready to be intimate yet, but Erika said she respected Stephanie's decision not to have sex right away.

Stephanie felt she was really getting to know Erika better, and she had high hopes they might be able to spend the rest of their lives together.

Erika then took Stephanie to an arts and crafts place where they were going to make decorative and colorful molds of their breasts. Erika thought the activity was fun and silly and would loosen Stephanie up, but Stephanie seemed shock when she discovered the girls were supposed to create molds of each other's chests.

Stephanie thought the activity was "really strange" since other women were around, and she didn't know what Erika was trying to communicate to her.

Stephanie said it was "a little too much" for their stage of dating, and she wished Erika had asked her if she wanted to or would even be willing do something like this before just diving in to the intimate experience.

Erika admitted it was unfair of Stephanie to expect her to pick up her entire life and move to the United States, and Erika felt a lot of pressure because Stephanie basically suggested their relationship was not going to work out long-term unless she moved to New York.

Erika is a professional photographer who had weddings booked, so she wasn't thrilled. Stephanie, however, said she and Erika had already talked about moving to New York and Erika previously seemed interested in relocating.

"You're telling me that you want to have this next big relationship [and have me move] and whatever, and then on the other hand, you're essentially telling me you're not ready to be intimate, and that's really confusing," Erika confessed to Stephanie.

Later on, Stephanie decided to take Erika out on a dinner date, and she even gifted Erika a crystal flower crown to wear.

Erika was a little confused since Stephanie was sending her mixed signals, but Stephanie explained Erika probably got the wrong idea of her based on her social media accounts. Stephanie posts very sexy photos, and so Erika admitted she thought Stephanie was going to be a little bit different.

However, Erika assured Stephanie that her feelings for her were strong.

Stephanie then confronted Erika about having seen a dating app installed on her phone. Stephanie asked if Erika had been dating anyone else during their four months of getting to know each other, and Erika said that wasn't the case.

Stephanie asked Erika if she would delete the app, and Erika snapped about a lack of trust in their romance. Erika went on to delete the app, but she thought Stephanie went about it completely the wrong way.

Erika vented about how everything seemed to make Stephanie uncomfortable, and then Stephanie broke down into tears at the table. Stephanie said Erika clearly didn't understand her at all, and then Erika took off saying her girlfriend had treated her "like sh-t."

"It shouldn't have been a big deal. I just asked her to delete an app that bothered me. I honestly don't see how, like, I can come back from that, because she really just showed her true colors to me right then and there," Stephanie cried to the cameras.

"I really just want to go home now."


Yolanda and her daughter Kara went to a coffee shop to get some work done for their online retail business. Yolanda had yet to buy a ticket to visit Williams in England in order to meet him for the first time, but he had yet to tell her which airport to fly into.

Yolanda had been talking to Williams on Instagram and online for seven months, so she wanted to move forward with their relationship. However, Williams' Instagram suddenly got deleted, and Williams apparently claimed he had no idea what happened and he couldn't sign into his account.

Williams sent Yolanda heart emojis, and so she chose to believe him. However, Williams' Instagram account remained shut down, and Kara was very suspicious of her mother's boyfriend and his intentions.

Yolanda was still positive she wanted to travel to England, but Kara was convinced Williams was sending her mother fake pictures of himself and that Yolanda was being catfished and lied to.

Williams changed his name on his Instagram account, and so Kara suggested they research the new name online. During a search on the Internet, Kara discovered it was a Nigerian name -- and multiple photos surfaced of a man who did not look like Williams.

Kara said it looked like some student organization in Nigeria and none of the photos on the website looked like Williams. There was also a Nigerian phone number written on the website, so Yolanda was determined to find out what was going on since Williams was allegedly from England.

Yolanda therefore called Williams on the phone, and a person answered but hung up. Yolanda and Kara said they heard a woman on the other line, so this raised a major red flag for them both.

Yolanda said Williams had been so loving, respectful and supportive, so she hoped this was all just a mistake or big misunderstanding.

"We know that's a Nigerian phone number. Suppose he's Nigerian, there is a history of scams," Kara began.

"From that country," Yolanda interjected.

Kara told Yolanda to flat out ask Williams if he's Nigerian, but Yolanda still believed otherwise.

"How could he be Nigerian with a British accent? What if a Nigerian hacked his account? I've been pouring my heart out for seven months. A part of him still has my heart, so I need to ask him these questions," Yolanda told the cameras.

"I am in love with Williams. He came into my life when my heart was broken... [and] he made me smile again."

Yolanda, however, was confused and admitted she'd be "devastated" if Williams is not who he said he is.

After three or four days of Williams not answering his phone, Yolanda grew very concerned but was still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. She maintained optimism but was admittedly beside herself over this turn of events.

Yolanda was calling to find out if Williams was truly Nigerian, but she couldn't get in touch with him via phone calls. Yolanda therefore texted and asked if he was Nigerian after four days of not speaking.

"My daughter is 100 percent positive he's scamming me. But in my heart, I still want to be hopeful that he's not scamming me and he's just afraid to talk to me for some reason," Yolanda said in a confessional.

Yolanda continued to reach out to Williams for two more days with no response.

Finally, Yolanda received an email from a stranger saying he or she would "release some private pictures" if Yolanda did not send money. The email also apparently threatened to harm her if she didn't pay up.

"They claim to know where I live, so that is frightening. The only one I gave private pictures to is Williams, so he's the only one that has them," Yolanda explained.

"These were provocative, nude photos I sent to Williams in private. I've never done that before. It's very frightening that a total stranger has my pictures and they're threatening to embarrass me with them."

Yolanda was concerned both for herself and her family. She didn't think this person was Williams, and so she believed Williams' accounts were hacked and someone got into his messages and were able to retrieve her email and photos through that way.

"It must be how the pictures got out and how they got into this person's hands," Yolanda said. "I do feel Williams is real and that he does love me. I just hope Williams writes me back and we can figure this out together."

Yolanda said it would be "a major betrayal" if she found out Williams had something to do with this, and she wasn't sure how she would cope with that.


Avery said she could definitely see a future with Ash after experiencing their chemistry in person, but she didn't think Ash's brother accepted or embraced her the night prior.

However, Ash had planned a romantic three-night getaway for the pair in Australia, so she was really looking forward to some time alone with Ash.

Two hours later, the pair arrived at a beautiful beach, and Ash had a picnic basket, wine and flowers ready for Avery. Avery was falling for Ash, but she was a little bit concerned about some things his brother had said the previous night.

Ash assured Avery that his brother was supportive of their relationship, but Avery felt his words were "rehearsed," and she argued being positive in every situation isn't real life.

Avery said, for instance, Ash sugarcoated conversations they had about moving his 10-year-old son Taj to America. Avery said Ash's brother led her to believe the situation was more complicated than Ash was letting on.

Avery wanted Ash to be honest with her about sensitive subjects, but he admitted he worried Avery would leave him during difficult times.

"You live in Australia and I live in America. If you are trying to hide anything from me because you fear losing me, that's going to open up a ton of problems," Avery insisted.

Ash appreciated that Avery cared for him and wanted their relationship to work, but Avery was looking for the truth and more answers, which Ash didn't seem willing to provide in the moment.

Avery had her doubts Ash was being honest that moving his son would be easy, and so she wanted to meet with Ash's ex-wife to get to the bottom of things.


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