90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' Part 1 of the Tell All reunion featured the Season 4 couples reuniting and providing updates on their relationships -- including Avery Warner and Ash Naeck announcing why they broke up, Yolanda Leak finally accepting she's been scammed, Tom Brooks admitting he didn't want to break up with Darcey Silva in New York, Rosemarie Vega lashing out at Ed Brown and calling him a liar, and Stephanie Matto and Erika Owens putting each other on blast during Sunday night's episode on TLC.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' Season 4 cast Tell-All had reportedly been set to film at a studio in New York City in March similar to past seasons, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, those plans ended up being postponed.

Instead, the show ended up filming a reunion remotely, with everyone participating via video conference from remote locations, during the first weekend of May.


The couples or individuals who appeared on the Tell-All special were David Murphey, a 60-year-old from Las Vegas, NV; Stephanie, a 29-year-old from Yonkers, NY, and Erika, a 24 year-old from Port Augusta, Australia; Yolanda, a 51-year-old from Las Vegas, NV; Darcey, a 45-year-old from Middletown, CT, and Tom, a 39-year-old from Nottingham, United Kingdom; Ed, a 54-year-old San Diego, CA, and Rosemarie Vega, a 23-year-old from Caloocan, Philippines; Avery, a 32-year-old from Seattle, WA, and Ash, a 38-year-old from Melbourne, Australia; and Lisa Hamme, a 52-year-old from York, PA, and Usman Umar, a 30-year-old from Kaduna, Nigeria.

David's fiancee Lana, a 27-year-old from Ukraine, did not appear in the special although she was asked to join the conversation, and reunion host Shaun Robinson announced at the start of the broadcast Geoffrey Paschel and Varya Malina would not be participating. (To read Geoffrey and Varya spoilers and why they weren't a part of the reunion, click here).

As for Yolanda's boyfriend Williams, a 40-year-old from England, it's now believed he was a  scammer.

Below is what was shown on Part 1 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days' Tell-All special for Season 4.


"I've had absolutely no contact with Darcey whatsoever. Sometimes she's the sweetest woman in the world, and then other times, it's like living with the devil," Tom told the cameras.

But Tom said seeing Darcey brought back fond memories for him.

Darcey told Shaun that she and her girls have been doing "amazing" and are just keeping busy and creative.

On her relationship with Tom, Darcey said a man shouldn't profess his love and then ghost a woman. Darcey said she's tired of being taken advantage of and wasn't going to let it happen anymore.


Darcey said she just wanted everyone to be safe and healthy, and so she wished Tom well, and Tom told Darcey that she was "looking good."

Tom told Shaun that Darcey needed more of him and he wasn't able to give her that, which made their romance dramatic and upsetting for Darcey. Tom admitted he just didn't know what to do and how to handle that situation.

Lisa told Tom and Darcey that they were her favorite love story from the beginning of the show. Lisa even thought the couple was going to get married, but they're clearly over and done with.

Shaun asked Tom why he didn't do anything to celebrate Darcey's birthday while they were together, and he claimed he was stuck in an area with no WIFI signal and so he sent her a text message. Tom said, however, it was "no excuse" and he called her a couple of days later.

Darcey's twin sister Stacey Silva said Tom's behavior on Darcey's 45th birthday was "a slap in the face."

Tom said he never told Darcey that he was seeing and dating another woman because they had blocked each other in every way, shape and form, but Darcey's pal called Tom out for being a liar.

"I was gone away, I was in Milan, I was at a fashion thing, and I met someone," Tom revealed.

Darcey pointed out Tom apparently met Shannon in September 2019 during Fashion Week, which was around the time of her birthday. Darcey said Tom dangled a carrot above her head and left her hanging.

Darcey yelled at Tom, saying he should have told her that he met someone else.

"Don't string me along! I'm 45 and I deserve better!" Darcey shouted.

Tom quietly said, "I'm sorry," and then Shaun slammed Tom for shading Darcey during their breakup conversation in New York by asking her, "Did you put weight on?"


Tom said he was feeling hurt and angry and so he said things that were "totally and utterly unacceptable." He said, "I'm deeply sorry," and then Darcey flashed her "revenge body" at the camera to rub it in Tom's face.

On that meeting in New York, Darcey admitted she was reluctant to meet with Tom because she could tell something wasn't right and Tom was already with another girl. Tom explained he didn't know what he wanted when they met in New York.

"Did I want to be in a relationship when we argue like this? Not necessarily," Tom noted. "I came to meet you, and it wasn't the best experience for either of us."

Darcey said she felt "very much led on for a very long time." She accused Tom of doing this for certain reasons, suggesting he probably wanted fame, and she cried about how his behavior was simply wrong.

Tom insisted he didn't meet Darcey in New York to break up with her and the purpose was to see Darcey and figure out his feelings. Tom said if Darcey acted "a certain way," he knew it would be better to move on and be with someone else.

"I think if she said something along the lines of, ['I want you to be with me'] then maybe we'd still be together," Tom said. "That's in my mind."

"So if the meeting had gone another way, you would have continued your relationship with Darcey?" Shaun asked.

"Possibly, yeah," Tom replied, calling Shannon "a three-week thing."


Tom said he would've called Shannon and broken up with her had his romance with Darcey continued.

"Does Shannon know you were possibly going to continue your relationship with Darcey?" Shaun asked.

"No, of course not," Tom responded.

"Sounds like a two-timer!" Stacey yelled.

Tom promised Darcey that he did love her very, very much, and then Shaun revealed Shannon had declined to appear on the Tell-All reunion special.

However, Shaun read the following note Shannon had sent along for Shaun to read aloud: "When Tom and I met in Milan, he told me that he was single. I was also under the impression that Darcey was dating another man. As far as I was concerned, Tom and Darcey were no longer together."

Shannon continued in her note, "Tom and I dated briefly for about a month or so, and initially, it went really well. Ultimately, it didn't work out for Tom and I, but I hope he finds his person, and I'm sure he will. I honestly wish Tom and Darcey the very best, wherever that may lead them both."

Darcey said the situation made more sense to her now and she wished Tom had been more truthful with her.

Avery dubbed Tom "an untrustworthy person," and then Tom asked producers to drop Avery from the videoconference because he had "an issue" with her. Avery said she didn't enter the conversation to attack Tom, but Tom tried to shut down the conversation and prevent Avery from sharing their issue.

"Tom, what happened?" Shaun asked.

"Nothing, I'm not interested in talking about it," Tom complained. "This is complete and utter bullsh-t, like seriously."


Yolanda had yet hear from the private investigator her daughter Karra had hired, and so she said she was anxious to learn what the PI had to say about Williams.

Yolanda said she's finally feeling better following a health crisis.

"I contracted the flu... and it knocked me into a coma. I was in a coma for a month on a ventilator and it was really bad," Yolanda said, adding she was never tested for COVID-19.

"No, because it happened December 2. So it wasn't prevalent; it wasn't out. You know, [coronavirus], the big scare, it wasn't out, which my doctor now believes that's what I had," Yolanda said. "So it's a blessing that I'm here."


Yolanda revealed she started meeting men when she was going through a weight-loss journey and had signed up for Instagram. She said Williams had slid into her DMs and was a gentleman, and he became someone for her to talk to.

When asked why she fell for Williams, Yolanda said "the pictures he sent me" showed he's "very handsome," and Darcey said she could understand how Yolanda felt.

Karra joined the conversation and pointed out some of the red flags with Williams: He didn't have a phone, he couldn't FaceTime, he didn't have the funds to fly to America, and he didn't know the airport where he supposedly lived in Manchester, England.

Yolanda admitted Williams told her everything that she wanted to hear and so she fell for Williams "hard."

The private investigator, Scott Hunter, entered the conversation and said it was unusual how much time Yolanda had spent talking to this man and he never asked her for money. Scott wondered if the alleged scammer had a different motive, such as identity theft.

David advised Yolanda to never communicate with a guy unless she's able to FaceTime with him first.

"I never sent money, but I never saw him either," Yolanda noted.

Erika assured Yolanda it wasn't her fault that she had been blackmailed, and Yolanda seemed to believe that William's Instagram account had been hacked.

Scott then revealed his investigation's findings.

"The social media accounts came back to having connections in Nigeria and having been used in Nigerian scams in the past," Scott explained.

But Usman argued he didn't think it was someone from Nigeria because a scammer from his home country wouldn't talk to a female for very long without getting some payment or cash during that period of time.


Scott admitted he didn't know the alleged scammer's nationality or location.

Footage then played back of Yolanda having a conversation with Williams over the phone, and Shaun pointed out he didn't sound British at all -- which Tom from Nottingham, England agreed with.

Yolanda even confessed, "Now that I hear him again, he sounds like Usman! He doesn't [sound British].

Scott added if Williams truly lived in England, he would easily be able to FaceTime with Yolanda at an Internet cafe if he didn't have a phone. Usman, however, didn't think the man's voice sounded like a Nigerian accent.

"His format that... he provided for you [on Instagram] is completely fake," Lisa told Yolanda.

"What they'll do is they run it for so long and if they can't get a hit -- like, they want 50 clients at a time, and you were his client. And he's not done with you. He is not done with you. They are called Yahoo Boys and G-men, and he is not done with you."

Shaun asked Lisa how she knows all this, and Lisa explained she's been on social-media platforms for years and has knowledge that a Nigerian scammer will try to seclude Yolanda by having her move to a different app or website so they can continue communicating.

Yolanda admitted Williams had already tried to do that.

Lisa told Shaun that Yahoo Boys have tried to scam her in the past.

"I'm very good at this. I get hit probably by about 300 Yahoo Boys a year," Lisa revealed.

"Are you sure I'm not a Yahoo Boy?" Usman jokingly asked his wife.

"If you were, I would put your head on a platter," Lisa responded with a laugh.

Scott determined Williams was "a made-up name" and Yolanda was being scammed. With that being said, Yolanda attempted to call Williams in front of her fellow cast members.


Unsurprisingly, Williams didn't answer his phone, and Lisa asked Yolanda not to feel bad or disgraced about having communicated with an alleged scammer.

Yolanda said she last spoke to Williams in February.

Yolanda finally came to the conclusion, "[I believe] now pretty much what my kids were telling me, that he was a scammer... If he was to call me again, the feelings would probably come back up because I've spent a lot of hours with him on the phone and him wooing me."

"I miss him! I do!" Yolanda gushed with a laugh. "[But] I hope he doesn't [call me again]."

Yolanda was thankful she had never sent Williams money and told Karra "lesson learned." Karra also asked Yolanda to stay off social media and try to meet a man in person.

"I don't know what I was thinking; love is blind," Yolanda admitted to her daughter.



"There are a lot of bad things I noticed about Ed's behavior, but I chose to be quiet," Rose said.

Ed, who is still working full-time, said had everything gone as planned with Rose, she would be with him in San Diego quarantining with each other.

Rose said she didn't understand why Ed didn't trust her when she claimed to have never lied to him, but Ed revealed he still had questions for Rose about their time together.

Rose admitted she was "angry" and "upset" and didn't know how to process all of the emotions she was feeling, which left Ed feeling "confused."

Ed said the last time he and Rose had spoken was on Valentine's Day, claiming Rose had reached out to him. Rose denied that was the case, telling Shaun that Ed had messaged her first.

"I can show you the messages. I have them all here," Ed said, before Rose argued that she only responded to Ed because she didn't want to be rude and he'd never stop contacting her.

"If she was so angry with me, why did she reach out to be on February 9? Does that look like she's frustrated or angry at me?"

Ed showed a picture on his phone of Rose looking cute with a filter that gave her a bunny's ears and nose. Ed claimed Rose wanted him back and was hoping for a gift on Valentine's Day.


"You wanted me to come see you," Ed alleged.

"And I was ready... I miss Rose, I love Rose. I was ready to give up everything -- my daughter. I was ready to give up my daughter. I already repaired my relationship with Tiffany, but I had feelings for Rose. But then I go on Facebook and I see a picture."

Ed showed a picture of two hands holding each other with matching watches on the wrists.

"This is you and your girlfriend. And you had told me that you don't have a girlfriend," Ed alleged. "Please tell me what this is. Rose has been in a relationship with a girl since we left Palawan!"

Rose seemed to confirm she was with a girl in the photo via text on Ed's phone, so Shaun asked Rose to clarify whether she's now in a relationship with a woman.

"Before. After the break with Ed," Rose revealed. "I want to move on."

Ed said he had no idea Rose is bisexual and "there's nothing wrong with that."

"She reached out to me because she had broken up with her girlfriend and wanted me back and wanted a present for Valentine's Day," Ed said.

But Rose countered, "He said, 'Don't you want to? Aren't we supposed to talk? Can we talk to each other?' Not all of the things he's showing are on the chat. He's the one interested in me [and asked] if it's possible that I give him a second chance."

Tiffany joined the conversation and admitted she was "pretty shocked" to hear her father, Ed, say that he'd be willing to give her up to salvage his relationship with Rose when Rose allegedly wanted to get back together.

Tiffany broke down into tears and said it sucked Ed would be willing to jeopardize their relationship -- "again" -- for love. Tiffany said she wanted to see her father happy and with a woman but she couldn't support his romance with Rose given their huge age gap.

"I didn't mean it like that. I would never give you up in a million years," Ed insisted. "I risked losing you. I put everything on the line, and I'm sorry. I hope you know I love you so much... I am an idiot! I fell in love."

Ed started crying as well, saying he was blinded by love, which makes people "do stupid things."

Tiffany asked Rose what she saw in her father, and Rose angrily insisted, "I really loved your dad," which resulted in Tiffany asking Rose not to answer her questions with "a tone."


Tiffany said it didn't really seem like Rose cared for Ed, but then Rose flipped out and yelled, "It's hard now. He lied and lied!... Other people don't see his personality. For me, I dealt with all of it, despite how ugly his personality can be in back or in front of camera... because I loved him so much."

Tiffany realized she had hit a nerve with Rose, who began crying and repeated how Ed was "a liar."

Tiffany called Rose out on having secrets, such as her past relationships, but Rose said she and Ed were opposites and she had told him everything about herself in the beginning of their relationship.

"He had a trap for me," Rose claimed, adding she didn't care about Ed's past and he had "offered me to go on a sex video call with him."

"Really?" Tiffany asked.

"Oh sh-t, really?" Ed replied. "We're going here? Please! That's a lie."

Rose further claimed Ed once called her and asked her to get naked for a video and he'd pay her to participate. Ed laughed and asked Rose how she even came up with these "ideas."

"Are you kidding me?!" Ed asked.

"No, you're a liar!" Rose responded. "Always, you're a liar."

Ed called Rose's claims "ridiculous," and then Shaun asked Ed to comment on how he had treated Rose at times -- such as asking her to take an STD test or work on her personal hygiene, which would include shaving her legs and brushing her teeth more.

Looking back on those moments, Ed said he wasn't wrong for asking Rose to do those things but he was wrong in the way he had asked her to do them. Ed said he screwed up those conversations and wanted to take responsibility for that.

Ed apologized to Rose for asking her to shave her legs, saying that look is not something he's familiar with since women who live near him in California laser their leg hair off. As Ed spoke and said sorry for hurting Rose and offending her, Rose just bawled her eyes out.


"I wanted you to love me; I didn't want to make you mad," Ed said.

"I can't accept your apologies. Why? Why? Because you always hurt me and all the time you embarrass me. I accept you always embarrass me. I love you but you're always a liar!" Rose exclaimed in tears.

Ed said he never wanted to make Rose look bad and he had made a fool of himself. Ed insisted he'd always love Rose and her son Prince, adding it was never his intention to hurt her.

Darcey noted she could feel for Rose and Ed's words weren't coming across right. Darcey told Ed to let Rose move on and let her date whomever she'd like. Darcey told Rose that she's a queen and his explanation didn't seem genuine.

Ed acknowledged he has trust issues and it didn't seem Rose was being honest with her. Ed also didn't think it was a big deal he had lied about three inches on his height, but Darcey reminded the world Ed had kept a secret about wanting a vasectomy and not wanting more kids.

"Are you going to sit here and tell me that you genuinely love Rose?" Lisa asked Ed.

"Yes, I did love her," Ed replied. "In my heart, I was in love with her."

"Then why is Rose saying you used her? Because it does look like you used her poor soul," Lisa said.

"Okay, well that's your prerogative, and you have a right [to think that]," Ed said.

Lisa said no American woman would put up with Ed going forward, and then Ed blasted Lisa for bragging to the world she'd be having unprotected sex with a man she had never met before.

"What kind of message were you sending?" Ed yelled.

"We were both test for STDs before I even left the United States, okay?" Lisa argued, adding that Ed made Rose look like an ass.

Ed then made the cast laugh by mentioning how he had showered with Rose's father Freddie when there was a rat by his foot.

Rose said she didn't like anything about Ed at this point.


When Shaun asked the former couple if they could see themselves becoming friends, Rose said she doesn't want to have "any connection" with her ex.

And Ed responded, "I wish Rose the best life has to offer. I don't want her to be sad or miserable. It just didn't work out. I'm sorry, it didn't work out. But my feelings were sincere."

Avery wondered if Rose was being honest, but David and Erika weren't impressed with Ed's behavior.


Avery said she had tried to navigate her feelings about her relationship once she returned to the United States, including what it would mean to take Ash away from his young son if the relationship coach chose to move to the United States and how that would affect Ash's ex-wife Sian.

"There's a lot that played into it. I felt like I wanted to step away and try to gather my thoughts in that process and see how I can navigate my feelings, and in doing that, he decided to step away for good," Avery revealed.

When Shaun asked Ash why he broke up with Avery, Avery interjected, "Because he lied to my face!"

Ash, however, said Avery wanted to take a break and he thought they could work things out without taking a break from their romance.

"How many breaks do you need to take in order to decide what you want to do?" Ash asked Avery.

Avery admitted her feelings for Ash were "fading" and she had major concerns about their relationship. As Ash reacted to Avery's comments, Shaun pointed out it seemed like a knife in Ash's heart.

"I couldn't really get a real perception of Ash because he's always trying to give you the best side of him," Avery said. "I feel like Ash is concerned about his self-image because it was hard to go really in-depth with him."

Ash said that was bullsh-t and then shouted at Avery, "I wasn't authentic with you because I knew you've run away 10 times. You broke up with me; you ghost me for two weeks... Nothing worked."


Avery told Ash that there were so many red flags with him, including a particular situation towards the beginning of their relationship in which Ash had allegedly removed "In a Relationship" from his social-media accounts and deleted pictures of her.

Ash denied ever deleting pictures of Avery, and she argued, "You're lying straight to my face again!"

Ash said Avery always brings it to the next level, but Avery insisted she didn't have any clarity about Ash and his intentions because he was never his true, authentic self.

Avery accused of Ash being dishonest multiple times, even when it came to silly things like being supportive of her new diet and following it himself.

"That was the reason [we're over]," Ash said, before Lisa called Avery "petty."

Avery noted honesty is extremely important in a relationship and so Ash's lies -- "which had nothing to do with the diet -- was the final straw for her. Ash said he loved Avery and put all of his effort into their romance, but Avery wasn't buying it.

Avery, however, laughed about how sex with Ash was the best she's ever had.

Although Lisa called Avery out for making a mistake by dumping Ash over a diet, Lisa also gave Ash a hard time for once calling himself "single" when he and Avery had a serious relationship given they both have children.

Ash said he was just trying to relay the fact he's not married, but Lisa insisted Ash was not "single" -- that he was in a relationship.

Avery also brought up how she had seen 68 text messages on Ash's phone one day but Ash explained himself via metaphors and didn't give her clear answers, which left her with a lot of uncertainty.

Ash said he had given Avery all of his energy and never dated another woman while they were still together.

"Breaking up with her was the hardest thing I have experienced for a long time. And I still love her. That's not going to change," Ash admitted.

"But future wise, I have to concentrate on myself and my family right now."

When Shaun asked Avery what the future might hold for Ash and herself, Avery replied, "I mean, this is a really hard question to ask somebody. I mean, we just separated, and so I don't know what's going to happen in the future. I don't know."

Avery said she planned to focus on herself and move forward with her life because talking to Ash was an "eye-opener" for her.

Ash was disappointed in how his relationship with Avery turned out, especially because he had been prepared to pop the question to her during her trip to Australia.


Stephanie said she hadn't seen Erika face to face in a really long time, and she was a bit worried about Erika's friends joining the conversation since Stephanie had kind of left Australia on bad terms with them.

"I think the worst case scenario tonight would be that [Erika] tries to invalidate my feelings. If that were to happen, then I really just need to move on because I've tried to explain and apologize and it's just [fallen] on deaf ears," Stephanie told the camera.

"Today might be the last time I speak to Erika."

Erika said she had never been in such a hectic relationship with roller-coaster ups and downs. While she's had jealous and insecure partners before, Erika insisted she's never dated anyone on Stephanie's level.

"I don't think Steph is a bad person, but also, I just don't want to be friends," Erika noted.

When asked where their relationship stood, Stephanie said she and Erika were broken up and she was trying to respect Erika's boundaries. Stephanie said Erika once reached out and they tried to form a friendship but it was hard to go down that path given they both carried so much baggage from the relationship.

Erika said what stopped her from wanting to reconcile with Stephanie was when Stephanie threw and broke a bowl in Australia before storming out of their hotel room. Erika said things just spiraled out of control from there.

Erika called Stephanie's outburst "the final straw" for her, especially since their time together was riddled with arguments.

Erika claimed when she and Stephanie had a fight over a dating app on Erika's phone, Erika actually took Stephanie's phone in her hands and found suspicious messages, like one of a person telling Stephanie to move to Florida so they could get married.

Stephanie insisted those messages were on her Instagram filter from creepy dudes and strangers.

"It's business? Let me guess, networking?" Erika asked.

"Well guess what?! Your [dating] app wasn't business!" Stephanie argued. "And you put up a fake business profile!"

Erika's friend Jessica joined the chat and said Erika and Stephanie's romance crumbled because they're totally different people and Stephanie wasn't comfortable with Erika's lifestyle or past.

Stephanie's friends Heather and Sanders also joined the conversation and had Stephanie's back, saying Stephanie just wanted to talk things out with Erika -- about Adam, for instance -- so she could move on. This was in reference to Stephanie asking Adam about his feelings toward Erika.

Stephanie said she wanted "closure and clarity" on the fact Erika and Adam had once hooked up, but Erika said the way Stephanie went about it was "very inappropriate."

Erika made a comment to Heather about how she must be used to Stephanie yelling at her since they've been friends for so long, and Heather snapped back, "F-ck you!" Sanders also told Erika she seems like she has a lot of secrets.

On the issue of intimacy, Shaun asked Erika to reveal her expectations. Erika said intimacy for her was never about sex but she had expected more than what Stephanie was giving. For instance, Erika said Stephanie once requested they sleep in different rooms, but Stephanie claimed that was because she thought Erika needed space.

Shaun then asked Stephanie how it made her feel when people say she was pretending to be bisexual and playing a role in order to star on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

"It's really hurtful because I feel like this is a pattern in my life where I date people and I feel like I get attacked for not being a certain way. You begin to feel like there's something defective about you," Stephanie explained.

"I know I'm bisexual. It's not something I need to prove to anybody."

Jessica said Stephanie clearly cared for Erika but she didn't believe Stephanie truly loved Erika, adding, "She wasn't willing to adjust or give Erika's lifestyle a shot."

Stephanie insisted she really loved Erika and her illness, a rare blood disorder called aplastic anemia, breeds insecurities such as, "Am I a burden on Erika?"

Heather complained Erika should have educated herself on Stephanie's illness because she wasn't prepared for how serious it is.

Erika said she had done research but thought Stephanie's illness was "under control."

When asked if Stephanie in Australia was the Stephanie she had met online, Erika admitted she felt "blindsided" and "demonized" by Stephanie, who always made her feel like she was "doing something wrong."

Stephanie said she had posted a video on her channel explaining her reasons for being celibate before traveling to Australia, but Erika said she never watched the video.

Stephanie then revealed she had worked at a strip club in her twenties when she moved to Los Angeles, CA, and was broke. Stephanie said a job like that "messes you up" and the experience changed her.

Stephanie thought Erika watched more of her videos and so she never anticipated Erika would be so shocked by her real personality upon meeting. Stephanie also accused Erika of not trying to get to know her better through asking questions.

"I was like, 'This girl knows nothing about me and she's demanding more affection!'... Take some interest in me!" Stephanie shouted. "You are a massive narcissist... You are very self-centered. Your life is all about you."

Erika cried, thinking she'd finally be able to defend herself and tell her side of the story on the show. She was sick of Stephanie "playing the victim" again, accusing Stephanie of doing that "every single time."

Erika argued all she does in life is try to make other people happy, but the girls continued to bicker and talk over each other. Stephanie called Erika "a child" and then Erika vented, "I guess we're done!"

"I'm sorry that I went out there and wasted your time and made you feel like you were misled. That wasn't my intention," Stephanie said.

"I do feel like my time was wasted. I am worthy of trust and you made me feel like I wasn't, Steph... I had been nothing but honest with you. You admitted yourself you have jealousy issues," Erika explained in tears.

Shaun went on to ask the girls if they could envision becoming friends in the future.

"Absolutely not," Erika noted.

And Stephanie chimed in, "I think because there's so much hurt and emotion still that's, like, kind of raw and that we're dealing with, at the very best case scenario, we can be friends from afar."

"So support each other from a distance and that's it, and that's the most I can hope for," Stephanie added.

Erika said she was tired of being shamed for who she is, and she felt sick to her stomach because she was barely able to express herself and was talked over by Stephanie.


David said people didn't understand his relationship with Lana and they've had "a few problems."

"Right now, I don't think Lana is going to show up," David admitted.


Usman wanted to find out if the majority of American women act like Lisa.

Usman told Lisa that saying she was 70 percent good in the bedroom was a compliment because rating her 50 or under would be insulting.


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