Bachelorette spoilers revealing new details of Katie Thurston's 2021 season of The Bachelorette have leaked out -- including spoilers that reveal who Katie picked as her winner and ended up with, if The Bachelorette star got engaged, who Katie's Final 4 bachelor were, and more.


[The Bachelorette Spoilers Warning: This report includes huge spoilers about Katie Thurston's The Bachelorette season, including spoilers that reveal who Katie picked as her winner and ended up with, her Final 4 bachelors, and if she got engaged.]

Katie has been developing strong relationships on The Bachelorette while cutting out drama before its able to boil over.

Katie, for example, decided to give a Week 2 group-date rose to Connor Brennan, a 29-year-old math teacher and musician from Nashville, TN, after he shared a personal and emotional story about his history with alcohol abuse and verbal abuse in a past relationship.


Katie gushed about Connor B.'s "courage and strength" in being so honest and open about his past mistakes.

Katie also found herself smitten with single father Michael Allio, a 36-year-old business owner from Akron, OH, who recalled how his beloved late wife died from breast cancer in 2016.

Michael, who has a four-year-old son James, sweetly told Katie that it would be "a gift" to fall in love twice and if Katie chose him back, they could have their very own and unique love story.

Michael said he could picture loving the "extraordinary" Katie in the future, and Katie teared up in a confessional and revealed, "I think this could be the start of me falling in love with Michael, and it's so unexpected!"

In the meantime, Katie eliminated Karl Smith after the men in the house banded together to inform Katie that Karl had been lying about people having less-than-pure intentions for competing on the show.

But speaking of being on the show for the wrong reasons, Thomas Jacobs, a 28-year-old real estate broker from Poway, CA, quickly became a subject of scrutiny after he confessed during a group date to going on the show for the platform and to advance his career.

Multiple men referred to Thomas as "a pathological liar" and "sociopath," and Thomas even owned up to thinking about becoming the next The Bachelor star before he allegedly developed strong feelings for Katie.

But the guys may shift their focus off Thomas and onto a new man in the fourth episode scheduled to air Monday night 8PM ET/PT on ABC.

A recent preview shows Season 16 The Bachelorette alum Blake Moynes will return to the show and attempt to win Katie's heart after failing to find love with Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams on last year's edition of The Bachelorette.

ABC teased in a press release for the next episode that Tayshia will surprise Katie with a revelation about someone from her past, likely referring to Blake, a wildlife specialist from Canada.

In addition to Blake's arrival, the next episode will also feature a game of "Truth or Dare" on a group date.

"It seems to be all fun and games until the night takes a serious turn and the men find themselves contemplating telling Katie a slimy secret they've uncovered," ABC teased.


And Katie's group of men will apparently "band together to tell the truth," which leaves one suitor -- presumably Thomas -- to "fend for and defend himself."

Katie, tired of questioning the sincerity of her bachelors, will also take a stand like viewers "have never seen before" to ensure that there are only positive vibes going forward.

At this point in Katie's journey to find love, there are 18 men in the running for Katie's final rose.

In addition to Connor B., Michael and Thomas, the men include Aaron Clancy, a 26-year-old insurance agent from San Diego, CA; Andrew Milcovich, a 31-year-old deputy district attorney from Newport Beach, CA; and Andrew Spencer, a 26-year-old pro football player who splits his time between Vienna, Austria and Chicago, IL and is the reported cousin of The Bachelorette alum Clay Harbor.

Brendan Scanzano, a 26-year-old firefighter trainee from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is also still on the show along with Christian Smith, a 26-year-old real estate agent from Boston, MA; Conor Costello, a 28-year-old from Edmond, OK who currently lives in Newport Beach, CA; David Scott, a 27-year-old technical product specialist from Nashville, TN; and Greg Grippo, a 27-year-old marketing sales rep from Edison, NJ.

And the rest of Katie's suitors are James Bonsall, a 30-year-old from New York, NY; Josh Tylerbest, a 25-year-old IT consultant from Miami, FL; Justin Glaze, a 26-year-old investment sales consultant from Baltimore, MD; Mike Planeta, a 31-year-old gym owner from San Diego, CA; Quartney Mixon, a 26-year-old nutrition entrepreneur from Dallas, TX; and Tre Cooper, a 26-year-old a software engineer from Covington, GA.

So will Katie find her happily-ever-after, and if so, which guy did she choose and did the couple get engaged? And what else happens on Katie's season of The Bachelorette?

Keep reading for The Bachelorette spoilers, including a brand new -- and somewhat surprising -- spoiler that identifies Katie's winning bachelor.

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams continue to serve as The Bachelorette co-hosts 

Katie's entire season will be co-hosted by former The Bachelorette stars Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe.

The former The Bachelorette stars are replacing Chris Harrison, who announced in February he'd be "stepping aside" from his hosting duties "for a period of time" to educate himself on a "profound" level after he'd publicly defended racially-ignorant and insensitive actions that had surfaced in The Bachelor contestant Rachael Kirkconnell's past.

Then, the day after Katie's The Bachelorette season premiered on ABC, the network announced Chris' departure would become permanent and he would not be returning to The Bachelor franchise.

"Tayshia and Kaitlyn can relate to Katie's journey in a lot of different ways, which you'll see play out, so it was nice to have them there to help out with whatever situation came up," a source told Us Weekly in late April.

"Tayshia had fun and loved doing it. She and Kaitlyn made a great team."

"They act professional, they're on time and are helping the franchise as much as they can in this funky situation," the insider revealed, although there was reportedly a learning curve.


Unlike Chris  -- who had hosted the franchise ever since The Bachelor premiered nearly 20 years ago -- Kaitlyn and Tayshia reportedly had "to do a lot of retakes" during filming.

"It's a lot of memorizing lines," the insider continued. "They didn't have years of experience before hopping on. Scenes that could be done in one take with Chris can now take, like, two hours."

Chris initially came under fire when he called for "grace" and "compassion" for Rachael and also criticized the "woke police" and the "unbelievably alarming" response of anger and frustration to the young woman's offensive actions during an early-February Extra interview with The Bachelorette's first Black leading lady, Rachel Lindsay.

Chris' greatest offense seemed to be his dismissive attitude towards photos of Rachael that resurfaced from an antebellum-plantation themed "Old South" fraternity party at Georgia College & State University in 2018.

Chris apologized multiple times and told Michael Strahan on a March appearance on Good Morning America, "I plan to be back and I want to be back."

But Bachelor Nation seems conflicted over whether his reinstatement would send the right message considering viewers have been pleading for more diversity and racial equality in the franchise for years.

The Bachelorette season filmed entirely at the same resort

Like last year's The Bachelorette season and this year's The Bachelor season, Katie's entire The Bachelorette season was filmed at a single location. In this case, it was the Hyatt Regency Tamaya in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico.

During taping, cast and crew were required to quarantine before filming began and then follow coronavirus safety measures throughout their time at the resort, according to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone.

Tayshia teased during a recent appearance on the Going to Bed with Garcelle podcast that the world will see something "fresh and new" with Katie's season.


"I think that people are looking for change in the franchise," Tayshia said following the Chris and Rachael racism controversy.

"And I really think that this is something that they're going to be really excited about."

Blake Moynes joins Katie's roster of The Bachelorette bachelors

As shown in a preview ABC released in May, Blake Moynes, a 29-year-old wildlife manager from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, shows up on Katie's season on June 28 episode.

Katie -- being a Bachelor super fan -- appeared to recognize Blake right away.

"Oh my God, it's Blake!" Katie said in the promo, as Blake was shown appearing to recreate the memorable Say Anything movie scene and attempt to woo Katie with a boombox outside her bedroom window.

Katie subsequently shared some information about the extent of her pre-show relationship with Blake in an interview with Us Weekly.

Blake previously competed on Clare Crawley and Tayshia's season of The Bachelorette last year.


After Clare quit The Bachelorette's sixteenth season early because she had fallen in love with her immediate frontrunner, Dale Moss, Tayshia took over the reins and then eliminated Blake in the process of determining her Final 4 suitors.

Blake was sent packing around the same time Tayshia had chosen to eliminate Bennett Jordan, Noah Erb and Riley Christian as well.

Thomas Jacobs is The Bachelorette season's early villain 

Thomas Jacobs, a 28-year-old real estate broker from Poway, CA, will stand out to viewers and becomes a villain early into the season, Carbone reported.

Thomas reportedly ruffled some feathers and rubbed some of the guys the wrong way early on.


"I believe he gets an early rose," Carbone wrote in a May 13 blog posting, "thus making him look like an early favorite."

Katie apparently didn't want to deal with the drama because Carbone says she will be shown eliminating Thomas in the third or fourth episode.

The Bachelorette season wrapped up filming earlier than planned

The Bachelorette season reportedly wrapped production sooner than producers anticipated because Katie's journey to find love ended unexpectedly early.

According to a source, The Bachelorette "went great and it wrapped a week ahead of schedule," Us Weekly reported.

Katie was reportedly a decisive Bachelorette who meant business and so production ended on April 24, which was earlier than producers had planned.

"Katie was in control and made sure the men she wanted were there and the men she wasn't interested in, she sent packing," the source told the magazine.


After taping The Bachelorette, Katie returned to Instagram on April 28 and hinted at how she had started "a healthy relationship."

"Can't start a healthy relationship without being healthy," Katie captioned a video of herself getting the coronavirus vaccine, hinting that she may have found love on The Bachelorette this year.

Reality Steve reported some of Katie's Final 4 bachelors shortly after filming completed

Several of the men who introduced Katie to their families leaked nearly three weeks after production wrapped on Season 17 of The Bachelorette.

Carbone initially reported three of Katie's Final 4 bachelors were Blake Moynes, Greg Grippo, and John Hersey, a 27-year-old from Santa Cruz, CA.

"Those 3 I know," Carbone wrote in a May 13 blog posting.

"I'm not sure who the 4th guy is in the Final 4 yet. I've heard names but nothing I'm confident about. Those three I am."

But he clarified some of his Final 4 info was wrong afterward

Carbone changed Katie's Final 4 bachelors and revealed he made a big error in a June 3 blog posting.

"I've learned that I was wrong about John making Final 4. He didn't," Carbone wrote.

"He didn't even make Top 8. So all the people who emailed me telling me there's a ton of people convinced Katie's with John, sorry, but that's not the case. He's not in her Top 4, let alone her Top 8."


Carbone explained he was initially convinced John had made Katie's Top 4 -- and maybe even won her heart -- because Katie recently spent a weekend in San Diego with some of her Bachelor Nation friends.

"I started receiving emails that one of the places she tagged she visited, Duke's in La Jolla, was where John Hersey worked as a bartender. This led to even more people telling me that they were 100 percent convinced that John is who Katie chose, they're engaged, and that's why she went to that restaurant," Carbone shared.

"I never mentioned it until now because that story wasn't based in anything other than speculation and it never made sense to me. Well, I can report now there's nothing to it."

Carbone believes Katie is also social-media savvy enough to know better than to show up at the place where her winner works when ABC wants her to keep the season's final-rose recipient a mystery.

Two of Katie's Final 4 bachelors therefore remain a secret, however, the spoiler blogger seems convinced Blake and Greg definitely made Katie's Final 4.

Reality Steve revealed the rest of Katie's alleged Final 4 afterward

Carbone believes he has figured out Katie's remaining two Final 4 bachelors.

Carbone reported on June 6 he has discovered who allegedly joined Blake and Greg in Katie's Final 4 bachelors.

According to the spoiler blogger, Katie's Final 4 suitors is also comprised of Andrew Spencer, a 26-year-old pro football player who splits his time between from Vienna, Austria, and Chicago, IL, as well as Justin Glaze, a 26-year-old investment sales consultant from Baltimore, MD.

Andrew S. is reportedly the cousin of The Bachelorette alum Clay Harbor, who has also appeared on Bachelor in Paradise.

Carbone posted images of Katie's four alleged hometown-date recipients in an Instagram post on June 6 and also followed it with a tweet.

Carbone captioned the men's photos, "(SPOILER) Katie's final 4."

Katie's Final 4 bachelors are therefore reportedly returning bachelor Blake, Greg -- who received Katie's First Impression Rose -- Andrew S., and Justin.

Carbone did not mention, however, how confident he is in his sources and latest findings, and he has yet to report Katie's Final 3 bachelors or Final 2 suitors.

Katie and her winning bachelor pick got engaged

The Bachelorette promo ABC released on May 26 showed Katie crying and yelling at a camera, "I'm done! Someone book my flight home!"

But according to Carbone, Katie left the show happy and in a relationship.

And not only is Katie in a relationship, but she is reportedly engaged!

"I guess the biggest 'spoiler' I have for you is this: Katie is engaged. However, I don't know to who," Carbone wrote on May 13.

However, Carbone said he had yet to learn the identity of Katie's The Bachelorette winner.

"I know you may ask, 'How can you know she's engaged but not know who to?'" Carbone continued. "Trust me, it's possible. I'm just not gonna give up sources on that, so yeah, it's possible to know one and not the other."

The spoiler blogger, however, had no doubts that Katie accepted a marriage proposal at the end of her journey to find love on The Bachelorette's seventeenth season.

"Katie definitely got engaged at the end of this," Carbone insisted in his blog.

"And unless she breaks up before the finale, which I guess anything can happen, but she's happy and engaged as we speak, so I'd expect that to last."


Katie reportedly picked Blake Moynes as her winner!

Carbone wrote in a June 22 blog posting that he felt "very close" to knowing Katie's fiance.

The spoiler blogger confirmed, despite recent speculation, that Andrew S. did not win Katie's heart, and that only left him with three possibilities -- Justin, Blake and Greg.

Carbone said he was also extremely close to determining which two of those three bachelors didn't win.

"I just need certain confirmations before running with the winner this season," he explained. "While I've been able to correct wrong reveals in the past, it's not fun having to do that."

Carbone continued, "So I'd rather have it right from the get go rather than reveal something I'm not totally 100 percent on and have to go back and correct."

The very next day, Carbone revealed the alleged winner of Katie's season and whom she got engaged to.

On June 23, Carbone wrote, "I don't know how the Final 4 shakes out just yet in terms of who goes home when... [but] Katie is engaged to Blake Moynes."

"Maybe some people will be surprised by this, and maybe some won't," Carbone wrote, "but I was able to get it confirmed."

Carbone, however, would not provide a percentage to describe how sure he is of his latest report.

"That never does me any good," Carbone explained. "Sure, I expect there to be doubt like every season. All I can say is it's been about a 7 week process since filming ended to get this info, and I'm very confident in what I've been told."

Carbone insisted he has received "actual proof" that Katie did not get engaged to Andrew S., Justin, or Greg.

"All signs pointed to Blake due to process of elimination, but I still didn't feel comfortable reporting Blake because nobody had actually told me 'Katie is engaged to Blake.' I also hadn't been told that she DIDN'T pick him either," Carbone shared.

"Just hadn't heard anything regarding Blake until this past weekend I got my first 'She's with Blake' info, then yesterday, got the confirmation I needed."

Carbone therefore confirmed Katie is with Blake and they're engaged.

Other than Katie accepting a marriage proposal from Blake, Carbone is unsure about the timing of the engagement as well as the couple's current relationship status -- although he assumes they are still together.

Carbone said he's now looking into details on how Katie's season ended exactly, play by play, from her Final 4 to her engagement with Blake.


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