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The CW's 'Beauty and the Geek 4' eliminates Luke and Katie

By Christopher Rocchio, 10/17/2007 

The seven remaining couples went "Back to School" during last night's fourth-season Beauty and the Geek broadcast, and in the end Luke, a 23-year-old student from Columbus, OH, and his partner Katie, a 25-year-old retail store manager from Schaumburg, IL, were revealed to be the fourth pair eliminated from The CW reality competition series.

Beauty and the Geek 4's fifth episode began with William, a 25-year-old server from Raleigh-Durham, NC, and his partner Jennifer, a 26-year-old waitress and model from Boston, MA, rejoining the other couples following the previous elimination of Will Frank and Rebecca Nichols.  Because Sam, a 26-year-old party promoter from Davis, CA who is serving as the hunky guy, had enjoyed a romantic relationship with Rebecca, he was "so stressed" about whether she'd be returning. 

While Sam's partner Nicole, a 25-year-old Tufts University musicology graduate student from San Francisco, CA who is serving as the nerdy girl, was "very glad" Rebecca didn't return because she felt the romance was hurting her relationship with Sam, he was obviously bummed.

"It sucks that Rebecca went home.  It really sucks," commented Sam.  Jesse, a 26-year-old software engineer from Cincinnati, OH, described Sam as "brooding."

The next morning, the seven remaining couples met Beauty and the Geek host Mike Richards, who explained the pairs would be competing in "Back to School"-themed challenges.  The beauties would have to study various school subjects for their challenge, and while the guys were unsure exactly what they'd be doing, Mike said it was time for them to receive their makeovers, which would include new clothing and a haircut.

"I was like, 'Oh, thank God.  Finally,'" commented Jennifer when she learned it was time for the geeks' makeovers.  "These guys need it so bad."

Prior to receiving their actual makeovers, the geeks received some styling tips from the beauties, which included such pointers as don't let your mom cut your hair, jean shorts are not cool, and you don't need a calculator on your watch.  William was "a little nervous" and Nicole was looking forward to it as part of her "transformation."

Shalandra, a 26-year-old bartender from Little Rock, AR, was excited how the makeover would help her partner Joshua, a 26-year-old student from Princeton, NJ who is working on his Master's thesis on Type 2 Quasars.

"In order for Joshua to reach his full potential, we're going to first start with the outer appearance," commented Shay.  "Once he gets the confidence of seeing how different people are to him, he'll come around to it."

The geeks then met the styling crew and went over their new wardrobes before receiving hair treatment, which included coloring, cutting and even some waxing, mainly for David, a 28-year-old fire department administrator from Somerville, MA.  It was then time for the geeks to reveal their new looks to the beauties.

Jesse's hair went blond and William's went red, however Jennifer wasn't entirely happy with William's new color.  Joshua moved Shay to tears with his makeover, and she said she's "never been so happy before in my life."  Nicole said she "felt a little bit like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman," and Sam was "blown away" by his partner's new look.  Luke was surprised it was "so simple" to look better, however it was John, a 22-year-old analog circuit design student from Frederick, MD, who stole the show.

"The reaction from the beauties was unbelievable," commented John.  "It was epic.  Just everyone was shocked."

"I think he's a very attractive man," said John's partner Natalie, a 22-year-old waitress and Hooters promotional model from Raleigh, NC.  "He definitely cleans up well."

David's partner Jasmine, a 22-year-old nanny from Columbus, OH, said overall, she was "super impressed" by all the geeks.

"The outside is now matching the inside and I think that all these guys are getting that confidence," she said.

Mike then informed the geeks about the next part of their challenge.  The next night, they'd be attending a "real-life prom" and had the chance to ask any of the beauties to the event except for their own partners.  Since Sam is the only male beauty, he wouldn't be able to go to the prom, which meant Nicole would be going with a geek.  In addition, one other beauty would not be able to attend the prom due to uneven numbers.

Luke asked Erin, a 22-year-old hair stylist from Carol Stream, IL; Jesse asked Natalie; Joshua asked Jennifer; and William asked Jasmine.  David wanted to ask Nicole, however he thought he'd give her the chance to ask him before he approached her.  Alas, she asked John and he quickly asked Katie.  Shay would join Sam as the two beauties not attending the prom.

The geeks then helped the beauties study for their upcoming challenge, and Jasmine encountered an ongoing communication problem she's been having with David.

"It's not so much that Dave doesn't want to help me study, I think just Dave doesn't like hanging out with me," she commented.

Katie said she studied for this week's challenge more than any other -- which was still "about minimal to none" -- and Sam also studied "like crazy."

"Rebecca going home definitely kicked my competitive side into high gear," said Sam, who had previously won two of the beauty challenges.  "Once she left, it was like, 'Uh-oh, here comes Sam now.  Watch out.  100%.'"

The beauties then arrived in an elementary school classroom for their challenge, which Mike said would have them teaching a lesson in one of the subjects they studied.  They'd be judged by an actual principal on both teaching skills as well as their knowledge of the subject. 

Jennifer, Erin, Natalie, Katie and Jasmine all struggled.  Sam was "really confident" going in to teach natural history, and the young students seemed to like his teaching methods.  Nicole described Sam as having an "animated personality," which she thought would help his score. 

Shay was hoping to get history or science, but ended up with math, and began "freaking out."  However she decided to "engage" the students by involving them in the lesson by explaining fractions with a "hands-on" method.  Shay's approach paid off, as she won the challenge, meaning she would be safe from the next elimination along with Joshua.

"For me to teach other people something that I dislike, and they actually get it and I win something out of it... Wow," said Shay.  Joshua was "very proud" Shay engaged the students and "made it fun."

With the prom that night, the geeks and beauties got ready at the house before Shay and Sam waved goodbye.  William said he "felt like Superman" after previously revealing he didn't go to his own high-school prom.  All the geeks danced and had a good time, with Erin especially impressed by Joshua's moves.

Mike then informed the geeks what their actual challenge would be.  Each geek would have to do some "mingling and campaigning" among the actual high school students in attendance at the prom, who would then vote for their favorite and crown them "Prom King."

"I wanted to win," said William.  "We all want to have that feeling of victory at least once in our life."

Unfortunately for him, William was so nervous that he talked way too fast and the students had a hard time understanding him.  Jesse approached the challenge with a friendly disposition; Joshua had one of the actual high school students campaigning for him; and David had to explain what live action role-playing is.  However as was the case following the makeovers, John was a hit, as some students didn't believe he was a geek.

"The fact that they were shocked to hear that I was one of the geeks amazed me," commented John.  "That felt really good.  I was really pleased that my new look is having a drastic impact."  John was then crowned "Prom King" to wild applause from the students, meaning he and Natalie would be safe from the upcoming elimination.

"It feels good to be the king," said John.  "Putting myself out there and talking to new people was one of the things I really wanted to work on with this experience."  Natalie was proud of her partner, and Luke was disappointed.

"I was hoping that this would be chance for someone to say, 'Yeah, he's a great guy," commented Luke.  While Nicole didn't win the challenge -- she was John's date to the prom -- so it was sort of a two-for-one deal as she also got the confidence boost from dancing with the king.

"I really enjoyed the prom experience," she said.  "It was fun to be queen for once, because it's that moment every girl wants when she's dancing in the center of the crowd."

After the prom John nominated Sam and Nicole for the elimination round, explaining they're "intense competitors" who have "proven themselves."

"I felt like if I didn't go to elimination, I'd be really mad at myself for studying so hard," said Sam with a laugh.

Shay then nominated Katie and Luke for the elimination round because they're "very strong" and in her opinion, Luke is "already social" and Katie is "smart."  In a weird twist, Joshua said David and Jasmine were "on the bubble" and were almost nominated due to "inappropriate growth so far."  He asked David and Jasmine to show some improvement.

Katie was heartbroken, and Shay didn't want her to "admit defeat" without even trying in the elimination round.

"I just want to stay.  These people have changed my life, and I'd miss them a lot," said Katie through tears.  "I don't ever want to leave.  I want to stay here forever... If I do go home tonight, I'm going home knowing I did my best; knowing I was myself; knowing that I changed other people's lives as much as they changed mine."

In the elimination round, the geeks would answer questions about makeover-related topics while the beauties would be quizzed on their "Back to School" subjects. 

All of Sam's studying obviously paid off as he correctly answered both of his questions.  However Katie wasn't so lucky as she was unable to identify Alaska as the western-most state in the U.S..  Luke was able to answer his first question correctly, but it then became a moot point as Nicole answered both of her questions correctly, eliminating Luke and Katie from the competition.

"When Luke first walked through those curtains, I just remember how happy he was," said an emotional Katie.  "He's just the happiest person and he just has a great heart.  He has the inside already down, and now his outside matches his inside."

"I kind of viewed myself and most geeks as uncut diamonds," added Luke.  "Like uncut diamonds, they don't have much luster.  But after you cut them, they sparkle like sun fire."

Beauty and the Geek 4's next episode will air Tuesday, October 23 at 8PM ET/PT on The CW.

(Photo credit Michael Desmond/The CW)

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