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John and Natalie eliminated from The CW's 'Beauty and the Geek 4'

By Christopher Rocchio, 11/07/2007 

John and Natalie had their fate taken out of their hands by yet another Beauty and the Geek fourth-season twist. 

As a result John, a 22-year-old analog circuit design student from Frederick, MD, and his partner Natalie, a 22-year-old waitress and Hooters promotional model from Raleigh, NC, were revealed to be the sixth pair eliminated from Beauty and the Geek 4 during last night's broadcast of The CW reality competition series.

"The whole experience means the world to me," said Natalie following the ouster.  "I came into the mansion looking to learn from the geeks and the beauties.  I have learned being into geeky things is definitely okay.  I feel being here as made me a better person."

Beauty and the Geek 4's seventh episode began with Sam, a 26-year-old party promoter from Davis, CA who is serving as the hunky guy, hoping that Jesse and Erin returned from the previous elimination round because he sees them as "less of a threat."  Alas, John and Natalie instead returned with mixed emotions because they were close friends with Jesse and Erin. 

Since Sam and his partner Nicole, a 25-year-old Tufts University musicology graduate student from San Francisco, CA who is serving as the nerdy girl, were responsible for sending both Erin and Jesse as well as John and Nicole to the elimination round, Sam was correct in viewing John and Natalie as a threat.

"We want to avenge our friends Erin and Jesse, and we'll be gunning for Sam and Nicole," said John.

Host Mike Richards informed the five remaining couples to pack their bags for a trip to Cancun, Mexico.  Everyone was psyched, especially Sam, who commented that he lives his life like it's Spring Break 24/7.

Prior to the vacation, Natalie and Jasmine, a 22-year-old nanny from Columbus, OH, confronted William,  a 25-year-old server from Raleigh-Durham, NC, for calling his partner Jennifer, a 26-year-old waitress and model from Boston, MA, "fat."  William likened his ongoing feud with Jennifer to the Civil War, and added he was sick of Jennifer questioning her weight, which is why he answered in the affirmative when she asked if she was fat.

"I can't stand him," commented Jennifer, who also referred to William as "close-minded."  "Honestly, I think I hate him."

Shalandra, a 26-year-old bartender from Little Rock, AR, said she thinks William has a problem with his partner because Jennifer is an intimidating, "strong-willed" woman.  William confided in Shay that Jennifer reminds him of the athletic girls who teased him in high school.  Shay tried to get William and Jennifer to address their issues with each other, but it never happened.

"William and I definitely have really bad issues," said Jennifer.  "We're not working well together.  If he wants to talk to me, I'm still open to it.  I'm not going to give up, even though I feel like it."

The teams then arrived in Cancun, which Sam noticed brought the geeks "out of their shells."  Mike reminded the teams that their time in Mexico isn't strictly a vacation and they'd also be competing in their challenges while away from the mansion.  He informed them the beauty's challenge would take place later in the day and deal with the Mayan Indians, which made Sam "so happy" because that was the one thing he studied.

The beauties arrived for their challenge at an ancient Mayan court, with Sam "full of confidence."  Mike explained the rules, with each beauty using a group of numerological symbols to crack a code and collect three treasures.  The first beauty to collect all the treasures would win the challenge, however the twist was that running from station to station wasn't allowed.  Sam realized the twist meant he lost his "physical advantage" and the playing field was leveled.

All of the beauties attempted to memorize the symbols and the corresponding numbers before trying to crack the treasures' codes.  Sam and Natalie were neck-and-neck the whole challenge, and he barely beat her to the finish line to claim victory.  Sam and Nicole would be safe from elimination for the second week in a row.

"Mark another one up for Sammy boy," commented Sam, who won his fourth challenge of the competition.  "It feels good."

"It sucks, but I've just got to deal with it," said a disappointed John.

Mike then informed the geeks that they would be participating in their challenge the next day, which would require them to learn how to salsa dance.  Joshua, a 26-year-old student from Princeton, NJ, was happy to learn of the challenge's theme since it's something he felt he could actually use once he returns home.  As the teams practiced their salsa that afternoon, William was worried because he realized he has no "passion" with Jennifer.

That night the teams enjoyed a fiesta on the beach, which commenced with everyone taking tequila shots.  Shay and Joshua gave the salsa a go, and while Shay was optimistic since Joshua has rhythm, she was discouraged by his lack of "sex appeal."

David, a 28-year-old fire department administrator from Somerville, MA, then wowed the other teams by flawlessly performing a double-back handspring despite the fact it was on a sandy beach; he hadn't done it in three years; and he was drunk.

"That was the coolest, weirdest thing I'd ever seen," commented Sam, who initially doubted David because of his portly proportions.

David was happy to be the "life of the party," and his partner Jasmine was also impressed and rewarded him with a kiss.

"I didn't see that one coming at all," said a visibly flustered David.  "I was just trying to remember the last time I was kissed on the lips... thinking... I believe it was October of 2003."

As the alcohol continued to flow, Natalie and Sam found themselves engaged in conversation since they seemed to be the two who most enjoy partying.

"I was talking to Sam, trying to strategize how John and I could stay in the house longer knowing that Sam really wanted us eliminated," commented Natalie, who propositioned Sam about their teams forming an alliance.

"Natalie is a very, very smart girl," said Sam.  "I'm definitely not putting my guard down for a second with her."

The next morning the teams busily practiced the geeks' salsa moves.  However Jennifer wondered how William was supposed to learn anything if the two wouldn't even talk to each other.  Jennifer eventually confronted him and explained that -- while she's aware she reminds him of intimidating high-school girls -- she also doesn't deserve to be "prejudged" based on kids who used to tease him.

"You need to let it go," she instructed William.  "Just because I look like them doesn't mean I am them.  I don't have that personality."  William cursed and walked away, upset that she lifted him up and spun him during a previous challenge.

"I'm done," he said.

The geeks then arrived for their challenge, and Mike informed them that instead of dancing with their partners, they'd be paired with an experienced salsa dancer.  Each geek was given 30 minutes to perfect a three-minute salsa routine, which they would then be judged on by two salsa experts.

Shay reminded Joshua to "be sexy," and William was still "unbelievably frustrated" that he and Jennifer "hate each other."  David said he was a "little hesitant, a little nervous" during practice, but Jasmine reminded him not to think and try to be passionate.

"This is definitely a huge breakthrough for me and Dave because before when I used to give him advice, I really don't think he listened," said Jasmine.  "Now it's like he's looking at me and just communicating a lot better."

The Beauty and the Geek salsa smack-down commenced.  Sam was "really proud" of Nicole, and Shay said the same about Joshua despite the lack of passion in his moves.  David's strategy was to give it his all, which he did, and it translated into an unbuttoned shirt and loose moves.  John thought winning the challenge was "within reach," a sentiment Jennifer didn't feel about William since he was so stiff.

"That meant that we're losing and we're going home," said Jennifer, accepting her fate.  "At this point, I wanted to be rid of him.  If that meant going home, than I'm going home."

Mike revealed Joshua finished second, but David was the clear winner, and he was "thrilled."

"I was not expecting him to be so confident," said a happy Jasmine.  "I was just proud of him and proud of our team for coming together."

Mike then revealed the first of two a surprises in-store for the teams, that the upcoming elimination would take place in Cancun and not at the mansion.

That night, the teams arrived at the Mayan ruins for a Survivor-esque elimination nomination ceremony.  But instead of Sam and Nicole as well as David and Jasmine each nominating a team for the elimination round, Mike said there would be no elimination round.

"I warned you the only way to secure your team a place in the final four was to win a challenge," said Mike.  "One team will be eliminated.  There will be no quiz.  For the first time ever, the two winning teams will get a new power.  Instead of choosing a team to send to the elimination room, you'll have to unanimously decide to send one team home."

"Now Natalie and I won't be able to defend ourselves," said John, who had been previously nominated for elimination twice before but survived both times.  "It sucks."

David "absolutely hated" the task given to him, as he met with Jasmine, Sam and Nicole on the beach, and the four had 30 minutes to unanimously decide which of the other three teams to outright eliminate.  All four quickly agreed that Shay and Joshua would be sticking around, meaning it came down between John and Natalie and William and Jennifer.

Sam reiterated his feelings that John and Natalie were the "biggest threat" and have also "grown the most," meaning it would be a wise move to oust them.  However Nicole made the case to eliminate William and Jennifer since they seem to not be getting anything out of their Beauty and the Geek experience.

"I kind of felt like we were pretty much screwed," said Jennifer, a sentiment that Natalie shared about her own team.

David then revealed Shay and Joshua were safe before giving John and Natalie the boot.

"No! No! Why!? Why would you do this?!" opined William in a confessional.  "You guys know that Jen and I don't get along!  You'll have a dark cloud ruining your experience here!  Why?"

"There was something that just didn't sit right with me with William and Jen going," said David.  "I thought, 'No.  You have to learn to work together.'"

Even though he liked John and Natalie as people, Sam was "definitely not sad" that they were eliminated.

"I'm sad that the experience ends here," said John.  "It's just been so good being with all these people and doing all these crazy things, you don't want to let it go... [Natalie and I] have been the closest team in the whole game, and I love that."

Beauty and the Geek 4's next episode will air Tuesday, November 13 at 8PM ET/PT on The CW.

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