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Treasure Hunters - Episode 4 Summary

'Cutting the Dead Weight' By ARnutz
Original Airdate: July 10, 2006

Last week on Treasure Hunters, the Mullet Man along with the other Wild Hanlons were eliminated from the hunt! Thank goodness! I don’t think I could stand to write a summary that included them! *rolls eyes*

We begin with the teams getting some early morning phone calls from our robotic host, Laird Macintosh. The thought of being awaken at 5:45 am makes me want to *yawn*. They are told they will need to unlock the code of America’s most secret journey. There is a clue outside of the rooms. A newspaper called “The Brooklyn Times” features an article written by Walt Whitman about the Atlantic Ave. tunnel in Brooklyn, where teams will be going next. Team Miss USA are on the road first, followed by the Browns, who say this must have something to do with the Underground Railroad. Some teams are shown having conflicts. Charles, of the Geniuses talks about how Sam holds their team back. Sam says he has asthma and can’t always keep up. Sure Charles! Pick on the chubby guy with health problems! Meanwhile the Southie Boys are getting aggravated while they are driving to the tunnel. Come on guys, you’re much cuter when you’re not arguing!

Miss USA arrive at the tunnel first and decide to let the ex-CIA guys know how to get to the tunnel on their Motorola phone, because they helped them before. Ladies, you just might regret that later! I know how this ends, you know. There are lyrics written on the wall of the tunnel and some guy is outside singing the song. Hmmm… do you think this is a clue? Team USA go down through the tunnel and find some Civil War artifacts, including a book wrapped in a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag. They decide they don’t need that book and choose instead to memorize the lyrics on the wall. OK, so you think the organizers of this hunt left a huge pile of Civil War stuff in the tunnel for nothing? Right!

The Geniuses (who leave Sam up on the street because he’ll hold them back), Air Force and Southie Boys arrive at the tunnel, go through and pick up the book. When they unwrap the flag from the book, there is a message on their flags telling them their next destination: Beneventum Plantation in Georgetown, South Carolina, which is 708 miles away. Here the teams are also told that there is a special $30,000 treasure ahead! They decide to take the books and flags with them. Miss USA, who are standing across the street, see the other teams emerge from the tunnel with the book and flag in hand, so they have to go back down to retrieve their clue, so after being in first, they are now in 4th place. Can we say clueless!!! When the USA gals hear about the treasure, they decide they will no longer help any teams. Greedy, aren’t we???

The last three teams, ex-CIA, Fogals and Browns, arrive at the tunnel and miraculously find the book immediately. It’s as if someone told them go into the tunnel and find the book wrapped in the flag! …or so the editing will have us believe! The Fogals decide to use to search the song lyrics while they drive to the plantation.

When the teams arrive at the plantation, which only took them 3 ½ minutes while we watched some commercials, we are told it is 101 degrees with 98% humidity. Phew! That’s hot! *sweats*
The Southie Boys arrive first and are told to find a quilt with a map to the route that some of the slaves took on the Underground Railroad. They will have to go though a swamp to find a box containing keys to the next box. Each of the embroidered pictures on the quilt will direct them to a certain box. The teams also have to figure out that the “follow the drinking gourd” song that they heard on the street in Brooklyn and saw on the wall in the tunnel will help them to figure out the order of the boxes that must be opened. They should find the boxes, that are each carved with a different symbol, in the order that they occur in the song, so the order is sun, quail, then old man. Each box contains keys to the next box. The final box contains the $30,000 treasure! The other teams arrive in this order: ex-CIA, Air Force, Fogals, USA, Geniuses and picking up the rear, the Browns.

Teams are wandering around the swamp, through hot mud, passing lots of snakes and stuff, seemingly lost. Some of the teams decide to pair up and help each other find the boxes. The Southie Boys team with the Fogals and Air Force pair up with Team USA. The other three teams (ex-CIA, Geniuses and Browns) are going it alone. One of the CIA guys falls to the ground out of breath as we go to more commercials! Hey, maybe Sam will lend you his inhaler!

After finding the last box with keys, the ex-CIA guys get a clue from the robot uhhh… host, telling them that they must now travel by boat. The hitch is they now have a decision to make. The boat will only hold two of the three team members and they must now decide if they will continue the entire rest of the hunt as a two person team or take the risk of losing three hours to bring the boat back to get the other team member. Two of them get on the boat and one of them says, “I’d rather all lose together than leave one of us behind.” Or something like that.

Back in the swamps, Kayte Fogal is freaking out! Saying that she can’t go on! She tried as hard as she could but it’s over, she’s done! The poor Southie Boys are subjected to the torture of her wailing screams! The two teams finally get the last key and Kayte takes the opportunity to tell her parents to leave her behind. Poor Matthew of the Southie boys, gets to stay behind and listen to Kayte as Martin and John get in the boat.

Meanwhile, the Geniuses are struggling to keep Sam going as he thinks he’s going to have an asthma attack and the Browns are struggling through the swampy water when Keith gets stuck in a mud hole. He thinks he’s torn a leg muscle and they await the medics and an ambulance to take him for treatment.

Over at the boat dock, team Air Force and USA get their clue and find Kayte still wailing. They paddle away as fast as they can!!! I would too! STFU Kayte!!! I would leave her behind so fast! …but not the Fogal parents, noooo!!! After the CIA guys come back for Todd, the Fogals decide to go back and collect their daughter to subject the viewers to more wailing in the weeks to come! The Southie Boys, Air Force and USA all come back for the third team member as well. The ex-CIA guys are the first to have all three team members arrive at the final treasure box and collect the $30,000! They are told to go to the safe house with the American Flag and wait for more instructions. The Geniuses arrive at the boat and they make Sam stay behind to rest. Charles immediately decides he’s going to take this opportunity to ditch Sam! Francis doesn’t say much. And then… the screen says… TO BE CONTINUED!!! Argh!!!

Will the Geniuses ditch Sam for an opportunity to take the lead? Uhhh… I don’t know who thought of that preview, but the ex-CIA guys have already taken the lead, no? And what will become of Keith and the other Brown men? Will they move on without him, with the possibility of being eliminated again or will they drop out of the hunt? Tune in next week to find out!

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