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America's Next Top Model 6 - Episode 5 Summary

'There's Gonna Be A Heartache Tonight' By Snidget
Original Airdate: March 29, 2006

Coming up on tonight's ANTM:

Janice Dickinson, who has extended that last minute of fame beyond all expectations, welcomes the victims models to posing class
A photo shoot gets Out.Of.Control
Nnenna says "I have a boyfriend"
The Judges respond with, "Not any more."

Previously on America's Next Top Model.

Catwalk lessons with Ms. J. Kari and Danielle stumble.
The models find out why they say never work with animals especially the 6 legged roachy kind.
Jade picked on the one girl more insecure than she is.
They did a photo shoot of falling fairy tales.
Danielle excelled and Gina fell flat.
Challenge in front of the judges was to walk down the cat walk on stilts really tall shoes Kari falls and gets sent home.
10 girls remain, who will be eliminated tonight

{cue theme music}

The girls are back at the house after elimination and everyone is sad that Kari is gone, and we get a rapid fire overview of where various girls are at emotionally. Gina tries to recover from being in the bottom two so she can rock this competition. Surely nothing will stop her now. We move on to what may stop her by recapping the Jade vs Gina drama-rama bully fest. Brooke is letting the pressure of being judged fuel her need to judge herself harshly. Nnenna calls her aforementioned boyfriend. He really misses her, they have never been apart, and she feels that he can be a bit controlling sometimes. Danielle's pinky toe is very swollen from falling of the stilts 10 inch heels on the catwalk at the last elimination.


Nnenna reads it and today's question is "What is your favorite position," After a few giggles we are off in the limos to Highland Hall Cultural Center. We find a bunch of artists sitting around drawing a woman standing as if someone took her apart and didn't quite put the pieces back together right. She turns around and who could it be but Janice Dickenson. She will teach them the difference between commercial and editorial poses. We not only get to watch Janice extend her 15 minutes of fame but she brought Lisa from last cycle because that girl knows how to pose, just don't ask her to behave in a socially acceptable manner. Flashback to Lisa as a contestant and then back to class. Editorial posing key elements include long, luscious, and lovely. Commercial on the other hand is happy, perky, and skippy. Brooke in confessional admits she just isn't getting it. Lisa will do whatever Janice is describing, but Janice has to do what she is describing as well, can't let even one precious second of attention get away. They demonstrate "wadding" (which is protecting the goods below the waist with your hands in front), looking at your watch, checking a broken nail and hailing a cab. It is important to keep the energy up and smile Janice's medication wears off and she cackles for awhile. Jade interrupts the cackling and asks if this is all about commercial today. Janice's medication kicks back in and she goes on to the information about what editorial posing is. Editorial posing is diva, it is about wearing a feeling that the client, photographer or editor gives you that day. Janice demonstrates craning for the light. Demonstrates being more fabulous than anyone else by seeing if Lisa's head pops off like a Barbie doll's.

Question and answer time. They discuss giving enough time for the photographer to capture the pose. Brooke asks about the finding the light thing and the catty confessionals start. Janice in confessional says Brooke looks like she rolled out of bed. Gina asks about giving a convincing photo and Janice decides not to wait for confessional to be catty and tells Gina she doesn't want to hear what she has to say next, but go ahead. Gina keeps talking and finally Janice asks Gina to smile and laugh, and when Gina does a rather poor job of it she has her go behind where the other girls are sitting and jump up and down on one leg while laughing. Janice gives a not nearly so catty confessional about Gina not being able to laugh at herself, and not being able to feel comfortable and confident. Janice of course is the queen of laughing at herself, we just won't let her know that most of the time people are laughing at her, not with her. Lecture concludes with, "just remember who you are, be confident and fabulous."

The Girls head out, back into the limos and off to ChoSun Galbee Restaurant. Teaching the class in not nearly enough airtime for Janice so she meets up with the girls after they are seated. After a brief musical interlude Janice sits down and tells them all they are going to have fun, which apparently includes getting spanked by Jade. She calls Gina over and asks who is giving her bleep in the house and she will go kick their ass. Gina points at Jade. Jade has no idea why Gina would say it is her. She sends Gina back to her seat, her medication wears off again, and Janice reprimands Gina because, "We never rat out our bitches" When Gina tries to explain Janice tells her to "Zip it, bitch. Zip it. You are dead in my book."
Back to the limos and home again home again jiggity jig. Gina is crying. Oh.The.DRAMA. Nnenna gives Gina a pep talk. Gina takes a shower and returns to find Jade on her bed. Jade give Gina a predatory look and we will find out what happens next, after the break.

Back from the break and Jade tells Gina that Gina has things all twisted. Jade claims she is trying to make peace and can't understand why Gina called her out and is trippin'. Gina stands up for herself and walks away telling Jade she is done with her.

TYRA MAIL Ready for a change of scenery?

The next morning the girls wake and have product placement for breakfast and pile into the limos. They get to a building labeled "Light Space". Lawrence Zarian, a model, meets them as they come in. Today they will be tested on commercial posing for Sears. They have four backdrops one for each of the seasons each with a different color and props. Spring is green with flowers. Summer is yellow with beach stuff. Fall is red with pumpkins. Winter is white with a shovel and pile of fake snow. They are provided with hair, make up supplies and wardrobe of four outfits and are to do a pose for each season. He introduces the photographer, Russel Baer. He likes Tyra because she will come in and get the job done because in modeling, unlike any other business, time is money. They will direct themselves. There will be a winner at the end and we will start with Jade.

Jade starts of doing spring then we see her in summer. While getting ready for fall she is told she is going really slow. She completes Fall and then Winter and we move quickly through the other girls. Mollie Sue is up next. Then we get Sara. Russel thinks she has the whole package. Leslie goes next, followed by Brooke who didn't feel comfortable with the whole laughing and smiling al the time thing. Russel says the face and the body just didn't go together. Danielle goes next, her pinkie toe is better, but she is still a bit gimpy running back and forth. Nnenna goes next and that she doesn't talk much bothered Russel at first, but he sees she is just a quiet person that does come alive in the photos. Furonda is the next one up and Joanie follows. Russel asks Gina to bring him spring. Russel comments that if she can get her poses down she could be a strong contender. Each girl has a gift and has potential but the girl that nailed every pose was Nnenna. She wins all the different outfits that were worn for the shoot.

A limo ride home and Nnenna is once again on the phone with the boyfriend. Boyfriend whines about not getting to talk to her and pushes her to tell him what her intentions are with him. She tells him they will have some deep conversations when she gets home. He won't let it go and she hangs up on him, and we dramatically go to break.

After the break Mollie Sue and Brooke get back on the I did so bad bandwagon and vow to do better at the next photo shoot and surprise we cut to....

TYRA MAIL which get vaguer as we go along.

This message is, "At 10 years old you said when I grow up I want to be a model. I hope you are not still saying that when you get to be my age". This is followed by a collective WHAT?!?!? A limo ride later and we are at CBS Studios and the set of Tyra's talk show. They are all gathered in her dressing room and she give them the story of being 15 and wanting to be a model, but that she knew it would only be a temporary career. She wants to talk to each of them about their goals. Danielle is first and she wants to be a singer but doesn't have the voice. Furonda wants to be a human rights law attorney. Leslie wants to do criminal justice. Molly Sue wants to stay in the fashion industry, maybe do hair and makeup. Gina wants to go into fashion design. Joanie wants to be a mother. Jade wants to be a kindergarten teacher. Danielle takes over the catty confessional and says she would home school her kid rather than let Jade teach them. Sara wants to be a prosecutor. Nnenna has a degree in chemistry and wants to do drug research in Africa. Brooke wants to be a nurse anesthetist, if she can learn how to say it. Brooke confesses she was nervous even with this because she feels Every.Single.Thing is being judged. Tyra tells them about a interview she did when she was 18 or 19 in Milan about wanting to do a talk show after she retired from modeling.

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