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America's Next Top Model 6 - Episode 3 Summary

'Jaded' By Das Mole
Original Airdate: March 15, 2006

PREVIOUSLY on America’s Next Top Model…

Gina lost her nerve during the mock press conference, and afterwards Jade pushed her over the edge.

Bald was beautiful (for some more than others) during the photo shoot, and unfortunately the judges just couldn’t see a Top Model in the “southern belle” Kathy, and she was sent home.

“Twelve girls remain, who will be eliminated tonight?”

The show starts, and we see an overhead view of the city at night, followed by a view of the pool. We then hear squeals of delight that sound like “Tyra Mail! Tyra Mail!!!!” Some girl with red hair...what was her name...oh yeah, Mollie Sue. Sorry, it’s hard to remember names when people are nearly invisible in the first episode...anywho, Mollie Sue reads the Tyra Mail out loud:

“Think about tonight’s cut, because there will be more at 7:30 AM. –Tyra”

OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOooooo...what could it mean? Jade certainly doesn’t know, because according to her, her heart is beating so fast that it’s in her neck. Yes, that’s right. Not her throat. Her neck. We get the pleasure of seeing her "beautiful" face up-close in her confessional as she complains about Nigel insinuating that she’s arrogant. Jade claims, once again, that she’s “down to earth”, as “people that know her” allegedly know...sure, Jade.

We get more Jade as she, Furonda, and Sara are lounging in one of the numerous bedrooms. Jade talks some smack about Gina, and Furonda says she’s too harsh. Furonda hopes Jade won’t bring up some crap about Furonda getting her picture last at the elimination, but if Jade does, Furonda will “deal with it”.

Next scene. The girls are sitting in the car(s) on the way to their destination in the morning, and the girls notice Wendy is kinda spacing out. Wendy explains that it's because she’s still trying to get over Katrina in N’Orleans. We get a confessional from Kari, who provides us with the incredibly profound statement that “Wendy must have a lot on her mind”.

Of course, all of that was just 8 minutes or so of fluff, and now it’s time for something that's actually important to happen...

Our models arrive at the Warren Tricomi salon, where Tyra, the two Jays, and three other random people are waiting for them. Surprise, surprise, Tyra lets the girls know that it’s a day of (as she said it) “trans-for-mation”. Jade (once again) provides us with another confessional, in which she says she needs long hair because that’s what sells in the fashion industry. Hmm, foreshadowing, anyone?

Tyra introduces the “masters” with whom she is standing; Joel Warren, celebrity hair colorist, and Edward Tricomi, celebrity hair stylist. The other, third guy remains nameless for some reason. Tyra then takes the liberty of revealing to the girls what each of their new do’s are going to look like:

Kari gets a style that looks like that of Brigitte Bardot.

Leslie’s hair becomes thicker, and more luscious.

Sara's hair will be shorter on the sides, and longer on the top, colored a Brigitte Nielsen platinum blonde.

Danielle's hair = side perk, long weave, with Spanish wavy hair.

Brooke reminds the judges of "Victoria's Secret, high fashion", so she receives a Gisele Bundchen-esque coif.

Joanie's hair simply becomes a bit more blonde, and a little more “icy”.

Nnenna impressed the judges so much with her first photo (the bald one) that they’re getting rid of her hair altogether.

Furonda gets teased for her wig at the auditions, and her hair at the elimination. Tyra says she’ll be getting extensions so her hair looks like that of Tiffany from Cycle 4, long and straight.

Wendy's hair will be, in the words of Tyra: “Lighter”, “honey”, “delicious”

Gina will be getting some edgy cuts and angles, so as to be more high fashion and essentially less "mall girl".

Mollie Sue gets the Mia Farrow cut that Cassandra was supposed to get in Cycle 5.

• And last but not least (well, sorta), Jade needs a “softer, sweeter” look, so they are cutting her hair to about an inch long, blonde, with blondish eyebrows.

There's a mini-montage of the girls’ hair getting clipped and whatnot, as some of the girls complain, like Jade (why'd she have to show up so much in this episode?), who doesn't like her hair short, and Sara, who feels her cut doesn’t match her personality at all.

Jay Manuel then walks around to each of the girls and asks them individually what they feel their personal style would be. Brooke, “1940’s-50’s vintage”; Gina, “simplistic chic”; Mollie Sue, “mod”; Furonda, “quirky beautiful”; Kari, “bohemian chic”; Nnenna, “new African queen”; Sara, “street chic”; Joanie, “all-american”; Leslie, “simplistic sexy chic”; Wendy, “urban glam”; Danielle, “hip hop glam”; Jade, “bohemian”.

The girls are all assembled into one large group, and Jay tells them that they will be going to the GenArt fashion show, where they will need to pick out the outfit that they think best matches their new hair, while fitting the style that they described to him.

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