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The Amazing Race 8 - Episode 9 Summary

'The Weavers Won't Leave' By Breezy
Original Airdate: November 22, 2005

For those of you that have been around for a bit you know that DD (ten years old) watches TAR with me and wants to do TAR when she gets older. So Iíve asked her to help me write this summary.

Me: Do you want to help me write the summary for tonightís TAR?
DD: What do you mean summary?
Me: You know kind of how the news tells us what happened, weíre going to tell people what happened on TAR.
DD: So weíre going to do a paper on Katrina?
Me: No, no, no, no, noÖ weíre going to do a paper on TAR.
DD: Will it be in the newspaper?
Me: No, itíll be on a website.
DD: I donít get it.
Me: *sigh* Just make comments during the show and Iíll write them down.

Previously on TAR see Cygnusís summary of Episode 8

The Gawdluskiís are the first to leave and start bickering right off the bat. They have to drive 136 miles to Monument Valley, UT and find John Fordís point. This area of UT (which is beautiful by the way) was used in 1940ís westerns that were filmed by John Ford. The sisters tell us that Christine talks too much and has a word quota that she has to meet each day.

I like to talk a lot too, but I donít have a word quota. Whatís a word quota?
She has to say so many words a day or her teeth start to fall out.
I lost a tooth the other day, I must have not got my word quota.

The Linzís are the second to leave and they see the Gawdís going the wrong way and guess correctly that the Gawdís are getting gas.

Weavers are third and we get to hear how they are so nice and wonderful to be around and the other teams are all rude to them. ďItís against their beliefs to be treated so rudely.Ē Ummmmm ok.

Bransons are last to leave and the girls are ready for anything. Dad on the other hand wouldnít mind a nice boring task to do. Poor Dad.

Linzs, Weavers and Gawds go past the turn and have to turn around. Oh did I mention that theyíre driving trucks towing trailers behind them? No? Oh well they are and much fun commences with the teams turning their rigs around and getting back on track. Christine tries to talk her sis through the turn and really just makes sure that she will meet her word quota for the day.

At John Fordís point the Linzs, Weavers and Gawds arrive at about the same time and race for the clue box. The clue tells them that two from each team will take a helicopter ride to Elephant Butte to retrieve the next clue, only two teams can go at a time and they must grab a number. The Weavers and Gawds are the first to go up. The Linzs and the two Gawds left talk about yielding the Weavers if they can.

The next clue tells the teams to go to Moab, UT and find Gemini Bridges. The Weavers and Gawds finish and take off with trucks and trailers. Two of the Linz brothers go up in the helicopter next to retrieve the clue. The Bransons arrive well after everyone is gone. The two sisters that do the task actually take the time to ooh and aahhh and look out the windows. It really was a breathtaking sight. Then off they are to catch up with the others.

On the drive to Gemini Bridges the Weavers talk about how horrible Utah is. Hundred thousands of miles of nothing, according to Rolly. Rolly also gives us this gem of a comment, ďGod must have not spent much time here.Ē Gasp They have to be being paid to be this bad, really they do. Meanwhile the Linzs comment on The Big Sombrero and how cool it is.
The Linzs catch up to the Weavers and pass them cause Becky is not driving fast enough. (You know her Dad died at a race track right? Fast things are scary.)

More geography lessons from Mom Weaver, ďUtah is the Mormon state.Ē The kids all gasp and look irritated that such people could be near them.

What happened to the Gawds? We didnít see the Linzs passing them.

The Linzs arrive first and get the clue. Detour, ride down or drop down. In ride down the teams have to ride bikes 6 miles down to Bull Canyon. In drop down, teams do a two-stage rappel down to Bull Canyon. The Linzs pick drop down, and joke about having Nick go first because heís expendable.

The Weavers arrive and decide to do bikes. We see them struggle (ok just the two fat girls) and comment that, ďI donít think Lance Armstrong could make it through this.Ē *crickets* (You canít make this stuff up. Itís just too out there.)

The Bransons show up and decide to do the drop down. Poor Dad heís just so excited to be able to rappel down the side of a butte. *giggle*

Where are those pink girls?
I donít know thatís what I asked earlier.

The Gawds show up and thereís Phil with a voice over. Due to a production problem with the crew draining the truckís battery, the Gawds had to wait for a new truck.

Well thatís weird, I wonder why we didnít get to see everyone passing them on the side of the road?
That is weird.
So do you have any comments yet for me to add?
Ummmmmm, I think Utah is pretty. We should go there some day.
Yes it is, and yes we should.

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