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The Amazing Race 8 - Episode 6 Summary

'The Red Bean Baby Blues' By Silvergirl1
Original Airdate: November 1, 2005

Previously on TAR:

The Panama Canal, a 50 mile long marvel of engineering that connects the Pacific with the Atlantic Oceans was the fifth pit stop in TAR. The Godlewski family, dressed like bag ladies with all their clothes on, arrived last in a non-elimination leg, the first of several predetermined NELs. Will they rebound from being stripped of cash and bags? Will they have to beg for money? Will they have to sell their souls to the Weavers for a little cash?

And the Race is ON again

The Paolo family, the first to arrive are the first to leave at 8:22 PM. The oldest son reads the clue: Travel to san Jose, Costa Rica.

The teams will travel more than 600 miles on one of 3 charter buses leaving 30 minutes apart, on a first come, first served basis. Once there, they will drive 35 miles to Volcan Poas, a 1,000 foot active volcano to find their next clue.

Momma Paolo: I think the boys are appreciating me a little more.

We are treated to a montage of bickering Paolos.

The Weaver family departs at 9:11 PM, with a word of prayer, of course. The family claims to be above the comments from other teams because they are Christians. Christ stands nearby and shakes his head, but they don't recognize him.

The Bransen family departs at 9:16 PM, with $74 and a tube of Ben Gay for this leg of the race. Dad feels like the outsider of the group, as he slathers on the ointment. Well, being an old fudd instead of cute, young, and perky might set you apart from the pack, Dad.

The Linz family, the 4th to depart, leaves at 9:17 PM. Wonder boy hopes that the other teams don't figure out they have a one in five chance of winning a million dollars. Hopefully, there are no other math geniuses in this race who can figure that one out.

The Weavers complain when the Linz family get a taxi before they do. Jesus heaves a heavy sigh.

The Gaghan family is 5th to depart at 9:23 PM. Billy teases Carissa they will have to run the whole way to Costa Rica. The father says they could use a leg with some good luck.

The Weavers are shown getting into a taxi. Jesus is traveling in another direction, so he leaves.

The Gaghan's see the "powder blue team" just getting a taxi after they do. The powder blues win up cramming themselves into a sub compact car, instead of a nice mini van taxi. I hope they didn't pay much for that ride.

The Bus Departures

The Paolo family gets bus #1 at 11:30 AM. They go upstairs to disappear so Team Florida won't see them. They help the Linz family find the ticket for bus #1 at 11:30 AM. The oldest son tells us the Florida Team has been rude to everyone, so they are on their own. They would all like to get rid of them.

The Godlewskis are the last to depart at 9:45 PM, with no money. They will have to panhandle for money, but the first guys they ask don't have money, only love. Sounds like a cheap bar pickup line, if you ask me. The ladies don't stick around for the love, and they find someone with money to help them out. They have $21 for the taxi ride.

The Gaghans will leave on bus #2 at 12:00 PM. The Bransens are on bus #3, leaving at 12:30 PM and they are bummed at being on the last bus. The ladies in pink are also on bus #3 at 12:30 PM. The Weavers are on bus #2 leaving at 12:00 PM. The LIP get some money from the Weaver family.

The Linzs and the Paolos work together to find Volcan Poas. Momma Gaghan is worried about keeping her kids near her in Costa Rica. Everyone is trying to find Public Parking where the vans are parked and waiting. The Weaver family is praying again.

All that effort to find the Volcan Paos doesn't pay off for the Linzs and the Paolos, because the other teams catch up with them and there is bunching. All of them will have to wait until the next morning when the park opens up, then they all make a run for it.

The teams must travel 17 miles to find Doka Estates, a coffee plantation. Caution - Yield ahead.

The Linzs are in 1st place, the Gaghans are 2nd, the Bransens are 3rd, the Paolos are 4th, the Weavers are 5th, and the Godlewskis are last as they open clue envelopes.

The teams leave in this order: Linz, Weaver, Gaghan, Paolo, Godlewski, and Bransen.

The Linz family discuss yielding the Florida team. The Paolos drive around the Weavers as the widowed mother and kids stop for directions to the coffee plantation. Paolo quote: "Go, so we can yield them."

Phil explains the Yield.

Teams can only exercise a Yield once during a race - yada, yada, hourglass, sand, make fun of family photos.

The Paolos choose to yield Team Florida, with high fives from the other teams.

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