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American Idol 4 - Episodes 39 & 40 Summary

'I Feel Like a Woman Chained to Unsatisfied Fools' By Drive My Car
Original Airdate: May 18, 2005

I got this final three summary, so I'm guessing Bebo really likes me to give me such a choice assignment. (I know, humor me)I was really excited about it and couldn't wait to write about Nikko and Constantine and Bo. I wanted an All Boy Final Three. Oh yes I did!

I almost wrote it that way instead, but a made up summary seemed like too much work, and we all know I am lazy.

I need to explain the electronics situation in my house. We have no fancy Tivo, or DVR or other cool recording device. We got two, old, cheap, VCRs. It's okay, I can work with that. The one in my daughters room records, and the one in my room plays. I'm all set.


Thank goodness I wrote notes ( pages of them) because on night 2 of Final Three Week, my daughters VCR got hungry and ate the tape. So if there are any mistakes, forgive me.

Since I can't review a tape I've decided to ask for some help, so there will be some guest comments in this summary.  ( Like Boston Rob, I am not above asking for all the help I can get to complete a task)

Guest comments in blue.

So on with the show!

Last week on Idol, some putz who wasn't one of my favorites, and lasted longer than he should have, was voted out by America. See ya Blond Guy who is never going to be Clay. Buh Bye!

This week we have a special quest judge. Clive Davis. He is a music producer and Starmaker from way back. He seems nice.  (My notes say his name is Chive though, so we're going with that.)

All contestants will be singing 3 songs tonight, one chosen by Chive, one chosen by one of the regular judges, and one contestants choice. It's a magical musical night! Can you feel it?

First up is Vonzell singing Chive's choice. I Know I'll Never Love this Way Again, made famous my Dionne Warwick.

Was she flat? Was she "pitchy"? Heck, I don't know! I know what I like and I like this girl. She can sing all day, I'd listen. She is fun to watch she has perfect teeth and perfect skin, she is smiling and singing and I am HAPPY.I hear no glaring mistakes, I don't hear her miss a note or forget the words,she is smiley. I like it!

But uh oh, here come the judges

Chive says - Vonzell was good but too smiley ( Oh no!)

Randy says - Dawg Dawg Dawg - Keepin' it real, Dawg, pitchy in the middle, brought it home in the end

Paula says - Pitchy in the middle, brought it home at the end, keepin' it real ( she so copied offa Randy again)

Simon say - No tears this week , some bum notes in the middle, she has 2 more songs to get it right. ( Carrie fan!)

KatieBug - She's awesome, she is the Idol! Bo has too much hair , can I have an ice cream now?

Racer X - Randy is obsessed with canines, and his hotel room is missing a shower cutain, he's wearing it

True- She got all of Nikko's votes. I still can't believe he's not in the final.


We're back, and it's time for Bo to sing the song that Chive picked for him. Oh good, it's one I know all the words to ( okay, so I knew all the words to that last one too, but this time I'll admit it). Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me, the Elton John, Bernie Taupin classic.(It's Bernie's birthday today too, they said it on the air I heard it on the radio.)

Can we talk a little about Bo? Am I the only one who hears his voice as Country? The Dude has a total Country Rock voice. Yes, he is super duper talented, I like listening to him, but Rock? Seriously people. He has long hair, that doesn't mean he is a Rock Star. Definately not bubble gum pop, or Manilowish Clay, but he has a definate Country sound to his voice. ( I don't mean twang, I hate twang.) He can sing anything this guy, but it will always sound like Allman Brothers to me,(or Lynard Skynard).

Bo performs and man he's good! He is also like, mad crazy HOT! He is wearing the cool shades, his shirt looks just a tad bit dirty ( in a good way). His jeans are tight, but not creepy tight, just right tight. His hair looks like someone finally got him some good conditioner. The beard thing is working. ( I think he had that missing tooth fixed). The live crowd is going nuts! They freak, they scream! I am singing along! He is really good, like summer vacation good, like barefoot drinking a cold beer good, like brand new 300 thread count sheets good. Like Grammy Award next year,GOOD!

Judges weigh in

Chive says - You made Elton and Bernie proud.

Randy says - Whoop Whoop Whoop, Dawg! Bo is in the Dogpound FOREVER, DAWG!

Paula says - Blah blah blah, Brilliant! (I know she said more but my notes just have little squiggles for what Paula said)

Simon says- Great! Likes this type of song better for Bo than the Rock thing.(Bo is clearly Simon's fave for final two)

And then, Bo waved at me!
HE DID TOO! Didya see him? I did. He waved at ME!

Glow He is THE man. I do think thats a beautiful song to begin with. But my man singing it is unbelievable. He is awesome. He can do anything. Good choice, Clive. Im very excited about the Bo show tonight. Two songs to go! Is it wrong that Im focusing on the go down on me part? Can I say that?
No Glowie, you can't say that.

Racer X - Bo upgraded to $9.99 Walgreens sunglasses

True- Nikko was so cute, remember Nikko? I loved Nikko

Carrie is next.

For Carrie, Chive picked an Roy Orbison song, Crying.

Carrie looked lovely. She is such a pretty girl, her make-up was understated , her hair was straight. She wore black pants and a black halter, ( the belt made her look kinda preggers but I forgive her that). Just a beautiful girl. I loved this song for her, it was perfect for her voice and her style. The warble was just right, the soft parts were breathy and full of feeling. I think this was her best performance, by far. I would buy this, I would listen to this. Country radio stations would eat this up!

Chive says- He felt it, he liked it ( why does everyone copy off Randy?)

Randy says- Dawg Dawg Dawg , really happy Dude, blah blah blah , best vocal so far, Dude , Blah, Dawg Dawg

Paula says- It was nice it was subdued, it was zzzzzzzzzzz

(Oh SHeet! Oh MY HECK! What the hell is Paula wearing!?!?!?
I was so busy taking notes I never looked at her before now. Sure I heard the weird clanking noise, but I didn't realize it was her! Is that her underwear? I swear, she is wearing her underwear and about fifty bracelets! So her usual *Clap Clap Clap* sounds like *Clap *Clank Clank* Clap *Clank Clank Clank* I'm not sure the other judges can even hear the performances!)

Simon- It was wooden, maybe it's nerves, but Bo beat you.

Racer X - Carrie is the female pinnochio

True- I still say Nikko was better then all the ones left

Pooh- She looks exactly like a girl my cousin Buster used to date. She lived on a chicken farm too.

Off to Commercials!

And Seacrest is back!

Racer X- Seacrest has a croocked nose

It's time for contestants choice, and Vonzell is first again.

She chooses Chain of Fools. I love it ! ( But I think it's been pretty well established that I am easy to please). She's dancing she's singing, she's having fun! I'm dancing , I'm singing, I'm having fun! Everybody is happy!

Chive - Soul classic, good voice, winning performance but missed the essence, too pop. * LaLaLaLa I can't hear you, Chive*

Racer X- Clive is scary looking

Randy - Made it your own, Dawg Dawg Dawg, Dude Dude

Paula - Everbody *clank clank* no one else *clank clank* all about you * clank* nailed it *clank clank*

Simon- Likability, great fun. (and my notes say something about a '"brace infection", but I have
no idea what that means

Seacrest gives her numbers and calls her "Vonzie". ( There is a 'shark jumping' joke hiding there somewhere. No, go ahead, I'll let you find it.)

Racer X- How many flamingos died to make Vonzell's top?

True- She's getting all the Nikko votes ,you know that don't you?


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