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American Idol 4 - Episodes 14 & 15 & 16 Summary

'An Interview' By strid333
Original Airdate: March 2, 2005

BM: Hi, I知 Ben Mulroney. I知 the host of eTalk Daily and Canadian Idol. My only claim to fame is that my dad was Prime Minister of Canada and that痴 probably why CTV has never put me into the real news. (Look out Lloyd Robertson. I知 coming for you.)

I知 here today interviewing my American counterpart, Ryan Seacrest, and the top twenty American Idol competitors. I know I should be in Winnipeg being the host of the Idol tryouts there, but Jon Dore is doing a good job. He did a good job in Whitehorse, while I was on the Oscar Red Carpet. But I will be in Winnipeg when CTV is hosting the Junos.

Well, we have a lot of people to interview so enough with the introductions. Welcome, Mario Vazquez.

MV: Hi, nice to be here. Hi, Canada.

BM: You chose 的 Love Music, as your song. You did a good rendition of it, but Randy Jackson mentioned that you have to keep challenging yourself, and Paula Abdul repeated the same message. Simon Cowell said that you looked like you致e been on the show for years and didn稚 really offer any advice. So, my question is, were you happy with your performance and the judge痴 reactions?

MV: Yes, I was. I want to get better and improve, but I did well enough to stay in the game for another week.

BM: Thank you. Now, I値l turn the interview over to Anwar Robinson who sang 展hat痴 Going On. Nice to have you here.

AR: Thank you. It is good to be here.

BM: You are a music teacher and a role model to children. How does that make you feel?

AR: Very happy. I want our kids to go for their dreams. Hopefully, I can show them that if you try, you can make it far. Thank you American Idol for helping me show this.

BM: Randy said that you were really good and you had great control. Paula said you stepped it up and she felt that technically, you were the best vocalist. Simon said he didn稚 really like your previous week痴 performance but really thought this week痴 was really good. So, with accolades like that, do you feel safe in this game?

AR: Well, there is always the risk that I could be the one going home, but it is nice to be able to breathe a little easier from time to time.

BM: Ok, good answer but now I have to go to Joseph Murena. Hi.

JM: Hi, Ben.

BM: Joe, you sang 鏑et痴 Stay Together. Randy said it was good but there wasn稚 a single moment of brilliance. Paula thought you improved. Simon said your performance was ok but wasn稚 anything new. In fact, he said he痴 heard the same thing in night clubs in 1974. America voted, and you were one of the people who was eliminated from the show. How does that make you feel?

JM: I知 a little bitter that I did not have a lot of air time in the audition rounds compared to some of the other competitors. I think that may have helped me in the game a little longer.

BM: Thank you for being so candid. But be happy in that you致e had an adventure that so few have been able to experience.

JM: I am.

BM: Now, I値l turn this interview over to David Brown who sang 鄭ll In Love Is Fair. Randy said that your performance was better than last week痴 but still not as good as the audition. He said that Stevie Wonder songs are difficult, and because of that, you did get a little pitchy here and there. Paula agreed with Randy and said she knew you can do better. Simon also agreed. He said that you had a sparkle but you lost it somewhere. After hearing comments like that, how nervous were you that that might致e been your last performance?

DB: I admit that I was nervous. The feeling was a little overwhelming but I still had hope.

BM: Well, that hope didn稚 help very much. You were the second guy to be voted out.

DB: I guess people just didn稚 see what the judges did in the audition round.

BM: Now, I値l go over to one of Canada痴 favourites. Welcome to the show Constantine Maroulis.

CM: Hi. Thanks for all the love, Canada!

BM: You are a rocker. You had a rock band and broke it up to pursuit the American Idol dream. Why did you go the Idol route?

CM: Because going into this is living dangerously. I know it may be difficult to believe, but it is.

BM: You sang 滴ard To Handle. Randy said that, though you had pitchy problems, you had a good time on the stage and it looked good. Paula said that you owned the stage. Simon had some reservations and said that he would be able to see similar performances in bars and not be impressed. Do you have a plan to impress Simon?

CM: Well, I知 going to stay true to my rocker roots. I知 going to make a point of singing songs that suit me. And if I get Paula to swoon once in a while, that can稚 hurt me.

BM: Thanks, Constantine. Welcome to the show, Scott Savol. 哲ever Too Much was what you sang. Randy commented that it wasn稚 up to your original audition standard. Paula thought it was great and Simon agreed. How concerned are you that, even with reviews like that, your weight will be an issue with you staying in the competition?

SS: It does concern me, but that is why I have to try so hard to do a great performance. Hopefully people look past my weight and look at my talent.

BM: Well, I think it would be a shame for you to go home just because of your weight. Ok, it痴 time to meet Travis Tucker.

TT: Hi, Canada!

BM: You sang 鄭ll Night Long and even sang part of it in Spanish. You tried some dance moves and got the audience into the song. Randy thought you improved a ton. Paula dittoed Randy. Simon said that you aren稚 the best singer, but you are an excellent performer. With these comments and reactions, are you doing this for somebody, like a girlfriend or a grandma?

TT: No. I知 doing this for me. I like singing and American Idol is great opportunity.

BM: Hey, that痴 cool. Nikko Smith, welcome.

NS: Hey, everybody. Keep it real.

BM: 鏑et痴 Get It On was the song selection. You sang your song, according to Randy. Paula looked like she was swooning a little and couldn稚 say anything. Simon said a huge improvement and compared you to Bobby Brown. How do comments like that make you feel.

NS: They make me happy. I want to make the music industry go back to real music and singing.

BM: With performances like that, you could get your wish. Now we turn over to a person with an interesting story. Anthony Fedorov, wasn稚 supposed to be able to speak, and certainly not sing, but because of the miracles of modern medicine, he痴 turned into a crowd favourite. People have sent him messages and well-wishes. Anthony, how happy are you to be here?

AF: I知 thrilled to be beating all the odds.

BM: You chose to sing 的 Want To Know What Love Is. Randy was a little worried about the beginning of the song but was impressed with your conclusion. Paula also liked your conclusion and thought you kicked it into another gear. Simon thought your song was fantastic, even though he had a snide comment about your ripped blue jeans. If you keep singing like this, do you think you値l become the next Clay Aiken?

AF: I don稚 want to be my own person, but I do consider it a big compliment to be compared to Clay. He痴 made it big and has become successful.

BM: I could think of worse to be compared to. Now, let痴 go over to Bo Bice, another rocker.

BB: Hey.

BM: You got fired from your job to get on this show. Why did you choose American Idol over your job?

BB: I壇 be crazy not to try for the show and live the American dream.

BM: True, true. So your song selection was 展hipping Post. Randy loved your outfit, your performance, and called you 泥a Bomb. Paula called you authentic and the real deal. Simon was blown away for the first time in American Idol 4. Do you think a rocker can win this competition?

BB: You never know. I would like to think that a rocker can win the whole thing. Rock痴 been ignored for a while with all the rap and hip hop and it would be great for a big comeback.

BM: Hey, if you can稚 find a home in the US, there are lots of Canadians who still love to rock. Now, I知 going to welcome Aloha Mischeaux to the show. Welcome.

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