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The Biggest Loser 1 - Episode 5 Summary

'Don't Check Your Integrity At The Door!' By aliciabbrown
Original Airdate: November 23, 2004

Last week: Bob, angry about Aaron’s elimination, took out his frustrations on the blue team and started pushing them much harder. Two people from each team (Dre and Kelly Mac for blue, Matt and Lisa for red) had to race up 74 flights of stairs. Lisa had a panic attack and had to be hospitalized, so Kelly and Dre won it for blue. Mo was the biggest loser of the week, leading blue on to victory at the weigh-in. Matt was unanimously voted out, much to his surprise. He thought he had an alliance with Lisa and she stabbed him in the back.

Update on 2 of the eliminated contestants: Dana (voted out the first week) has lost a total of 20 pounds. The experience gave her direction and she feels really good about herself now. Aaron (eliminated in week 3) has lost an impressive 63 pounds. He knows now that he can do anything if he will just put his mind to it. Sarah, his significant other, is his biggest supporter and motivator.

And now they are eight.

Assembling for breakfast, our gutsy gourmands realize that their numbers are shrinking in more ways than one. With the losses of Dana, Lizzeth, Aaron and Matt, one-third of the original group is gone. Mo observes that blue is more unified than red because Dave does his own thing and Lisa gets too emotional.

The red alpha-male rivalry between Dave and Ryan has intensified. Dave says he has an alliance with the ladies and Ryan is the odd man out. Ryan confronts Dave about his lies. Dave says he’s just playing the game. Ryan admits he has no integrity. Dave says he has integrity, but just isn’t using it right now.

DAVE: “This is a game. You can question integrity, lying, trust and all that stuff. You know what? When I got here I checked all that at the door.”

RYAN: “You need to look up integrity in the dictionary.” (Merriam-Webster Online defines integrity as “firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values." Sure not seeing any of that here!)

Blue feels strong at the halfway mark. Bob wants them to stay focused and won’t make any major changes to their workout. Gary no longer needs his asthma medication. Dre has changed both physically and mentally. Mo is still pumped about being last week’s biggest loser. Kelly Mac is amazed that she is now doing things she has never attempted before.

Jillian tries to drive home to red that they have to take responsibility for themselves. She hates losing people and Dave is going to have to start trusting her now. Dave still says his ankle is hurt and doesn’t want to tax his body. Jillian admonishes him to get off his butt. She decides to try a team-building uphill run. All the team members are tied together with a rope. Of course, Dave doesn’t make it. Kelly M. thinks Dave is copping out and has abandoned his team. Ryan enjoys not having to listen to Dave’s constant complaining. Lisa notes that this is the first time red has really been united. They have a great time falling over each other and laughing at themselves. An emotional Ryan has developed an attachment to his teammates and says he does not feel like a “big, fat tub of goo” anymore.

Now blue is working out. Bob sums up the team members: Dre is tough, Kelly is conquering her fear of the gym, Gary needs to quit saying he can’t, Mo is the baby but has finally stepped up to the plate. Bob plans to push him harder because he can do it, but gets discouraged so easily.

Lisa and Kelly M. discuss red dynamics. They are the queens, the guys are their servants. Dave isn’t a team player. Ryan is safe for now but they don’t owe him anything either. Jillian wants to prepare her team to function in the real world, so she has them look at restaurant menus to see what they would order. Dave goes for the chicken taco salad with no shell, avocado or chips. Lisa opts for the burger, no bread with steamed veggies on the side and says the Eat Less diet is awesome. Kelly chooses the chicken picatta with veggies and salad. They know what to do now.

The ladies get together and agree they want to be the final 4. Dre has more confidence and self-esteem and has learned a lot about herself. Lisa is happy that it’s all working. Kelly M.’s goal of 140-150 is no longer unattainable and she has more self-confidence. Kelly Mac feels good physically and mentally now that she is pushing herself and is no longer terrified of the gym.

Time for the challenge. The contestants meet Caroline on an empty stage. She says, “This may shock you,” and the curtain goes up, revealing enough food to feed the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and all their reserve components. (My dear grandmama, God rest her soul, would have been proud). The teams have 30 minutes to build a “tower of temptation.” They can’t use their hands, only their mouths. The team to build the highest tower wins the reward, which turns out to be $5,000 worth of equipment from Comp USA.

The two teams start to strategize. Dave has a construction background, so he knows something about this one and starts directing his team. As badly as they want to pig out, no one goes crazy and starts gorging. Red’s tower is coming along nicely. Unfortunately for blue, they are not as organized as red. They have no plan - everyone wants to talk and no one wants to listen. Lisa keeps saying, “Excuse me, Mo, get out of my way!” Finally Gary gets an idea. He believes he can get a large block of cheese and stick a tall lollipop in it, leading his team to victory. He gets the cheese in place and has the lollipop in his mouth and. . .

Cut to commercials.

The lollipop falls and red wins. Ryan starts gloating and Kelly Mac says that made her feel like (BLEEP). Red is ecstatic and happily goes off to Comp USA. They are personally greeted by the CEO, who tells them there is another reward, just watch the screen. Lisa’s aunt and dad appear. They tell her they love her. Dad says he’s gonna kill her, because he’s tired of paying all her bills. Dave’s family tells him he’s mentally tough. He says their words are very powerful and help him become a better person. Kelly sees her nieces, nephews and parents. She feels as if her pregnant sister is there with her. Ryan sees his cat, Boots, and his wife says she loves him no matter what size he is. All agree this has helped them bond as a team.

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