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The Bachelorette 2 - Episode 1 Summary

'The Love Search Begins Again' By greeneyes
Original Airdate: January 14, 2004

Welcome back to a new season of The Bachelorette and a whole new group of male DAWs

We got to learn a little of Meredithís background. She is originally from Portland, Oregon. In high school she was very shy but was athletic and also a homecoming princess. She is a model but also a make-up artist, currently living in LA. She is also now pursuing a degree from culinary school.

Chris Harrison, our host, greets Meredith at the limo. I have to admit, I thought she looked much better now. She was all ready to meet the men. She had a black evening gown with rhinestone shoulder straps, and several rows of rhinestones on the back also. And showing lots of cleavage.

The parade of DAWs, err, men begin:

Age: 28, Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales
First up is Matthew. (Darn Ö I was all set to rip on these guys, but if they all look like him, Iím out of luck. Definitely a nice way to kick off the party. Tall, blond, curly hair, and a cute smile. Oh yeah, I forgot, Iím supposed to be writing a summary not daydreaming about this cute Texan. Must.get.back.on.track.) He has a very thick accent, so I think he said he was hoping to live a fairy tale from this show.

Age: 29; Occupation: Entrepreneur 29 from San Diego. Tall, with short dark hair, dark suit. We find out Rick is the director of three companies. He told Meredith that he had a gift for her, and that it would say a lot about him. (Sure it will say a lot about you. Like youíre stalker material? I guess he watched Russ and Trista and thought that worked out well. Not!)

Age: 26; Occupation: Stallion and Breeding Manager; from Texas. Tall, with short dark hair, and dark suit. He is a horse breeder. He is from a strong religious Southern Baptist family. He enjoys hunting and drinking beer with his father, and canít wait to be a dad for those same reasons. (Excuse me, but since when do Southern Baptist and drinking go together? I work at a Southern Baptist college, and canít say thatís something I usually hear, especially considering we canít even have dances on campus.) Meredith must have liked what she saw because Lanny was getting more than the once over as he walked away.

Age: 25; Occupation: Professional Baseball Player; from Florida. Heís a pro baseball player, that is his passion and calling in life.

Age: 31; Occupation: CPA; from New Jersey. He feels that if you want to get married you must put yourself out there. (Really?!?! I never thought of that. Thanks for the great insight. Maybe thatís what Iíve been doing wrong all this time.) He is also tall with dark hair and a dark suit. Noticing a pattern yet?

Ryan R
Age: 29; Occupation: Sales/Marketing; from North Carolina
Another tall guy with short dark hair. Has a twin brother who recently got married, and Ryan performed the ceremony. Awww, how sweet! Wants to propose to Meredith by putting up multiple signs by the roadway asking her to marry him. (Considering the producers want a proposal at the end of the show, I donít think that will happen. Iím discounting him as the final guy already.)

Age: 31; Occupation: Manager of athletic facility; from Massachusetts
See above physical descriptions. Said that he has never had to share a woman before. (Yeah, right. Maybe because he never had a date before? ĎNuff said.)

Age: 28; Occupation: Arena Football Player; from California
Said heís jealous of the other players with families who get play around on the field after games, etc. (Meredith, if you dump him, please send him my way. What can I say, Iím a Big.Sucker.For.Dimples.)Another dark haired cutie.

Age: 31; Occupation: Financial Analyst; from Maryland
Thinks he will be a great catch because he has a mother and sisters who taught him how to treat a woman. (WHATEVER! Usually the guys who say that are the biggest jerks. Weíll see about him. And whatís up with that ugly slicked back hair and ponytail? Didnít that style go out years ago?)

Age: 24; Occupation: Small Business Owner; from New Jersey
Heís a beach dude. Lived there his entire life, and wants Meredith to know that THEY WILL be living at the beach. But heís a laid back guy, as long as he has his way.

Age: 32; Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales; from Buffalo
According to Meredith he is TAAAAAALLLLL. He has learned that life is short, so you need to do everything you can and live to the fullest (or some other clichť life that.) Believe it or not, he actually has blondish hair.

Age: 33; Occupation: Dentist; from Texas
Andy, is ready to be the final guy. (Andy is the only Asian bachelor this time. I don't think the odds are in his favor.

Age: 36; Occupation: Restaurant/Brewery Owner; from CA
First off Ė 36! What calendar does he use to track his age? (I want to get that one, so I can shave a few years off of my age.) But, he actually is not a dark-haired guy. Also said that heís never had to fight for a girl. Maybe thatís because the girl had already chosen the other guy, perhaps? Things that make you go, hmmmmm)

Age: 25; Occupation: Options Trader, from San Francisco
Simply says that Meredith has the attributes that he is looking for in a woman. (The only thing I could think of when I first saw him was of Eric from For Love or Money 2. Am I the only one?)

Age: 32; Occupation: Title and Escrow Sales; from California
Heís a face value guy Ė what you see is what you get. Thinks she will like what she sees (Only if he can fit that ego in the room. Please tell me about the hair-do. Looks like it's from "There's Something About Mary") And he wanted her to forget all about Bachelor Blob when they met. (Tell me about it. Didnít we all want to forget Blob???)

Age: 27; Occupation: Personal Trainer; from LA
Said that Meredith stood out to him when he first saw her on The Bachelor. Our only African-American Bachelor

Age: 29; Occupation: Professional Hockey Player; from Illinois
He was ready to fall in love and meet the mother of his children. He greeted Meredith with a hockey jersey that had ďBacheloretteĒ written across the back.

Age: 30; Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales; from Macon, Georgia
Said he is a very grounded person, and likes to have a good time no matter what he is doing. Again, I think thatís what he said, his accent was worse that Matthewís. But I think I know who some of Jeff's relatives are -- just picture Clay Aiken with lighter hair.

Chris R
Age: 31; Occupation: architect; from Boston
Again, how does he calculate his age? 31? Right, and Iím the reigning Miss America. But he obviously has the dark-haired, dark suit thing going for him. He loves kids. He wants to find an intellectual, passionate woman also with a sense of humor. Hey, he stole my list of qualities I want in a man.)

Age: 29; Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales, from Sylvania, Ohio (according to the ABC website), but the show said Michigan
Said that he an old-fashioned guy. (As he kissed Meredithís hand when they met.) Heís into opening doors for women, etc. Will be one of those guys who gets down on his hands and knees to propose to a woman. ( Gee, I always thought it was down on one knee. Hands and knees? How do you hold her hand and put the ring on the ladyís finger if you are on all fours? Just wondering.)

Brad's answers from the ABC site:
Q: What are your hobbies?
A: Going to University of Michigan football games with my dad.
(I already donít like him. Heís from Ohio but is a Michigan fan. He obviously has no taste in football teams.)

Age: 32; Occupation: Technology Development; from LA
Said he is extremely playful and just a little ADD. When he leaves to go inside, he told Meredith he was on his way to meet his future best men. (Between the hyperness and the wild hair, I donít think this guy will ever be hard to miss at the parties. He should definitely keep the menís house lively.)

Age: 35; Occupation: Network Engineer/musician; from Pennsylvania
ĒThe best outcome of this would be to fall madly in love.Ē (In other words, just saying what he thought they would all want to hear. Nothing more.)

Age: 32; Occupation: Art Designer; from California
Good grief! Where do you start with this guy?!?! The horrible name? The fact that he looks like something that should be on a Quaker Oatmeal box or a bit like Benjamin Franklin? Or the fact that when he has fallen in love before, the women ask why he is so upset and depressed, because he is crying all the time.

Ryan M
Age: 30; Occupation: Financial Advisor; from California
Two words of advice for Ryan M. Ė Less caffeine. He was so hyper and talked too fast, I thought he was the one with ADD not Robert. He also had some of the best facial expressions since Christy of Bachelor Season 2. Those bushy eyebrows need to go Ė please!

Age: 29; Occupation: Investment Banker; lives in New York City, originally from Brazil
He has traveled the world, and wants a companion. He said that he is retired and homeless, looking for love. (HUH???? A homeless investment baker? Someone has some Ďsplaininí to do. Guess he just was not very good at it.)

All I can say is good luck Meredith. You will need it, to keep all of the tall, dark haired, dark-suited pharmaceutical sales reps straight.

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