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America's Next Top Model 8 - Episode 2 Summary

'Bumper Broads' By Belinda James and Dalia Jones
Original Airdate: March 7, 2007

Here we go with another week of watching Tyra polish her raw diamonds.  Please read on to see who bumped into each other on the runway, which girls are too green to be in the competition and which girls used their feminine trump card…. Tears.
It’s hard to say at this point which girl pops out as the “it” girl.  Jaslene thinks she has “it” because she was the first to be called during last week’s elimination round.  “I am fierce,” boasts Jaslene as she talks to her mom on the phone.  The girls are calling her little Miss Cha Cha.  On the flip side, Samantha is on the phone with her dad crying not because she is happy to have this national opportunity, but because she misses her family.  (Sniff… would someone pass me a Kleenex.)

In the next scene Miss Jay finally gives them lessons on how to perfect their runway walk while learning runway routines when walking with other models onstage.  The routine allowed the girls to stop at a certain point, criss cross from one side to the other with their partners and all walk back together in unison without missing a beat.  Well… you had to be there to see the girls mess up a very simple routine.  Miss Jay did not bite his tongue while critiquing the girls… “Are you marching or walking, what is the matter with your arms, take longer steps, why are your arms stiff,” instructs Jay.  From the look on his face you could tell it was going to be a long day.  After the walking lesson, Miss Jay announces that the girls will be in a live fashion show using the routine they learned early in the day.

Fashion show producer, Roy Campbell would MC the fashion show and the girl who does the best would win a fabulous prize.  At first the girls seemed to do great and then it happened…some type of mental breakdown made the girls turn into bumper broads.  I could not believe how the girls were bumping into each other on stage.  They were not  aware of each other on stage and hence… bumper broads.  Whitney bumped into Felicia, Jaslene bumped into what’s her face and oh… it was unbelievable!  Jaslene thought she was the best and turned out to be the one who made the most mistakes.  Brittney ended up being the winner for this competition.  Her prize was a very tall useless trophy with a golden shoe on top.  THIS IS THE FABULOUS PRIZE??? What is she going to do with it besides use it for a hat or dust catcher rack?  These girls are just starting out in the business.  Give them something they can use like a new wardrobe, heels, makeup, spa day, walking sessions with Miss Jay… something to get them in shape.  How is she going to get that monstrous pile of metal home?... Sheesh!

So, back at home Jaslene… Miss cha cha, is crying this time to her mom that everyone is ganging up on her because she is so fierce.  She overheard Felicia say, “Those who thought they were on the top are now on the bottom.”

The next day the girls' photo shoot would portray high school stereotypes such as the nerd, the jock, the cheerleader, the class clown, the class flirt, yatta, yatta, yatta.  The girls were all given a stereotype and got into makeup.  Renee was upset because she was the class clown and did not know what to do with the character.  Renee cried, “They keep giving me stuff that I’m not good at.  If they take one girl out of her element they should take all the girls out of their element.”  Here is another girl who needs to take a clue for 25.  In modeling you need to have a little bit of acting skills in your bag of tricks or at least a little imagination.  It seemed as though Renee felt that every girl who received praise from Mr. Jay received it only because their stereotype was easy.  The Russian girl, Natasha felt that she was failing because she did not know how to portray a Teacher’s Pet stereotype.  Samantha had to portray a girl with the reputation of giving it up to all the boys.  She just could not do it.  “I never did that in high school or talked about being that type of girl with my friends,” said Samantha.  She continued, “My family did not bring me up that way.”  Oh my goodness…excuse me… Dalia would you please say something…

Dalia:  “Samantha is 19 going on 9.  The only way that girl can appear to be that sheltered is if her family does not own a television.  There are enough television programs that show girls with a bad reputation.  She could have easily used her imagination to get the shot.  These girls are aggravating my nerves.  They are acting like this is the end of the world.  Let’s get the dummies off the show first and start the competition. Natasha should be the next to go.   By the way … Herbal Essence products should have paid to do a real commercial instead of that unnatural plug during the girls’ makeover.  Have you ever sat in a beauty salon chair and the hairstylist said; “Now I am going to wash your hair with Herbal Essence shampoo which will leave your hair soft and manageable.  You can get it in difference scents to awaken your hair’s natural shine.” Hah Hah! Give me a break.  Your stylist wants you to believe that he/she is performing magic by making your hair look great.  Do you really think your stylist will tell you what to buy so that you can do your own hair at home…. Not!”

Anyway…At the elimination ceremony Jaslene was the first one called again for the second week in a row.  Tyra said she was doing a great job and Jaslene started to cry.  She told the judging panel that the girls are making her feel uncomfortable in the house.  Guest judge, Roy Campbell said, “People will kiss you on the cheek and then stab you in the back.”  Miss Jay added, “You better get a thick skin.”  The other girls did okay at the photo session, but Mr. Jaiy also added that Natasha was the hardest to direct.  He said maybe there was a language barrier.  Natasha and Samantha were therefore in the bottom two this week.  Samantha is there because the judges think she is too green and her personality is not shining.  Natasha is in the bottom two because she cannot translate her beauty onto a photograph.  In the end it was Samantha who was sent home.  Tyra gave her a big hug and said that she needed a little bit more time to grow up.  In Samantha’s ending statement she said that she is not a wild girl. “The best part of being eliminated is that I get to go home to my family.  Maybe this was not God’s plan for me,” says Samantha.

Don’t you dare blame this on God.  Samantha asked for this opportunity and got it.  When she received her wish, she changed her mind.  You, Samantha was not ready for God’s plan.  Remember folks…. Watch what you wish for… you may just get it.

Dalia:  Darn it…I wanted my girl Natasha to get the boot.  Maybe the show wants to make fun of her for one more week.  I liked the fashion show theme, but I still don’t see anyone popping out as the forerunner.  I think Sarah has to go.  She thinks she knows so much about the business that no one can tell her otherwise.  Cassandra must go because she has an ugly nose.  I am ready for the full figure girls to bring it on.  They are not representing to their full potential.  By the way, this is the second week in a row that Tyra has worn a head wrap.  Is her hairstylist on vacation?  Why were some of the girls allowed to watch others shoot?  It is nerve wrecking to have outsiders watch you perform for the camera.  I don’t want to hear that in the real world there are many people watching. The people watching are not your competition.  The competition is either getting ready or after their shoot is done, they are off to their next project.  Sometimes I think the show tries to instigate drama on purpose.  Also, I wish that we would see more of Miss Jay training the girls.  This week his makeup was too light.  My HD TV made him and Roy Campbell look ashy.  They need to get experienced makeup artists who work with various skin tones and lighting.

Belinda:  You may be right.  My TV color is off but it has a clear focus on Ms. Twiggy’s hair style.  Her hair looks like it was caught in an 80’s time zone.  She does not look modern or updated at all. She looks like someone’s grandmother.  Watch out Twiggy or someone will name you the Grandmother of modeling.

Dalia:  “She looks like a grandmother so that she does not upstage Tyra.  Why do you think they got rid of Janice Dickinson?  Get a clue… you can never upstage the bride.”

Email me at or visit and let me know what you want to ask the eliminated contestants.  In last week’s episode a viewer writes that Jael had on two different outfits during the Goodwill Charity fashion show.  Did you see it?  We will definitely ask her when she gets eliminated… and she will.  See you next week when we will find out who will be the next  to lose a chance at becoming America’s Next Top Model and Stay tuned to read the eliminated contestants interviews. 

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