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The Real World: Paris - Episode 12 Summary

'Forgiveness, Murder, and Turning Over a New Leaf' By kiliki77

The roommates are at the office, meeting with their adviser David. Everyone is still a little upset at CT because they figure they won’t be getting their bonus. They receive a conference call from their boss, Brice, who informs them that things were indeed incomplete and they won’t be receiving their bonus. Brice tells them that this is to force them to work as a team. Simon voices his concern with this rule because they gave CT 10 tips and 10 finds which starts an argument with CT (who still won’t take responsibility). Brice doesn’t like the fact that he has to force them to work together. David asks if their energy can get positive now, and Leah says “No, because I don’t have my bonus” and storms out. Leah has not grasped the concept of forgiveness and wonders why it is okay to let someone off the hook and forgive them when they do something to piss her off. To her forgiveness is letting something go and she can’t let it go.

Everyone leaves, but CT stays behind to talk with David about the problems he's having with his roommates. CT feels like the scapegoat. CT asks David if they can meet later in the week for lunch to talk and David tells him that would be great. CT catches up with roommates on the train home and gives Leah and Christina each a flower. Christina says her theory on dealing with CT is like dealing with a 5-year-old. They do something wrong and feel bad so they buy you a flower, but they don’t realize what they have done wrong. Leah doesn’t want a flower from him. At home Leah tells Mallory that CT brings out murderous feelings in her and she kind of wants to smother him in the night! Mallory listens calmly to what Leah is saying even though she shares a bedroom with someone who is having murderous thoughts! I for one would be a little disturbed. Mallory thinks it will take a while for CT to prove himself to Leah, because she has a lot of negative feelings toward him. Leah feels like even if she sat down and talked to CT about it she would believe him, cause he seems to lie to her.

Simon and Mallory get on the subway to go to Queen, a gay bar in the city. They run into Adam on the train and invite him to go with them. At the club, the roommates dare Adam to get up on stage and dance. He takes the challenge and shakes his butt like a freak, which is pretty funny to watch! Mallory says it is really funny to watch Adam pretend like he is gay. Following his “dance”, a hunky gay man approaches him, giving him his sunglasses and a kiss on the cheek for his outstanding performance. Adam asks Simon if that is some kind of sign and wants to make sure that the guy doesn’t think he likes him. Simon tells Adam that the guy just wanted him to look better. But Adam doesn't want to risk it and hides behind Simon like they are together the rest of the night!

Later that week, CT and David meet up for lunch. CT explains that he, Ace and Adam don’t know a darn thing about women so he decided to start writing a little book about them. CT shows David the book he calls “Women 101”. Without his roommates knowledge, CT has been recording everything the girls have been saying to him, and he plans on putting all those tips on how to be a better guy into the book. "Don't rub your balls in front of girls. Don’t eat all the peanut butter! Never call your girlfriend when you're drunk. Don't brush your teeth in the kitchen sink." David doesn’t say much except that it is about understanding a woman’s mentality. CT says men will never understand women, and so it is about learning what not to do.

Simon’s boyfriend Tkisco is coming to Paris for a visit. We find out that they met three weeks before Simon left for the show. Everyone notices that Simon is glowing as he gets ready to go meet up with Tkisco at his hotel. Simon is a little worried because he left at such an early stage of their relationship and he may not be happy with things when they see each other again. Things go well and they discuss their plans for the future when Simon is done in Paris.

CT talks to his mom about what is going on with the girls. CT realizes that he hasn’t really opened up and tried to make a connection with them. Later on the train, CT tells all the roommates that he’s had a lot going on at home and that he wasn’t really giving them an opportunity to open up to them. CT admits that they are all helping to make him a better person. Leah finally sees a vulnerability in CT and that makes her change the way she looks at him. Leah starts to make an effort to talk with him. CT opens up about his family life and what has been going on (unaware that the previous night she wanted to smother him!) and they have a long conversation about what his upbringing and family life was like.

On the train, Leah tells Mallory about how she is getting to know CT and how interesting it is to hear about his life. Leah says she is learning that getting to know someone isn’t something that just happens, that it’s work and it’s worth it. Later on Leah talks to her brother Pascual about how she is going to change the way she is with CT. She admits that she has said some very cruel things about CT and she is willing to take responsibility for that. Pascual thinks that is great, and feels that CT doesn’t try and do things intentionally, but out of ignorance.

CT and Leah are talking again about what is going on in CT’s life, specifically his ex-girlfriend Jamie Lynn. CT doesn’t know what to do with the ex situation as Jamie wanted a deeper commitment than he was willing to give at that point. Jamie told him it was all or nothing. Leah says she is learning that CT is a sensitive guy and he has feelings. Leah tells him that he has to understand that a girl doesn’t know what a guy is feeling until they tell you. Leah says to send her a postcard, because a teddy bear won’t do anything, but a postcard will. CT repeats “Teddy bear no, postcard yes” and says he is going to write that down. This prompts CT to show Leah the “Women 101” book. Feeling a little bad that she said all those things, Leah sees that she wasn’t giving him an opportunity to change. Leah realizes that they are all so different and she has to accept that. She gets a kick out of reading the book and thinks it is great.

Next week: Christina gets hammered and Ace’s girlfriend Kate comes to town.

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